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Euromillions Rollover Contest – comment here


Now in the second week! still time for you to enter….

It’s another rollover this week and that means another quick contest… I love rollovers! I have a much more increased sense of “i might get it this week” due to my recent syndicate win of over 88,000 GBP.

Join in the fun by leaving a comment with your guess of two different numbers between 1 and 9 for this Fridays’ Euromillions draw. If you guess correctly then you could win just like Bobby Revellian did last rollover.

This weeks prize:
imaingo speakers

RRP: 59.99 GBP

  • contest is open until 6pm Friday 13 June 20 June
  • free to enter, no requirements (other than entering! lol)
  • open worldwide
  • free postage
  • batteries not included (4xAAA)

With my elottery syndicate, both lucky star numbers are guaranteed to come up for my syndicate every week, it means I can win a prize by matching just one number! To see how it works, check out my elottery site (now 5 years old!)

Good luck!

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My syndicate just won 88,748 GBP for nothing! (178k USD)


I just found out by email from someone congratulating me on my elottery win, I didn’t know what he meant. I did receive a cheque for 50 quid this morning from elottery though. It was for a bunch of smaller prize wins added together and it tipped over my requested payout level. I pretty much win a small prize every week but I didn’t think it was because of that so I went online to check my accounts..

After checking my 3rd account online I found out that my elottery syndicate had matched 4 numbers plus the bonus ball last Wednesday for a total of EIGHTY EIGHT THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT POUNDS AND NO PENCE!!! and it was for an account that I had signed up at least 5 people for, so in effect, my entry fee was completely covered by commission (and it has been like this since the second day I joined elottery). So I won my share of the prize with something that didn’t even cost me a penny to play! haha.

I’ve been telling people for ages how good elottery is and they couldn’t believe it and would say that ,
a.) you can’t make money with something that pays a small amount per person
b.) you can’t win the lottery

but that’s not so and I’ve proven it again and again, I’ve been earning and winning for years now and I only ever payed once to join, at 10pm on a weekday night I signed up and by the next morning I had signed up enough people to completely cover my monthly fee so in effect, since the day after I joined I have been paid to play the lottery for free


Hahahah, I’m so pleased, this is what I looked like a few seconds after I found out..

Lottery Winner

A big thanks to Nik Grey for letting me know about the win. I’ll buy you a pint next time I’m up to a conference! And a big thanks to elottery for the wonga!! hahaha

There’s a massive rollover on Friday for the Euromillions so I’m feeling lucky for that too!

If you haven’t clicked through to my elottery site yet, do so today! you could be the next super affiliate or big winner for just a fiver a week.

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Quicky contest. Euromillions Rollover


Another rollover!! yey. That means there’s a chance for you to win a set of sexy noise isolating headphones from Vmoda.

All you have to do is enter your guesses for the two lucky star numbers to come up on this weeks Euromillions draw, all those that entered for last weeks rollover are automatically entered again for this weeks, I’ll even let you enter again for this week!

Here’s last weeks guesses:
jonathan – 2,5
Bunny – 4,6
Danielo – 3,8
Phillip – 1,9
Rich – 2,3
Claytonian – 3,7
robocopperfield – 8,8 (um, they need to be 2 different numbers!)
Jug – 6,3
Nicole – 5,5 (again, different numbers please!)

Just leave a comment here with your two (different!!!) numbers between 1 and 9 and if you match your guesses with the actual lucky star numbers this Friday then you win!!

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The rollover simple comment to win contest…


Hurrah! another Euromillions rollover which means there’s an easy peasy way for you to win a set of iPod portable speakers just by leaving a comment on this post…(retail value 59.99GBP / 120USD)

Give me your guess for the two lucky star numbers in a comment here and if you guess the two correct numbers between 1 and 9 for this Fridays’ Euromillions draw, you win!

Check out these awesome speakers…

iMaingo Speakers backiMaingo Speakers open

The contest is open to everyone worldwide and finishes on Friday 4th April so get your guesses in now…(you don’t even have to pay for postage)

About Euromillions

A rollover happens quite regularly on the Euromillions and is worth millions of tax free lump sum money!, you’ll have a much better chance to win a prize if you play in a syndicate with elottery because we guarantee that your syndicate will match both lucky star numbers on every single draw!!! Have a browse of my elottery site to see how we can make this promise…

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New Contest! Win 95 MILLION (or even a sexy set of headphones)


Quick contest below!…

This Friday there is a massive SUPER jackpot of 95,000,000 GBP !!

That’s massively Gi-Normous!! I’ve already got an edge because I play through elottery which has been giving me an average of 2 wins per week since I started. I have a post somewhere on my old blog that recorded every time I won during a 3 month period and it went on down the page for ages!

I can’t imagine what I would do with so much money, I’m sure it wouldn’t change me (yeah right!). All I ask is the chance to prove that money wouldn’t change me :-)

There’s a much better chance of me winning through elottery because my multiple free syndicates all have a guarantee that BOTH lucky star numbers will be matched for every draw and winning with just 5 matches is a lot easier than with 5 and 2 lucky stars…. it’s like, almost guaranteed to win something this week!

If you’re from the USA, you can’t enter because it’s Euro peeps only and it’s illegal for U.S. banks to allow transfer to gambling sites outside the country BUT, you CAN enter the FiddyP version on this post (read below). The rest of the world can enter through my elottery site and stand a much better chance of winning with one of our syndicates…(you can enter the contest here too)

Some things I would like to do if I had the money:

  • Build a Buddhist Temple in London
  • Build schools in Africa and other underprivileged places and pay for people to learn teaching skills to go over there and teach
  • Build some wicked good houses way outside London and live in a different one each week
  • Start a multitude of businesses and give them to my friends and family
  • Pay for an advert on every TV channel to show my naked arse (ok so this one isn’t serious!)
  • Buy some biscuits…(see above)

Quick Contest

To add to the excitement, I am going to run a very short contest on this post and you need to leave a comment to be entered.

The Euromillions works by matching 5 numbers between 1 and 50 plus two lucky star numbers between 1 and 9 (different numbers).

You can win these sexy headphones from Vmoda if you leave a comment on this post and include your guess of 2 different numbers between 1 and 9. If anyone can match both numbers with the actual draw this Friday 8th Feb 2008 (you can see up to the minute results on the sidebar) then you win the headphones!
Bass Frequency Headphones
If there is more than one winner….. then EVERYONE that matches both of their numbers with the lucky star numbers will win a set. You can be from anywhere in the world and I will pay for postage and insurance to get them to you as quick as possible.

This contest couldn’t be more easier (or shorter! LOL) so get your guesses in as soon as you see this and tell as many people as possible!

  • You can enter the Euromillions with one of my magical syndicates at my elottery site
  • You can still enter the iPod speakers contest which is open for another 2 and bit weeks

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FiddyP Contest – Lottery numbers….countdown!!


[edit] oops! draw is happening live at 10.37 pm … I thought it was at 8 for some reason.
the numbers on the toolbar on the right will update as soon as the internet has the results…

Ok, here are the randomly selected numbers from 1 to 48 for all the entrants of the FiddyP contest… first bunch get 2 numbers each, second bunch gets 1 number. Whoever matches their number with the bonus ball drawn tonight on the Wednesday UK National Lottery draw wins the prize!!

4,7 Contest Beat
24,5 The Link Bait
2,48 My Blog Contest
11,31 Lalla-Mira
10,46 Makanon
16,25 Local Girl
28,45 Contester
14,33 Blogcat
9,37 J-news
19,21 Angela
30,34 The King Speaks
12,47 Nate
22,42 Myblogcontests
15,41 adsensetrack
18,43 Johnathan Long
38,44 Mark
8,32 Anastasia
1,35 Footie Blog
17,26 Blogodise
20,39 TheDragonProject

these are entrants that didn’t match the minimum amount of words but I let in anyway because the post they made covered everything else..

3 ContestLR2
6 LauraWilliamsMusings
13 http://blog-contests.net
23 Thien Lee
27 Theprizeblog
36 MrPrizes
29 Nkhan
40 Internet Duct Tape

Good luck everyone!

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What would you do with 175 MILLION Euros??


This week there is a MASSIVE

175 million euros

to be won on the Euromillions and it HAS TO BE WON!

That means, if it isn’t won with 5 numbers and 2 lucky stars, it will roll down to the next available winner. I’m really excited about this because I have multiple accounts and multiple entries on each one with VWD because I have introduced quite a few people to elottery as affiliates. When you introduce 15 people, you get an extra entry each week, you keep getting extra entries (up to a maximum of 7) when you introduce more people.

It’s a great system and it’s what’s paid the bills for over 2 years now, if I’d saved all the money I made in commission and prizes, I could have bought a house! (damn, that makes me feel kinda funny!)

Even better, because of the way we run our syndicates, we can be sure that every syndicate will always match at least the 2 lucky star numbers! I’ve won hundreds of times with my free entries since I joined and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for this one.

Can you imagine the publicity if when we win? LOL, it would cause a massive influx of new members!

Now to plan what I’m going to do with my winnings! What would you do with yours?

(the draw is being run on Friday, you can enter with VWD up until 6.30pm GMT+1 on the day and just play for one draw, it’s totally worth it) – (non-USA only)

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