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CommentLuv Premium

“Awesome Features” CommentLuv Premium allows you to unlock advanced backlink features on 10′s of thousands of blogs. It has been shown to increase comments and traffic to blogs that install it and helps to make your posts go viral by integrating with twitter, facebook and google plus. It combines 8 plugins in to 1 which […]

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New premium plugin being tested

Weekend Warrior! I’ve been working feverishly to get premium commentluv ready for beta testing over the past 3 weeks and to give me a break on the weekends, I’ve been working on another premium plugin that I’ll be launching to the warrior forums with my JV partner before releasing it to the wild. What is […]

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How to fix radio inputs losing focus when dragging a jquery ui sortable div

hows that for a descriptive title eh? haha, that’s the exact term I used when I ran into trouble with some wordpress meta boxes on a custom admin page I was making for the new CommentLuv. I am using the WordPress functions for add_meta_box to add, you guessed it, meta boxes to a settings page. […]

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New CommentLuv version 2.9

I’ve had a blast launching the new free version of CommentLuv and it occurred to me that I haven’t actually put a feature list out there so people know what’s changed in this new version. So, here’s what’s new : Completely Standalone No need to ask your readers to register elsewhere or for you to […]

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Easy aMember Protect Lite WordPress Plugin

Announcing the release of a new plugin for WordPress (single and multisite) that will allow you to use your purchase of aMemberto protect your posts and/or pages very simply, easily and best of all – do it for FREE! Download the plugin at the wordpress site here Download aMember 30 day trial here How to […]

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Having an issue with dbDelta to add table to wp db (resolved)

I’m having some issues with trying to put the WP-Twitip-ID plugin into the final version. Right now, the beta version stores the twitter ID in the post meta for each post but that’s not really ideal because it can only show the twitter id on the comments of the post that the user has already […]

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WordPress for business bloggers book review

The nice folks at PacktPub sent me a pretty good book called “WordPress For Business Bloggers” by Paul Thewlis. I’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks and it turned out to be an excellent read. Who is it for? It makes it clear in the beginning of the book that you should at […]

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Commentluv plugin for 2.7RC1 first beta

After deciding to take the day off, I managed to play a Jedi mind trick on myself. With all the pressure off for creating, my juices started flowing! I have now updated the CommentLuv WordPress plugin to work with WP2.7rc1 It was working before but not if you wanted to change the settings. I’ve fixed […]

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A great book for wordpress theme design

WordPress Theme Design – Tessa Blakeley Silver PacktPublishing Price 35.99 USD (ebook $27.19) I bought a book recently after seeing it mentioned in the WP dashboard news items, it’s called WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley Silver and although a lot of the information regarding the functions of wordpress can be found at the codex, […]

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Some important things to note for WordPress plugin Authors

I have learned a gadoodle of information over the past 3 weeks of coding the update to CommentLuv and it would have gone a lot smoother had I known these 2 things. Including jQuery with wp_enqueue_script This seems to be simple at first but there is an important caveat to note. You can include the […]

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