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The shame me into action post


I’ve got so many bloody projects on the go that they’ve all stopped!

Here’s a list for future me to read to feel the future shame..

06 Nov *edit* made some progress!

  1. Intense Debate Commentluv
    • I need to split up the css so it’s in a separate file
    • I need to add a check for existence of jquery at the start and load it if not already loaded
    • I need to pretty up the extra url field
    • I need to hide the existing url field on a logged out form and populate it with the value in the one I added with the script
  2. Premium Support page
    • Create the different charge bands
    • Create paypal buttons with IPN url
    • Create said IPN receiving script
    • Integrate it with the comluv affiliate plugin for paying referral site
  3. Premium Extras
    • Create different charge groups
    • Create paypal buttons
    • Create IPN receiving script
    • Integrate said script with affiliate payment
  4. Referral contest
    • Work out the prizes
    • Type up the description post
    • Set up a single area for entries

That’ll do for now, there’s more but I’m getting depressed

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New theme is here!


It’s here! I am proud to reveal my new theme. It has taken a couple of weeks since it’s conception after seeing the curved theme elsewhere to code and it has been worth the wait!

I’ll do a write up for it later in the week but for now, enjoy the wonderness of FiddyP and it’s new theme!

Watch out for the new series of AJAX tutorials, regular story and photo posts, contests, plugins, tutorials and much much more coming this way over the next few weeks.

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