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Big fat database moves to 256 thinner ones


I spent the morning putting Comluv through some tasks to convert the huge monstrosity that was my wpmu database into 256 smaller ones. it was touch and go for a bit, I did a practice go on a local install but misread some docs and put wrong values in, the whole thing looked like it worked anyway but a live install is a different matter!

I think everything is working as it should now, no errors are appearing in the error log and posts and blogs are being created.

I thank thulawd that I had a WPMU premium account so I can go and ask lots of questions at the WPMU premium site! I got a free membership when the 2.7 version of CommentLuv won the wpmu plugins contest. It’s one of the best prizes I have ever received! it is partly why comluv is open to multiple users now.

I am not going to touch much today and see if any major happenings happen and maybe, just maybe, my day off tomorrow can actually be a day off… fingers crossed

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