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New premium plugin being tested


Weekend Warrior!

I’ve been working feverishly to get premium commentluv ready for beta testing over the past 3 weeks and to give me a break on the weekends, I’ve been working on another premium plugin that I’ll be launching to the warrior forums with my JV partner before releasing it to the wild.

What is it called?

It’s got a working title of WP Aweber Gate

What does it do?

It allows you to protect post and page content from being viewed and downloads from being accessed by readers unless they are on your Aweber list.

Why would I want that?

  • Run a membership site without all the trouble of having members register to your site
  • Offer ethical bribes to people to join your list and know that only people that have subscribed can access the bribe
  • Prevent your premium content from being shared with non subscribers
  • Add bonus materiel to your site for your list subscribers only
  • No need to change your theme to a membership theme just to have subscribers only content
  • No need to buy expensive plugins like wishlist or DAP (this plugin will be MUCH cheaper!)
  • There’s probably a lot more reasons that I haven’t thought of!

How does it work?

Just 4 easy steps to get your subscribers only gateway working:

Upload, activate, authorize, configure.

  1. Upload
    Upload to your plugins directory or use the plugins page link in your dashboard
  2. Activate
    Ummm, click activate!
  3. Authorize
    Click the link to authorize the plugin to access your Aweber account
  4. Configure
    Choose your desired list (or set to check all) and what you want to happen to non subscribers (off with their heads!).

    • You can show them a message which can contain HTML
    • You can automatically send a subscription to your desired list
    • You can forward them to any page on your site
    • You can forward them to any URL on the web

Let me see!

Here’s a set of video instructions on how to rebrand my recent premium plugin called WP Mail Ads, you can also download a free bonus plugin for commentluv users called The Dashboard Luvver Widget which shows a list of last blog posts from the people that have commented on your blog so you’ve always got somewhere to go and visit to get some luv!

You can only access the videos and downloads if you’re an email subscriber to one of my lists. Chances are that if you have downloaded the commentluv plugin or seen some of my videos you are already so all you need to do is enter your email address in the box and click the button, if you are on my list it’ll show you the content and cookie you so you can access all the locked content and downloads, if you’re not on one of my lists then it’ll auto subscribe you and then you just need to click the authorization link that arrives in your inbox. Sweet huh? :-)



When can I get it?

I’ll be releasing it in a week or two once all the sales bumpf and bonuses have been put together! watch out for it!

btw… I have installed premium commentluv to comluv.com. You can read about it here. Premium CommentLuv Beta Testing

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