The WordPress Plugins that I wouldn’t leave behind

Here is a list of plugins that I have used on my old blog and couldn’t live without when I moved to FiddyP.

  • SH-autolink
    An excellent plugin that can make keywords automatically link to whatever you want. Just install and avtivate. Go to Manage/Sh-autolink and you can add a word and it’s corresponding link, you can also choose to open link in the same window, new window, parent frame or top frame. I use it all the time for words like uvme or elottery or vwd.
    I like the fact that the html for the links isn’t saved with the post so if you want to change where a particular word links to, you can and anywhere that word is in your posts it will link to the new url
  • Deans Permalinks Migration Plugin
    This saved my life, I had my permalinks set to the old ?cat= and I wanted to change them to a more search engine friendly version without ruining the old links and this did the job, it makes the old links report a 301 page moved and the search engines will index the new one and you don’t lose any page rank and all the old links still work.
  • Feedburner Feedsmith
    Makes all your feeds point to your feedburner feed so you can track the amount of subscribers and also see what posts they clicked through to and more. It makes it much easier for surfers to subscribe by providing links to all the major feed subscription services like google reader and yahoo.
  • Instant Upgrade
    I hated updating WordPress, there were too many chances of overwriting the wrong files. Fortunately, this plugin takes care of all that for you. It’s reported to work with the 2.3 upgrade too.
  • Popularity Contest
    This assigns scores to your posts based on comments, pingbacks, permalink views and more. You can also display the top posts in your sidebar. Nice to have the most viewed posts up for display to new visitors.
  • Related Posts
    I’ve found myself clicking on related post links when I have clicked through to a single post on someones blog so I installed the plugin here and the related posts links have been getting clicked, especially on a single post that’s getting a lot of hits from Stumbleupon. It may take a few posts before it starts getting better at relating the content but it works quite well.
  • Samsarin PHP widget
    An easy peasy way to add php scripts to your widget enabled blog, just past your script in the widget options and drag it to the sidebar to have it execute along with the wordpress core php on the server side. Good if you use widgets on your sidebar and have a plugin that requires you to edit the sidebar template with the plugins procedure name.
  • IG:Syntax Hiliter
    Probably the best plugin for showing source code on your blog, it can do html, php, javascript, perl and much more. Very easy to use, the way to add buttons to the post page isn’t really needed if you only show one type of language, just use the [] [/]tags with the language name to enclose the code.
  • Live
    Adds a really nice AJAX real time stats page to your admin pages. Shows visits, referers and comment entry.
  • Top Commentators
    Encourage people to make more than one visit and comment, reward them for joining the discussion with a list of top commentators on your sidebar.
  • Subscribe to Comments
    An easy way to allow surfers to subscribe to the comments of the post that they comment on.
  • WP-Online Counter
    Shows how many visitors on your site at one time and keeps a total of unique visitors over time.
  • WP AJAX edit comments
    How many times have you made a comment on someones blog and noticed a typo after you submitted? lol, it happens to me all the time. This plugin allows your commenters a few minutes to edit their comment.
  • DoFollow
    Allows the links to your commenters sites to be followed by search engines, another nice incentive for people to join in the discussion of your blog.
  • SpamKarma 2
    A lot of people use Akismet to combat comment spam but I have found SK2 to be a much better and easier experience. I very rarely have to moderate a comment or flag one as spam and on my old PR5 blog, it caught dozens a day and had a fantastic success rate on authorizing legitimate comments through all the mess of viagras and elargment spam.
  • CommentLuv
    A nice way to spread some lurv to the readers who comment by adding a titled link to their last blog post. Like BlogRush but for people who you know, why link to strangers blogs with a widget when you can reward your commenters and provide links to people that are in your community?
    I made this one! I’m not a pro PHP coder and this isn’t at a full 1.0 release but it seems to work nicely on the blogs that I’ve seen it on and I’m going to keep developing this as my blog progresses.

Phew! and that’s not all of them, just the ones that I have found to be useful and above all, easy to install and use. Props to all the coders who provide the plugins that WordPress is famous for.

13 thoughts on “The WordPress Plugins that I wouldn’t leave behind

  1. RAC

    Greetings Andy,

    Loving the new site, just dunno where you get the time!

    Mee thinks this will be a much bigger deal than the original place, so much interesting content already!!

    Good luck


  2. Andy Bailey

    heyhey! nice to see you at my new place Rich, welcome!!
    It’s nice to write a blog that isn’t just focused on the elottery or uvme and stick to what I like best and that’s oodles of geekery :-)

  3. Andy Bailey

    It’s a good post to make, I have wanted to say what the best plugins I use are for ages, also I have seen searches come here for terms that relate to some of the plugins that I use so here it is!

    i’ve managed to figure out the SVN for plugins now so commentluv is now listed in the main plugins section at yey!

  4. Andy Bailey

    commentluv is currently at 0.93
    I’m working on 0.94 to try and resolve the issue you’re having with your feed not showing.

    I’ll add an options page to it next so people can choose their own wording for the last blog post and message below the comment box. I should be able to add an optional change timeout time too.

    it’s a bit complex so I will have to play with some code when I get time later this week

  5. Andy Bailey

    hi tristan, I was just on your blog today. Nice new look! let me know if you have any problems with the plugin.

    I just upgraded WP to 2.3 with the instant upgarde plugin and everything seems to still work (after updating all the plugins!)

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