The shame me into action post


I’ve got so many bloody projects on the go that they’ve all stopped!

Here’s a list for future me to read to feel the future shame..

06 Nov *edit* made some progress!

  1. Intense Debate Commentluv
    • I need to split up the css so it’s in a separate file
    • I need to add a check for existence of jquery at the start and load it if not already loaded
    • I need to pretty up the extra url field
    • I need to hide the existing url field on a logged out form and populate it with the value in the one I added with the script
  2. Premium Support page
    • Create the different charge bands
    • Create paypal buttons with IPN url
    • Create said IPN receiving script
    • Integrate it with the comluv affiliate plugin for paying referral site
  3. Premium Extras
    • Create different charge groups
    • Create paypal buttons
    • Create IPN receiving script
    • Integrate said script with affiliate payment
  4. Referral contest
    • Work out the prizes
    • Type up the description post
    • Set up a single area for entries

That’ll do for now, there’s more but I’m getting depressed

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12 Comments zu “The shame me into action post”

  1. Jodi Kaplan
    28.10.09 11:06 pm

    Hi Andy,

    Wow, sounds like a lot on your plate!

    I ‘m afraid I’ve got one more thing to add.

    I found out about your ComLuv plugin from, and just installed it on my site. It works great for everyone else.

    However, I can’t seem to get to the comluv site to register my own blog. So, I can, “give luv,” but I can’t “get luv”. Help!


  2. admin

    29.10.09 12:02 pm

    if you submit a support ticket with all the details at then i’ll be able to look into it for you


  3. Jodi Kaplan
    29.10.09 3:09 pm

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for responding so quickly!

    Unfortunately, I can’t get to the site to post a support ticket (or do anything else). :-(

    I’ve tried both Firefox (3.5.3) and Safari (3.0.4) and both just “hang.” The site won’t resolve. I’m on a Mac running OS 10.4.11


  4. Jodi Kaplan
    29.10.09 3:16 pm

    I fixed it!!!!!

    It was a router hiccup. I rebooted it and all is well. Sorry to have bothered you.


  5. witchypoo

    02.11.09 2:39 pm

    Maybe I need a to-do list. I can barely keep out of my own way lately!
    .-= witchypoo´s last blog ..Bust A Move =-.


  6. Suresh
    08.11.09 9:56 pm

    hi, Andy, nice blog you have. You really got plenty to do ya? Hey, cheers up, Andy. What you need right now Andy, is some vacation, I think. and, you give me an idea that I need the same to-do-list like you do, since I often forget what I have to do. What a shame.

    If you have time, why not come visiting my blog, and give me some words? will you?
    .-= Suresh@How to lose Weight´s last blog ..Home Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly =-.


  7. Anne Moss

    11.11.09 2:45 pm

    So you’re the commentluv coder? came across your blog while searching for commentluv + Israel for my blog. You look very familiar too – probably from some webmasters forum (sitepoint?).

    Cheers and thanks for a great plug-in!
    .-= Anne Moss´s last blog ..Backlinks from WordPress Themes =-.


  8. admin

    11.11.09 9:05 pm

    Suresh: thanks! I really need a holiday but there’s too much to do this decade to think about time off :-/


  9. admin

    11.11.09 9:07 pm

    Anne: That’s me!
    I don’t hang around sitepoint forums. Maybe you saw my picture on international crime watch? :)
    thanks for coming by!


  10. Andy MSE
    18.11.09 11:04 am

    OOT: I still luv your comluv!!!
    .-= Andy MSE´s last blog ..Flamboyan =-.


  11. Angela Strunk
    18.11.09 5:02 pm

    Wow, You are busy! And I thought I had a lot to do with running two business and taking care of three kids. I have a list of to do items to and unfortunately they never all get done.

    I found your site listed on digital products reviewed as a sit with the CommentLuv plugin – this is an awesome plugin. Just installed it myself.

    Keep working at that to do list.
    Angela S
    .-= Angela Strunk´s last blog ..Dofollow Top Commenter Commentluv =-.


  12. admin

    24.11.09 6:17 pm

    Andy: hey thanks mate!
    Angela: glad you like the plugin! thanks for coming by


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