The shame me into action post

I’ve got so many bloody projects on the go that they’ve all stopped!

Here’s a list for future me to read to feel the future shame..

06 Nov *edit* made some progress!

  1. Intense Debate Commentluv
    • I need to split up the css so it’s in a separate file
    • I need to add a check for existence of jquery at the start and load it if not already loaded
    • I need to pretty up the extra url field
    • I need to hide the existing url field on a logged out form and populate it with the value in the one I added with the script
  2. Premium Support page
    • Create the different charge bands
    • Create paypal buttons with IPN url
    • Create said IPN receiving script
    • Integrate it with the comluv affiliate plugin for paying referral site
  3. Premium Extras
    • Create different charge groups
    • Create paypal buttons
    • Create IPN receiving script
    • Integrate said script with affiliate payment
  4. Referral contest
    • Work out the prizes
    • Type up the description post
    • Set up a single area for entries

That’ll do for now, there’s more but I’m getting depressed

12 thoughts on “The shame me into action post

  1. Jodi Kaplan

    Hi Andy,

    Wow, sounds like a lot on your plate!

    I ‘m afraid I’ve got one more thing to add.

    I found out about your ComLuv plugin from, and just installed it on my site. It works great for everyone else.

    However, I can’t seem to get to the comluv site to register my own blog. So, I can, “give luv,” but I can’t “get luv”. Help!

  2. Jodi Kaplan

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for responding so quickly!

    Unfortunately, I can’t get to the site to post a support ticket (or do anything else). :-(

    I’ve tried both Firefox (3.5.3) and Safari (3.0.4) and both just “hang.” The site won’t resolve. I’m on a Mac running OS 10.4.11

  3. Suresh

    hi, Andy, nice blog you have. You really got plenty to do ya? Hey, cheers up, Andy. What you need right now Andy, is some vacation, I think. and, you give me an idea that I need the same to-do-list like you do, since I often forget what I have to do. What a shame.

    If you have time, why not come visiting my blog, and give me some words? will you?
    .-= Suresh@How to lose Weight´s last blog ..Home Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly =-.

  4. Angela Strunk

    Wow, You are busy! And I thought I had a lot to do with running two business and taking care of three kids. I have a list of to do items to and unfortunately they never all get done.

    I found your site listed on digital products reviewed as a sit with the CommentLuv plugin – this is an awesome plugin. Just installed it myself.

    Keep working at that to do list.
    Angela S
    .-= Angela Strunk´s last blog ..Dofollow Top Commenter Commentluv =-.


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