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Stuff that aint API or backend code


Hurray! I have been able to do some stuff that wasn’t directly related to the API or backend code for the ComLuv database! This Monday has been an awesome day for productivity.

I have fixed the errant phpmyadmin on my plesk server so I can view my massive innoDB database. (and make backups)

I added a plugin to make adding youtube videos much easier to a ComLuv blog post.

I implemented a site wide footer text links box on the network.

I added a new widget to allow Comluv blog owners to become an affiliate to sell those ads.

I edited every single themes footer to make sure it all worked hunky dorey.

I wrote a “spoonfed” tutorial to show people how to make money with their comluv blog.

I answered ALL support tickets and resolved them.

I got fiddyp back up and running!! Some DNS issues were making it a bit invisible but a quick change of my DNS A records means I’ve got a place to ramble again.

Yey for me. I feel awesome enough to take the rest of the day off :)

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My first televised advertisement..


I made a post about my successful signing of Kettering Town Football Club to the elottery a few weeks ago and now I can see some progress with it. There have been quite a few hits through to the website coming from the button on the site.

It looks like this:
web ad

I got given a DVDR with one of Kettering Town’s televised matches and I was pleased to see one of the adverts for MyFreeGo on one of the boardings! here’s a frame grab from the match.

televised advert

Ok so it’s not exactly a televised ad but, it is an ad that was televised! :-)

There is a close up of it that happens a few times during the match but I couldn’t catch them on pause in time to get a frame save. Never mind, I’m pretty pleased that things are moving even before we implement ‘the plan’. Big things will happen with this club I’m certain…

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