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Which works better? – video or text based sales pages – my split test results


Split Test Your Site

Just recently I got bullied in to setting up an A/B split test for my CommentLuv Premium homepage. Well, not bullied but guilt tripped. :)

I got another email preaching about why split tests are such a good idea so finally, at long last, I decided I would set up a split test to see what type of sales page worked better for me.

I wanted to try a different page than the huge video as the focus one and so as the B part of the split test I tried a new variation that uses mainly text to describe the main benefits of the plugin.

Google Website Optimizer Makes it Easy to Split Test!

It’s dead simple to set up a new A/B split test experiment with just a little bit of help from the Website Optimizer that Google provides.

You just need to identify what page is your original (your A) and your alternate page (your B) and your conversion page.

Add a bit of script that Google gives you to each page, verify them and let the experiment run.

I could give you a blow by blow tutorial here but to be honest, you get a very good one on the site which goes in to much more detail than : Website Optimizer Documentation

Winner winner chicken dinner!

I let the experiment run for a whole week and at the end, the results were undeniable!

This is the original page

split test original (the A)

This is the variation

split test variation (the B)

Guess which one won?

Yup, the first one did! by a factor of 2. It converted exactly twice the number of visitors as the variation so the conclusion is (as you might have guessed) that video sells twice as much as text!

In next weeks split test

Now I know which page wins, I can move on to multivariate testing where I use the same page but jiggle the things about to see if below the video a guarantee seal works better or a testimonial would convert more people.

I’ll let it run all this week and see what happens and report back. oh how exciting!

Get your own split testing done!

You can see a whole bunch of split test results here¬†which will open your eyes to some cool things that you wouldn’t think would make a difference but do!

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