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Guest blogging brings great results at ComLuv.com


Why guest blogging on ComLuv.com

I’ve just finished making a video presentation explaining why guest blogging really works, especially if you do it in the right place!

[youtube clip_id="-Gj-YGKzASg"]

In the video, you see how Jane Sheeba of Find All Answers blog got a page 1 on Google for a term that has over 1.2 Billion results for her guest post on how to do business on facebook

Over the moon!

It’s not just Jane, lots of guest bloggers are over the moon with their search results! there are multiple page 1 results for some very popular terms.

I’m about to embark on the coding of the premium CommentLuv so I wont have time to make many blog posts so it’s a perfect time to encourage people to write them on ComLuv.com which helps me and helps them. awesome.

what do you think of the video?

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My video interview at UKFast Offices


I was invited down to Manchester by UKFast some weeks ago to talk about CommentLuv and answer a few questions about the site and why their server is so bloody awesome (it really is!).

Here’s the vid

Some of my soundbytes got included in another video too, must have said some good things :)

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My haircut calamity


My haircut calamity from Andy Bailey on Vimeo.

So, did you want to hear about my haircut? This video blogging lark is all new to me so I don’t really know what you’re expecting when you visit FiddyP. Care to share your thoughts in the comments?

Maybe a more tips/advice kind of way instead of telling you the banal events of my life. It is fun though, being able to speak instead of type is more my style anyway. I tend to get carried away with typing and then have to keep revising what I’ve written whereas, doing a video post kind of makes it more personal. It’s just a shame I have bugger all interesting to talk about!

If you think I should go back to text entry or stop blartin on about haircuts and get down to some serious stuff, please let me know!

(and that mark on my t-shirt? that’s a splash of tea!)

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Voiceovers and presentation videos


I’ve spent far too long preparing the pc for doing some instructional videos for commentluv. I remember when I used to just start recording the screen and do most tutorials in one take with only minimal editing to add callouts and cut long pauses and inevitable swear words :-P

I’m supposed to be making an introduction video for the CommentLuv.com site and it’s a different type of video needed so I’m a bit stuck. I don’t really like scripts and when I present, I have just a title and paragraph about each section and wing the rest.

The other videos on how to use it and install it will be easy, I can just record the screen as I visit blogs that use commentluv and comment or narrate my way through a standard installation.

I think with the intro I will have to use powerpoint mixed with screen recording and a narration. I had a little practice and after listening back, I sound like I’m talking at the speed of sound (which I am kind of but you know what I mean).

Anyone out there have any voiceover services? do I need to write the exact script that is to be said or would a voiceover guy or girl be able to ad-lib the inflections or self edit something so it’s easier to say and understand?

I just don’t know so if anyone out there makes the kind of videos you see on affiliate sites or 2.0 web services sites then please let me know as much as you can about the process of getting a voiceover video done.

in the mean time, you’ll all have to suffer with my farmers accent!

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Beware the believers!


He’s smarter than you, he’s got a science degree! This little animated ‘rock’ video must have taken an age to make and the lyrics are genius! Not for the ‘bible-sensitive’….

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I want my wedding dance to go like this


Check out this great first dance wedding video.

I’d really like to have something special to do if/when I get married, what special thing would you want at your wedding reception?