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Spammers use Top Commentators vulnerability to hijack top list


Your comments or your life!
Many thanks to Scott from UK MAC.net (a great UK site for Apple Mac’s) for sending me an email about this. He noticed that his name was number 1 on the Top Commentators list on the sidebar but, his name linked to an obvious spam site.

I checked further and two other people had been hijacked, Dearest Pelf and Roger(who ironically, was on the list from his comments about spam comments).

It seems that the Top Commentators plugin remembers the last URL used for a commentator and displays that as an anchor for their name,(it used to use the most used url, don’t know why they changed it) even after deleting and spaminating the spammers url and ip into the blacklist they still showed on the displayed list so I have decided to remove the Top Commentators plugin for now.

I noticed something was up the other day when I received a comment from WitchyPoo but it didn’t look like her normal way of writing and it didn’t have a last blog post (from CommentLuv), the comment made mention of something in the post and the spammer came back to respond to my follow up comment. I just changed the url back to Witchypoos’ site and thought nothing of it.

I have even noticed certain spammers now following links on to other peoples blogs from here and doing the same thing to others.

Be aware of this, look out for comments coming from your regular commentators and make sure they have the correct url or install CommentLuv and look out for comments without a last blog post.

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Its different out there, Hey! who changed blogging?


blogging around the worldI started this blog 6 weeks ago even though I had a different blog for over 3 years before that and a few others that were tiny adsense nets, I never read so many other blogs until now, it feels like new blogs that are coming up or are just a few months old are different to the ones that were around last year and the year before.

The people writing them and the reason they’re writing them seem different, a little more real life perhaps. A bit more orientated towards nice people in a nice community willing to help others, welcoming strangers to their tight knit virtual space. A virtual space that could span thousands of miles across the globe in milliseconds, the buzz of a lively conversation spread over different servers just a ‘submit’ button away.

I feel lucky that I have wandered into this community where it’s a lot less “listen to what I have to say, click my adsense but don’t steal my PR!” and a lot more “tell me what you think about this and oh, go visit these nice people”

Take for instance, Sharon of The Diva Network who was one of the first regular visitors here when I started, she followed the MyBlogLogDogg back from her site to here and comes back a few times a week to catch up, she even helps out by answering peoples questions in the comments. I see her regularly on lots of blogs, always taking the time to help or give an insight to someones post. She was one of the first to help me test CommentLuv along with Miss Mira from lalla-mira.com who seems to be able to blog in 3 different languages!. Then SmocknMamma who likes to bake and make quilts helped out with a suggestion.

There’s Chessnoid and his TotalNoid blog, his informative site can have anything on there, the stock market, UFC, MMA, Movie reviews, SEO, Technorati and more. He seems to be part of the same community too, his readers and commenters have popped up here, I’ve seen them on other blogs that had the same ‘feel’ to them and I’ve seen others too…

I’ve seen Pelf and her visitors to her blog about breast cancer awareness and environmentalism among other things, her vistors led me to other blogs where there was another crossover with a like minded bunch of people, links in comments led me to people like Dana Wallert who wants to be a twenty something Stumbleupon queen, she regularly writes informative posts on sites like Stumbleupon and Sphinn. Amongst her commenters are people like Andy Beard who writes a niche marketing and affiliate tips blog (see his post about getting penalized by google), some of her top commentators are again, the same type of people. Chessnoid is there, as well as YC who appears all over the place! he writes about internet marketing and isn’t afraid of the big bad google!.

Brown Baron is a name I keep seeing mentioned here too, he writes about blog networking and social networking, Vegan Momma who makes natural beauty products who made a very nice write up of the CommentLuv plugin.

Bobby Revellian and his lively network of commenters on his blog about ethical commenting and great tips for other bloggers, again, many of his commenters appear on the other blogs above and more! each successive comment click takes me to another part of this ever expanding web of commentluv’ers, link luv’ers, anchorluv givers and such.

And AntiBarbie who has some great short story posts, see how many people comment there! some of those led me to The Passionate Ailurophile who’s rants made me smile at how she writes just like she speaks (I imagine) . hehe, stuph! – love that word now.

you know.. I could go on all day listing names of people and blogs that have made me think that blogging has a different feel to it now.

I don’t know about you but I want to meet the person that changed blogging and shake their hand. Before, in the old days of my elottery orientated blog I would sometimes feel like writing a new post was akin to a doing a chore (albeit a pleasant one like sweeping a big floorspace).

Because of the travel I have to do for work and the (more than) occasional 60 hour week I don’t get much ‘free’ time and used to resent giving some of it up to write another lottery related post on my old blog even though it got up to PR5 and was well known among other elottery people but now it’s much more different! I can find time between projects or slip in a session on google reader at work and wherever I am in the world, whatever I am doing, there is always that same community feeling when I go-a-browsing and comment clicking between these peoples blogs. Writing a new post and responding to someone else’s post have the same feeling for me now, a similar feeling to belonging to something bigger than me.

It makes me feel good, it makes me want to create.

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