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Fast broken blog or working one? you choose


I just got another ticket off someone that is using a cache plugin and experiencing issues with a plugin.

BTW – Do you recommend NOT using W3TC? And, if so, is there a better one?

Here’s my response, maybe if you read it here then I wont have to type it again in a ticket!

oh that is a biggie! w3 total cache by definition will serve old copies of pages. That is what all cache plugins are designed to do.

it is quicker to serve a html copy than to generate one with php which is why they make sites faster.

unfortunately, blogs are dynamic sites with plugins that require freshly created content which don’t really work well with copies of pages that were made hours or even days ago.

static business sites that are there for information work really well with cache plugins because they rarely change but blogs with new posts and comments and ‘real time’ plugins installed don’t do so well.

w3 total cache is not yet final. That is why it is not showing as version 1.0 yet. You and me and all the others that use it are test subjects!

you have to decide if you want a fast broken blog or a working one.

there are blogs (including mine) that have w3 working with everything else but each blog is different and has different plugins active so you will have to find your own set of settings that works for you.

unforunately, w3 is the best (or the least bad) of the cache plugins but like I said, cache plugins are designed to serve old content and blogs are designed to serve fresh content. that’s the issue that comes up again and again with any cache plugin and a blog.

sorry I can’t help more but w3 is a beast of a plugin and the author keeps changing the core code so I can’t add things to commentluv to work with it, the last time I tried it worked but as soon as he updated his code it broke every commentluv blog so I don’t try any more.

the best advice I can give is to optimize your site first before considering a cache plugin, you’d be surprised at how much that can help.

and if you do decide on a cache plugin, test test test!

The takeaways…
  • If you do not know what a cache plugin does then you do not need one!
  • If you have a slow broken site, a cache plugin will not fix it!
  • If minifying breaks one script, it breaks them all!
  • Scripts that are already minified (jquery.min.js) do not need to be minified!
  • You should optimize your site before you try to speed it up with cache plugins!
  • test test test .. experiment with settings to see what gets you a working site and then test test test again!
  • Switching every option to MAX and then expecting it just to work is not really gonna happen on shared hosting with a free theme and a bazillion free plugins.

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Time flies!


I usually spend the first part of Sunday doing the weekly books for the takeaway, it takes up most of the morning to go through each days takings and tot it up in an accounts package and check the figures off the parallel sheet. It’s a good system and helps me to know exactly where any errors have happened.

Today though, I did my usual shower, shave, coco-pops and coffee and started fiddling with some bits of the site, which took me off on many tangents of code and template glory until I had a fully moved fiddyp.co.uk on the ComLuv network and rebranded parts of the whole network to be in line with the CommentLuv feel.

6 hours I was at it! I really must get a bumper sticker ..

“WPMu admins can be at it all night”


But really, I’m having so.much.fun!

It Grows!

Looks like the network is growing rapidly and the latest version of CommentLuv hasn’t had a support ticket about a bug for the last 12,000 downloads. Can I has stable? :)

So far, the new API has given some luv to more than 50k comments on blogs around the world and has attracted more than 200 new blogs and hundreds more registered users. The new-started-only-last-week database has already recorded approximately 20k unique websites (those that have a feed), processed 4k info page displays and recorded over 9k clicks from users on peoples last blog/tweet/digg links.

happy boy!

It’s just starting..

There’s still a huge amount for me to do with regards to the site like adding advertising options, custom themes, editable css files, affiliate payments for selling adverts, custom text link ads and much much more. Stick around, you might see something you’d like to take advantage of. I have big plans for this network, I hope you can be part of the fun too.

Let me know if you’d like to see anything in particular on the site or in the plugin..

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CommentLuvvers – Interesting sites that use the CommentLuv Plugin


http://www.jamieharrop.com is a very informative blog with some excellent resources, tips and articles on how to improve your blog/business/life. Check out his article on how to get more blog comments

http://wendyknits.net/ is one for the knitters among you (and my missus!). This is a site that attracts an awful lot of comments so it’s really nice to see it using commentluv :-)

http://www.empiredotcom.com is an excellent resource site for those wanting to make a bit of money from blogging. Great advice too, check out his post about the advantages of using CommentLuv

http://keithjameslock.com/ is a great affiliate marketing tips blog with good original articles. He wrote a great piece on how to take advantage of CommentLuv for targeted traffic. Another article to take note of is this video tutorial for your first time using Google analytics.

CommentLuv has been updated to 1.92 now, be sure to get the latest version and install it today!

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CommentLuvvers – Interesting sites that use CommentLuv


Another round of great blogs that use CommentLuv, now there’s even more chance to see CommentLuv blogs because Paul from imafish.co.uk has converted my code into a Drupal version. Nice one Paul!

http://www.kidazy.com/ is a great looking site that provides reviews on toys and games for children age 0 and up. I like what Amy has done with the layout and the attention she gives to each product. Much more than a “whack up a product picture and affiliate” blog. Worth checking out if you have kids (and money!)

http://www.thenetfool.com is an up and coming John Cow/Chow blog with some quite in-depth reviews of marketing and advertising products, see his post on Project Wonderful

http://menstrualpoetry.com/ is a blog that caught my eye because of it’s URL. Menstrual poetry! lol. On further inspection, the blog is definitely one for the ladies with posts such as The truth about prostitution and Voting for Hillary just because she is a woman (which turns out to be a balanced and sensible read..”Feminism is a movement that is based on equality and being granted the same rights and freedoms that men have, so by voting for a woman candidate just because she’s a woman, aren’t we taking a step in the wrong direction?”)

http://www.untwistedvortex.com/ is a fantastically useful site to visit, check out Richards excellent post about how to combat splogs and get your pagerank back after being penalized by google.

http://www.johncow.com/ is a blog I am sure you know, he’s just started using CommentLuv to encourage people to jump from a feed reader to his posts to leave their opinion. Show you care and leave him a (relevant) comment!

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