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Review of my Quick Cup from Tefal


Tefal Quick Cup

Here’s my way cool new hot water maker-er!

I love this thing. I am always blarting on about how much electricity is used to boil a half full kettle for just one cup so I jumped at the chance to buy this the other day during an entire outing to the middle of Oxford street to buy a new kettle.

It takes water from rest to hot enough for a cuppa almost instantly, just fill the reservoir with water and it gets filtered by the additional water filter that screws into place inside. Press the button and out comes steaming hot water straight into the cup.

You can see the Tefal Quick Cup in action here


Programming it to output the correct amount of water is easy, just press both buttons until it flashes and then press and hold the hot water button until the desired amount is reached and let go. Press both buttons again and that’s it. Just press the button once from then on and it’ll fill to that amount.

You can also keep the button pressed for hot water and stop it by releasing the button.

The internal filter works just like a normal water filter for Britta and the like, you can let the Quick Cup know that you’ve changed the filter so the light will flash when it’s time to change it


The Unit costs £59.99 and comes with one filter.
The Tefal Quickcup Filters cost £4 each but you can probably buy packs of 6 for cheaper.

I think this will save money in electric bills too.


I like the idea of being able to make a quick cup of tea or coffee, no more waiting around for a kettle to boil. It pretty much fills the cup with water that is sufficiently hot enough. I thought it was going to output a temperature something like that of a self service coffee maker but it was hotter even than that.

It does work but it tends to splash a little bit, the gap between the nozzle and the cup opening is quite big so when water streams out, some of it splashes out when it hits the liquid inside the cup. One solution I have found is to leave the spoon in the cup at an angle so the water hits the spoon handle, that spreads the water out before it splashes down.

Overall, I would say it was worth the money and works well enough. My missus says she still needs a kettle for when she wants to fill the sink up or other dark rituals that she does in the kitchen. :-)


Response to comments:

Graham Hanson: ….It costs me about half a pence per mug.
I’d like to do the same sums on this thing, so we can compare and verify their claims of up to 65% energy saving.
What I need to know is this…

1. when you use it in manual mode, how long in seconds do you keep your finger on the button for to fill a mug ~350ml

2. what is the power rating? does it say on the bottom?

This sounded like a great excuse to make a cup of coffee, I checked the bottom of the device and the power rating on the bottom says 2500-3000W. The time to fill a full mug was just shy of 25 seconds. Here’s a video I made on my phone …(it sounds a lot louder on the video than it actually is)

Hope this helps!

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