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Euromillions MASSIVE Rollover and Free Contest – 1 more week!


Another Rollover!! still time to enter the free contest

Win these!

win these headphones

So loud I actually had to turn my iPod down!
– Diego Perez

Just enter your guess in the comments of this post with the two lucky star numbers you think will come up on the Euromillions draw this Friday 5th September 2008 (two different numbers between 1 and 9)

The Euromillions has rolled over AGAIN

Another week added to this contest, enter now while you have the chance!

Noone managed to match the two lucky stars this week but GREAT NEWS! The Euromillions has rolled over again! Next week it should be around 114 MILLION Euros (that’s one lump sum!)

Thanks to everyone who entered last week, you’ll be pleased to know that your numbers stay locked in for next week (or until the Jackpot gets won)

I’m a member of VWD and as such, I get BOTH lucky star numbers guaranteed to be matched for my elottery euromillions syndicate meaning that my syndicate only needs to match the 5 main numbers and all the members of the syndicate become multi-millionaires!

To celebrate this wonderful opportunity to completely change your life forever, I am re-opening the regular contests that go on here whenever there is a rollover.

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Euromillions Rollover Contest – comment here


Now in the second week! still time for you to enter….

It’s another rollover this week and that means another quick contest… I love rollovers! I have a much more increased sense of “i might get it this week” due to my recent syndicate win of over 88,000 GBP.

Join in the fun by leaving a comment with your guess of two different numbers between 1 and 9 for this Fridays’ Euromillions draw. If you guess correctly then you could win just like Bobby Revellian did last rollover.

This weeks prize:
imaingo speakers

RRP: 59.99 GBP

  • contest is open until 6pm Friday 13 June 20 June
  • free to enter, no requirements (other than entering! lol)
  • open worldwide
  • free postage
  • batteries not included (4xAAA)

With my elottery syndicate, both lucky star numbers are guaranteed to come up for my syndicate every week, it means I can win a prize by matching just one number! To see how it works, check out my elottery site (now 5 years old!)

Good luck!

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My syndicate just won 88,748 GBP for nothing! (178k USD)


I just found out by email from someone congratulating me on my elottery win, I didn’t know what he meant. I did receive a cheque for 50 quid this morning from elottery though. It was for a bunch of smaller prize wins added together and it tipped over my requested payout level. I pretty much win a small prize every week but I didn’t think it was because of that so I went online to check my accounts..

After checking my 3rd account online I found out that my elottery syndicate had matched 4 numbers plus the bonus ball last Wednesday for a total of EIGHTY EIGHT THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT POUNDS AND NO PENCE!!! and it was for an account that I had signed up at least 5 people for, so in effect, my entry fee was completely covered by commission (and it has been like this since the second day I joined elottery). So I won my share of the prize with something that didn’t even cost me a penny to play! haha.

I’ve been telling people for ages how good elottery is and they couldn’t believe it and would say that ,
a.) you can’t make money with something that pays a small amount per person
b.) you can’t win the lottery

but that’s not so and I’ve proven it again and again, I’ve been earning and winning for years now and I only ever payed once to join, at 10pm on a weekday night I signed up and by the next morning I had signed up enough people to completely cover my monthly fee so in effect, since the day after I joined I have been paid to play the lottery for free


Hahahah, I’m so pleased, this is what I looked like a few seconds after I found out..

Lottery Winner

A big thanks to Nik Grey for letting me know about the win. I’ll buy you a pint next time I’m up to a conference! And a big thanks to elottery for the wonga!! hahaha

There’s a massive rollover on Friday for the Euromillions so I’m feeling lucky for that too!

If you haven’t clicked through to my elottery site yet, do so today! you could be the next super affiliate or big winner for just a fiver a week.

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Euromillions rollover winner and another chance


Congratulations to my good blogging buddy Bobby Revellian for picking the correct lucky star numbers for the last Euromillions Lotto draw. He chose numbers 6 and 7 and wins himself a pair of Vmoda bass frequency headphones! I’ll pop over and notify you on your blog after my trip to Brighton this weekend unless you get to me first….

And because it is yet another rollover for next week, there’s another chance for everyone to win this set of ipod portable speakers. These chuck out an awesome sound, perfect for enjoying your music with others when you’re on the move..

Just leave a comment on the end of this post with your guesses for the two lucky star numbers to come up on the Euromillions draw on 16 May 2008 and if you match both numbers like Bobby did last week, you win the prize! This is a regular contest and happens every time there is a Euromillions rollover so keep an eye on the euromillions lotto results on the sidebar to see if anyone wins the jackpot, if no one did then the contest is open… comment away!

Imagine not having to worry about the lucky star numbers at all… play the elottery way and next week, you would only have to match 5 numbers to become a multi millionaire because we guarantee that your syndicate will match BOTH lucky star numbers on EVERY draw for just a fiver a week.

Because of the way we orientate the syndicate places, you have multiple chances to win multiple times on the same draw with the same numbers and in most cases, you win more with elottery than if you’d matched the same numbers on a single ticket.

Play online here for this weeks Euromillions draw for just a fiver

I’ve been play this way for a few years now and I have literally hundreds of wins from it, there is rarely a week goes by without me winning at least one small prize!

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Woohoo another rollover, another contest!


Just time to do a post for the regular contest that goes on whenever there is a rollover on the Euromillion Lottery draw, just comment with your guess of 2 different numbers between 1 and 9 and if yours come up on this Fridays draw, you win a pair of these awesome Vmoda headphones.

Extended for one week!

Due to the Euromillions rolling over again this week (and my complete ineptitude for coming up with a subject for my next post) this contest is open until the 9th of May and all previous guesses that didn’t match for the last draw on the 2nd can carry over for this Friday 9th.

Good luck… I’m on a full calender of appointments this month so I might not be posting much during May, I’m still working behind the scenes on commentluv whenever I get a few minutes and the remote script is handling the load (it’s processed over 10,000 last blog posts in the past 7 days!!)

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Quicky contest. Euromillions Rollover


Another rollover!! yey. That means there’s a chance for you to win a set of sexy noise isolating headphones from Vmoda.

All you have to do is enter your guesses for the two lucky star numbers to come up on this weeks Euromillions draw, all those that entered for last weeks rollover are automatically entered again for this weeks, I’ll even let you enter again for this week!

Here’s last weeks guesses:
jonathan – 2,5
Bunny – 4,6
Danielo – 3,8
Phillip – 1,9
Rich – 2,3
Claytonian – 3,7
robocopperfield – 8,8 (um, they need to be 2 different numbers!)
Jug – 6,3
Nicole – 5,5 (again, different numbers please!)

Just leave a comment here with your two (different!!!) numbers between 1 and 9 and if you match your guesses with the actual lucky star numbers this Friday then you win!!

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Another Rollover Contest – get in quick!


There’s been another rollover for the Euromillions this week, it goes up to over 40,000,000 Euros for next week which means there’s a chance for you to win a set of sexy Vmoda Vibe headphones just by successfully guessing the two lucky star numbers to come up this Friday.

Just leave a comment on this post with your two different numbers between 1 and 9 and if you match your numbers with the two lucky star numbers on Friday, you win!! Prize will be posted to anywhere in the world!

You can find out how to match BOTH lucky stars the Euromillions Lottery on EVERY draw GUARANTEED by visiting my elottery site here

Good luck, remember, get in quick before Friday 11th April!!

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The rollover simple comment to win contest…


Hurrah! another Euromillions rollover which means there’s an easy peasy way for you to win a set of iPod portable speakers just by leaving a comment on this post…(retail value 59.99GBP / 120USD)

Give me your guess for the two lucky star numbers in a comment here and if you guess the two correct numbers between 1 and 9 for this Fridays’ Euromillions draw, you win!

Check out these awesome speakers…

iMaingo Speakers backiMaingo Speakers open

The contest is open to everyone worldwide and finishes on Friday 4th April so get your guesses in now…(you don’t even have to pay for postage)

About Euromillions

A rollover happens quite regularly on the Euromillions and is worth millions of tax free lump sum money!, you’ll have a much better chance to win a prize if you play in a syndicate with elottery because we guarantee that your syndicate will match both lucky star numbers on every single draw!!! Have a browse of my elottery site to see how we can make this promise…

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New Contest runs until Friday for Euromillions Rollover



edit: contest is over, the lucky star numbers were 4 and 8. no one won this time! keep coming back whenever you hear there is a euromillions rollover because I run this contest for every one!

Due to the Euromillions rollover there’s a chance for you to win these great headphones from Vmoda.
Bass Frequency Headphones

Just leave a comment with your guess for the lucky star numbers to be revealed this Friday 14th March. You need to give two different numbers between 1 and 9. If you match your guess with the lucky star numbers drawn on the Euromillions then you win!

Good Luck!

p.s.There’s a way you can be guaranteed to match both lucky stars on the Euromillions draw, it’s called elottery and I win a prize every week because I’m a member (who happens to get extra entries just for being a good affiliate!)

p.p.s This is a regular contest for whenever there is a rollover on the Euromillions. Subscribe to my feed and keep up to date on all the contests happening at Fiddyp!

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Another Rollover – Another quick contest!


There is another rollover for the Euromillions this Friday for a whopping 21,000,000 lump sum tax free jackpot! I noticed an influx of people joining a Euromillions Syndicate for the last super jackpot and I predict a riot for this one too!

Having a syndicate with elottery really helps to win a prize (last rollover, my syndicate won 245.67GBP!) because there’s no worries about the 2 lucky star numbers – they’re guaranteed to be matched on every draw for every syndicate because of the way the numbers are spread out for each syndicates’ members.

One thing I have noticed is an increase of people joining just for the 1 draw, it’s a fiver for 36 chances to win a prize and the chance to win even a small prize by just matching 1 of your numbers is a real bonus for people. If you fancy having a go, just visit my main elottery page and click the yellow “join now” tab. You can pay by multiple methods and just try it for a week if you like! (we have a great elottery affiliate program too)


Bass Frequency Headphones Big
OK, I still have the sexy headphones up for grabs so if you fancy a chance at winning these VModa Bass Frequency ‘phones, just leave a comment with 2 different numbers between 1 and 9 and if your numbers match the two lucky stars on Friday 22nd Febuary then you win the set! You can see the results within minutes of the draw by checking the Euromillions Results on the sidebar up to the right. Be sure to get your guesses in early

Good Luck!

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