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Configuring Hostgator VPS for automated CPanel backups to Amazon S3

Warning! Geekiness ahead Ok, so just had a wonderful time trying to set up a way to automatically backup my hostgator VPS to Amazon S3. I did it with the help of some googling, head scratching and tricky bastardness so I thought I’d better document it here to remind me how to do it when […]

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Ban the cloud!

Take a look at this server load graph showing how much the server was working (on ComLuv.com) for 24 hours.. Seems normal right? that’s right! because my UKFast host detected a spike of 70,000 or so hits coming in to the comluv signup page from an Amazon cloud server and within 30 seconds added their […]

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5 Star Christmas Gadgets

I, for some reason, have a subscription to T3 magazine. I think I must have crumbled under the power of one of Future Publishing’s telesales reps and agreed to try a few issues for 1p, now I have a direct debit and get the magazine delivered monthly. It’s not bad though and there’s always something […]

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Resistance is futile, prepare to be affiliated…

I am an affiliate with a lottery site and have been for a few years now to great success but, I have never really entered the realm of affiliate marketing with products before. Apparently it is supposed to be an ok earner if you have enough traffic (and enough sites) to make it worthwhile. I […]

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