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The love/hate relationship I have with coding..


I really enjoy coding and making new things but sometimes, when there’s a schedule to keep and posts to tidy up and I can’t get on with one thing until I have tidied up something else then it can be a bit of a bind.

You see, I can really get into some new piece of code or software and get the greatest of pleasure from being ‘in the zone’ while I keep the whole flow of the program in my head while I add or edit a function. Things seem to just fit together right.

Some of the solutions I have come up with for a particular bug or output error freak me out!. When I go back and look at the code after a few weeks, I think, “how the hell did I come up with that?” lol
It gets me inspired to try something new or make a small ‘fix’ in something I’ve been trying out.

Most of the time, my coding sessions start with a “I wonder if…” thought when I see something that looks cool on another site or plugin, then I try a little 10 or 20 line bit of code to see a new function or class work and before you know it, it’s 8 hours later and I’m dying for a pee and my ‘little test’ has turned into a mammoth program! I just love it when that happens, everything outside of my workstation didn’t happen, bodily functions, friends calling, work, play, everything! nought exists except the screen in front of me and the lines of code displayed on it.

It’s the awesomes.

Seeing the code work, that’s amazing too! even more so if it’s useful :-)

… if the program is for me then that’s usually where the coding stops (and the coding comedown happens where I feel all superior for a few hours) ;)

..it’s all the safeguards and data valildation I have to put in to counteract spammers or the error checks I need to put in for people that don’t know how to RTFM. It’s the constant support for people that shouldn’t be allowed a computer! although, helping people does feel really good but, not when it goes like this…

Q. your program is good, how do I use it?
A. there are instructions displayed where you downloaded it
Q. where is that?
A. <sigh>

I luv programming, it’s the other crap that pisses me off !

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My MYSQL cherry has been popped! rok on CommentLuv options site


I’ve been too lazy to transfer my holiday photos from my camera since I cam back (because then everyone will crowd around my computer and ooh and ahh at every.single.picture – even the ones of a thumb obscuring the lens) instead though, I have bitten the bullet and finally got around to creating some Mysql tables for the remote script that does the fetching of the last blog post for commentluv plugin users.

What does this mean? ..
it means that I can create a site for people to register their blog url and with that :

  • set a default cache timeout for speedier processing of their comments on blogs that use the plugin.
  • define a default RSS feed url to be used for their domain
    (will also make retrieving a little quicker)
  • define a default link and anchor text to be used
    (useful for pointing to a particular post in the past on comments you make on commentluv sites or if your feed has an error)
  • choose to use default link and anchor text instead of your feeds last entry
    (useful for when you go on a comment campaign)
  • make your last blog post links open in a new window
    (on sites you comment on)

Other things I will be able to do with the upcoming commentluv site now I’m using a database to store data..

  • Show you the last 10 blogs with commentluv that you commented on
  • Show you the last 10 comments with a last blog post made on your blog
  • Show the top 10 blogs that comment on your blog
  • Show the top 10 blogs that you comment on (that have commentluv)
  • Show which blogs have commented on you that you haven’t commented on
    (thanks to Bobby Revellian who requested something to keep a track of which blogs he has commented on and which blogs he needs to comment on. I know it was literally half a year ago bobby but it’s taken me until now to learn enough stuff to make it possible!)
  • probably a lot more…:-)

If there’s more things you’d like to be able to do with commentluv on your blog or features you’d like to see for a commentluv site please leave a comment here and let me know… (btw.. I am using a new version of commentluv on this site that uses the new remote script and database, if you get any issues with comments going funny please let me know on the contact page)

..oh, one more thing… ajax commentluv is a little more improved, it can now work with almost any blog that allows you to edit the header of your theme! .. it’s still a little way off from a release but it seems to be working well … stay tuned!

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CommentLuv Ajax Preview, now platform independent !


I spent a large part of last weekend coding some changes to CommentLuv, well, changing the way it can be called and how it displays posts and such. Here’s a little preview of what sort of thing it can do on a dummy form, let me know if it can’t pick up your last post or if you experience any issues with it…

This is running as just javascript and jquery without using any of the wordpress core functions and it should work on standard forms on sites that don’t have PHP enabled. I just need to tidy up the code and package it in an easy to install way and it’ll open up CommentLuv to many more platforms…yey!

I’m not 100% sure yet but this could mean a blogspot commentluv plugin, I’m trying some experiments now and so far the results are promising…

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The Archimedes Commentluv Principle


I had one of those eureka! moments in the bath last night, not quite as world changing as the big mans buoyancy formula but enough to get me running to the computer leaving a trail of wet footprints and risking major USB electrocution from my keyboard as I typed in a frenzy to make sure my idea got recorded before it left me like so many cheap women.

I think I might have cracked the blogspot and commentluv issue, as in, a platform independant CommentLuv plugin!! This is something that’s been filling my mind in idle moments ever since the first blogspot blogger to covet the luv contacted me to beg for a blogspot version.

I seem to get at least a couple of emails a week from either blogspot bloggers or typepad users wanting a custom version of CommentLuv so every chance I get (which, sadly, isn’t often) I think about how to make a version that could work with whatever platform it is used on and last night I came closer than ever before to doing just that!… I’ll be working on it as much as I can over the next few days and hopefully have some sort of working version soon

my geekglands are tingling! I tried some external files, javascript, jquery, ajax and all sorts of other things (after I dried myself off and got into my carebear pyjamas) and I seem to have had some small success with comment fields and DOM manipulation. It’s still too early to open the champagne yet but things do look promising!

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