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A new messenger software that can make you money


uvme IM window
Here’s a sneak preview of the standalone messenger that is soon to be released by uVme, I’ve been given advance notice of it’s features in readiness for the launch of the company on 21st January 2008.

uVme is going to rock the world of networking and social marketing, there has been a huge effort to get this thing working. It was conceptualized over 2 years ago by Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald, the founders of VWD. I am really looking forward to the launch! the games are great fun and easy to play, I will have the opportunity to offer another 3 people a preview of these games this weekend. (if you were one of the lucky preview people last weekend, you can now invite 3 of your friends to preview the games too by logging in to your site on Friday and adding their details).

If you’d like a preview place for this weekend, just register here (for free) and let me know in the comments. If you get chosen, I’ll enter your details on the site tomorrow night and you’ll receive your access details soon after…

The Messenger

uvme messenger logon* It will be like MSN

* It will be Rich with Features

* It will connect with the .com and .biz sites

* It will allow you to connect via multiple connections

* It will be the First in our industry

* It will be the most dynamic tool you have

* It will take your business to a new level

* And it will be an incredible viral business tool!

Tom went over the numbers at the preview session..

The average person has around 50 contacts on their messenger (source: MSN)
If 30% of them just played games
..and 1 in 5 of them became an associate (you can register to be a uVme associate here)
..and that went down through 6 generations by those 3 chatting and playing games with their buddies
.. that would pay out over 3000 USD per week or a massive 160,000 USD a year!!! (converted from GBP at a rate of 2-1)

Now I don’t know about you, but, when I see numbers like that on a sales page or other promotional material, it doesn’t seem real! I have been to the leaders meeting (details here) and I’ve seen what the pay plan is. It’s awesome and totally geared around you helping others. They have taken the best bits from all the pay plans out there and combined it with a revolutionary new type of social product that will change the face of networking forever. (big words I know but, you’ll see!)

More messenger details

uVme Messenger buttonsAs you can see we have various tabs down the left hand side:

Roster List:
This is where you see your entire uVme organisation as well as all of your buddies from your other IM services (after you have imported them, which is very simple)


The available games we can all play

Add a contact:
Add a new person to your roster

This is where you can connect with your other current Instant Messenger (IM) Services such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL IM and Google (you can add other services as they become available – like Skype)

Challenges – Tournaments – Messages – Alerts:
Self Explanatory

Prospecting Movie:
This will be a business movie to show your players the opportunity we all have with uVme. This movie will be a fantastic way of converting Players into Associates!!

Here you can see how you can challenge multiple people at once..
uvme im messenger

Below we can see that there are multiple opportunities for the Player to become an Associate.. and by encouraging this, you will move up the qualification ladder and make even more cash.

uvme IM profile
uvme IM connections

Above is the interface you will have, to enable you to add new existing Instant Messenger contacts to your New uVme IM. This is designed to be a simple process – just username and Password.

I am sure you will agree that the new IM is a great tool, Instant Messaging is growing in popularity 2x faster than email – there are NO spam issues and you can offer live support to your people as well as challenging them to games therefore making more money and building your team..

Couple that with Online Skill Games, which in themselves are growing 4x faster than the internet its-self AND this is an Network Marketing business! Network Marketing has grown by 40% each year for the last 17 years!!

uvme full screen

You can still register at the uVme site for free and there’s still time to put your name in the comments to be a beta tester, you get a starting bank of 20GBP and you can be from anywhere in the world…

I hope to see you on my ever expanding contacts list!

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