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Guest blogging brings great results at ComLuv.com


Why guest blogging on ComLuv.com

I’ve just finished making a video presentation explaining why guest blogging really works, especially if you do it in the right place!

[youtube clip_id="-Gj-YGKzASg"]

In the video, you see how Jane Sheeba of Find All Answers blog got a page 1 on Google for a term that has over 1.2 Billion results for her guest post on how to do business on facebook

Over the moon!

It’s not just Jane, lots of guest bloggers are over the moon with their search results! there are multiple page 1 results for some very popular terms.

I’m about to embark on the coding of the premium CommentLuv so I wont have time to make many blog posts so it’s a perfect time to encourage people to write them on ComLuv.com which helps me and helps them. awesome.

what do you think of the video?

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Making a takeaway website – my story


Fired Wok Chinese Takeaway

Some of you may know that I run a Chinese takeaway and delivery shop in Lancaster, UK with my partner and her brother. My role is strictly ‘front-of-house’, customer service, chief geekster and go-and-get-stuff-from-Preston’er (among other things like doing the weekly books and tracking the cost of goods sold etc)

I can’t for the life of me go in the kitchen where it’s all fire and wok but, I can do all the other great things like come up with great marketing ideas, develop online solutions for advertising, answer the phone and understand the myriad of different accents you get when you run a delivery orientated business in a two University town.

Pretty Vs Useful

One of the things that was inevitable for me to do was, The Website.

Now, I class myself as a developer not a designer. The difference? read more… »

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elottery launches new Social Networking tool for members


See Your SyndicateThe marketing guys at VWD have launched the new See Your Syndicate tool for members, click on the image above to see what it looks like.

It’s a great idea, you get to see the faces of everyone that’s in your syndicate and if there are any available spaces, you can invite your friends to join your own syndicate from the website. I heard about this a while back at the leaders meeting and I’m glad they have finally implemented it. It really adds to the personal touch that is sometimes missing in elottery groups.

I think they are getting this one ready and will iron out the bugs and it will be a welcome addition to the web 2.0 version of uVme, I really hope that they will have an API or similar way to display my members pictures on a blog, the MyBlogLog widget is an excellent tool for networking, it’ll be nice to have something like it to market too.

I’ve just noticed that it shows a button on my guest page so anyone following one of my affiliate links can see who’s in my syndicate straight away! Also noticed that my teamplaylotto domain has gone up to PR5 yey!
new button on vwd members site

Take a look at elottery to see for yourself or have a free go on me!

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blogrush, 7 reasons why I don't like it.


no blogrush here!There’s a few bloggers commenting on a new widget called Blogrush, it’s a service that is supposed to increase your traffic by sharing links to relevant stories on other Blogrush users blogs and your posts being displayed on theirs and so on.

It’s a great idea and I expect it will work for a while with all the buzz happening but, here are 7 reasons why I wont be using it…

  1. The rich get richer…
  2.

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