WP-Twitip-ID Plugin – Add a twitter field to your comment form (easily)

Version 1.0 (updated 11 Feb 09)
Requires: WordPress 2.6 (could work with lesser)
Tested up to : WordPress 2.7b3

This plugin is no longer supported, please download TwitterLink-Comments which will do a much better job and will still be able to use the existing database table and labels.

Download TwitterLink Comments

165 thoughts on “WP-Twitip-ID Plugin – Add a twitter field to your comment form (easily)

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  2. Lorien

    Loving the Twitip-ID plugin!

    I may have a bug, however. I’m testing it at this post:

    I’ve scoured my Sandbox (www.sndbx.org) theme and I cannot find anything that would cause this error. I think it’s in the Twitip-ID plugin, or perhaps a combo with CommentLuv and Twitip-ID.

    When I use my real data for a comment, the Twitter-ID generates the following url:

    Basically, it turns my submitted “lorienjohnson” ID and adds an “http://” and “.com”

    When I try this with a fake set of information, this does not occur.

    Possible cause:
    All of my major personal usernames are the same: lorienjohnson . Twitter, my domain name, my email address, etc. My fake set of information used a URL that had a different twitter username.


  3. Lorien

    Well, your comment with my data seemed to work. How positively strange. I’ve checked it on another machine and it works.

    I can only conclude that it’s something on this machine, and that everything server-side is clear.

    Twitip wins, folks! :)

    Thanks for the help, Andy!

    Lorien´s last blog post..Must Christians Obey Old Testament Law?

  4. Mike Nichols

    Hello! Installed the plugin and it indeed adds the Twitter ID field and remembers entered ID’s in the Thesis theme. However, it doesn’t display the commenter’s Twitter ID or the birdie on comments. Is this just the Thesis theme causing the problem?

    Here’s the URL of some entered comments.

    I’ll send you any information you need to help clear this up — just let me know what it is!

    Mike Nichols´s last blog post..HONcode Principles: How Anxiety, Panic & Health Complies With Them

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  6. Marco Luthe

    Look who is using the “snow.js”. :-)

    This plugin is a nice idea. Maybe I will use it in the future.

    Actually, I like the way you do your presentations. What is the name of the Software you use, and more importantly: is it freeware?

    Marco Luthe´s last blog post..ESL Trusted Player Level 3

  7. Andy Bailey

    I tried to download a wp plugin for the snow fall but it had some code to add tables to the db for just a few options so I just cut out the javascript and included it in the header! credits intact of course!

    I use camtasia 5 to do the videos, auto zooming makes it possible to use a small res. video like youtube or googlevideo. it’s not free though :(

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  12. Marco Luthe

    OK, I have installed it, and it seems to work quite nicely.

    Anyway, there are two things I should mention:

    Thing one:
    I don’t like fields to be inserted automatically, so I deleted the code in the jQuery JavaScript and added the field myself within comments.php.

    Thing two:
    This thing I also don’t like about the original CommentLUV: if you are logged in, you still see the field. In case of WP-Twitip-ID, I just test within the comments.php via $user_ID and $user_identity if it is me that is logged in. If that is the case, the field will be automatically filled with my Twitter-ID and it will be set to “display:none”. If not, the field will be shown as usual. Works like a charm.

    I know, it is a pity that it is very hard to write a plugin that everyone can use without any wishes of alteration.

    The only problem with my changes is that I will have to make them over and over again if there is a new update to this plugin. But fortunately, I just have to delete some jQuery code so far. :-)

    Marco Luthe´s last blog post..Let It Snow On Your WordPress Blog

  13. Andy Bailey

    Dan: I resisted it for ages saying it was a waste of time, now I have my tweetdeck open constantly and have found some awesome resources through it.

    Dulcene: let me know if you need help!

    Dragon: Give it a week or so more and it should be dandy, all these new users will help me iron out any quirks

    Marco: thanks for helping!

    Tony: I sent you some css to do the job as your current fields do not have a class set.

    El struthio: You can set the class of the field in the settings and then use css to control it.

    Kaye: glad you like em! makes me fell christmassy

    smocklady: long time no see! welcome back, send me an email or use the form to pm me a request if you like

    Marco: thing 1: I think I can add an option to switch off the javascript if the user has edited their own comments.php file. I made this so they wouldn’t have to but some (that’s you) are into the nitty gritty of theme html so I guess I’ll look after the geeks too :-)

    thing 2: good idea, I think I’ll add that to the next update so it adds a hidden field with the owners twitter in it.

    having so much feedback is great!

    things for the new update…

    auto add admin ID and add field for logged on users
    option to turn off javascript if needed.
    add text to the settings page to explain how to style the field
    someone asked by email if it would show the last few tweets, it can be done with AJAX quite easily. do you want that feature?

  14. Marco Luthe

    Please: NO AJAX! People use this AJAX stuff inflationary, and it mostly causes a lot of trouble / conflicts with other plugins – e.g.: I loved WP Ajax Edit Comments, but I turned my back on it, because it was way too heavy and complex.

    Is it so exhausting to click a simple link to see the tweets?
    No “YES” from my side. :-)

    Marco Luthe´s last blog post..Be Whistler – Or: Do You Know Blade?

  15. Lorien

    Would it still be that cumbersome if the AJAX show-last-tweet function was optional and required specific activation in the settings page?

  16. Marco Luthe


    I found out that if another person is logged with an atf_twit_ip plugin cookie, the javascript will change the twitter ID even if you are logged in as admin. If you hide that field, it is no good. I just put it to the right above the textarea. That way, I can always check and correct it.

    In the jQuery JavaScript, I changed

    if(x) {


    if(x && jQuery(fieldobj).val(x) != “”) {

    so the field is only automatically filled when it has no value, yet. As admin, it is filled automatically, yet no JavaScript action.

    I am so sorry – this is already the second plugin you made that I have to tear apart… but just a little… :-)

    Nice work, mate!

    Marco Luthe´s last blog post..Be Whistler – Or: Do You Know Blade?

  17. Andy Bailey

    marco: AJAX would be the simplest way of doing it I think, to do it at run time on each comment would slow the page immensly and if the person has to click to see the last tweet then they can click the image and see all the tweets!

    Lorien: good idea, add it as an optional extra. I need to clean up the javascript anyway, it’s not too compatible with custom paths that people might set for the config file and stuff

    guess tomorrow will be busy then!

  18. Andy Bailey

    marco: I know you like to fiddle with the code but the whole idea of this plugin was to do what problogger did with large amounts of editing of theme files and plugin data but with a simple click and go plugin for those that aren’t as geeky as you and me!

    the first comment made by someone who adds their twitter id means that id will be used for all further comments, even if they change the value in the field on a new comment because I store the value as email:twitterid in the custom fields of the post and it only adds it if it doesn’t already exist.

    I did it this way so I don’t need to use an extra table in the db and it only adds a few bytes for each comment on a post.

    a better way would be to store it in wp_options and keep autoload off but I have to find a nice way of storing the the email/username combination.
    if I can do that then it will only need one entry per unique visitor who has a twitter id.

    we shall see!

  19. Marco Luthe

    point taken – a plugin should be “activate, settings, done!”

    what if you mistype your Twitter-ID? You won’t be able to change it because it already exists, so people go to the wrong place (and: with AJAX support, it might not even work). Hmmm… maybe you should always change the meta value on a new comment.

    What I actually meant was that I logged out, wrote a comment with a bogus mail and twitter ID, then logged in… and then, the Twitter-ID was the bogus one, even though I automatically preset a value to the field. That’s all.

    Damn, why do I have to be so geeky? :-)

    Marco Luthe´s last blog post..Ping Feedburner When You Update Your WordPress Blog

  20. Julie

    Hi Andy,

    I had to really tweak a few things in the settings as my template doesn’t use labels or texterea, and I’m not having much luck getting it to work (although I’m not getting any errors)

    Hit me up on Twitter when you get a chance if you can help me. THANKS!

    Julie´s last blog post..Pillsbury Gift Basket Giveaway

  21. Heather (How to be a Woman..?)

    Hi Andy! Again, great plugin. Love how creative you are with these.

    My only thing is that I had to edit comments.php to add a tab field thingy (I don’t know html, just guessed given what was there), and it worked and looked great, but didn’t add the Twitter bird after commenting.

    I had to get rid of my alteration and now it doesn’t tab. I can see yours doesn’t either, so that makes me feel a wee bit better. It looks a bit odd though because there is now no space between my url field and the twitter id, and the twitter id field is shorter. I’m guessing this will get fixed along the line – and if not, it’s not a tragedy.

    Thanks again!

    Heather (How to be a Woman..?)´s last blog post..Women can learn something from Tyler Durden

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  23. Andy Bailey

    Marco: the twitter id is stored with the first comment on the post it is made on, another comment made on another post will allow the user to use a different username

    u geek u!

    I’ll see if I can come up with a better way to do it without adding any tables to the db. I’ll see if I can put akismet in instead of sk2

    Memarie: gimme some time to get a new version out and I hope that will resolve any problems

    shrinagesh: great!

    Julie: hitted up!

    Todd: thanks!

    Mommyknows: give another day or more for the new one to come out

    Heather: the tab order doesn’t work because the field is added after the page is rendered. maybe I can adjust any tab orders when I add. I’ll fiddle with it to see

    further comments should be made in the forum

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