New url registration page or new plugin settings?

I took a day off this week and it extended itself to another half which then puts me in contemplation mode.

I’m used to this happening after finishing a particularly complex series of things, I kind of get a sugar crash which puts me into day off mode, that then leads to search for new source of sugar.

It happened last week, I managed to work out how to upgrade the WPMU version ComLuv site to 2.8.2 and then expand the single db into 256 smaller ones. This was a big thing for me, it was either get the site working with 256 databases or fork out another bundle of cash every month for an extra gig or two of RAM on the server!

Luckily, after seeing it work fine for about a week with the new db configuration and no scary cpu usage alerts coming, I think I can concentrate on the next stage of development. I’m really itching to get a decent url registration page up and I’m considering opening up the ability to have up to 5 urls or sources registered with your account without needing anything other than a standard commentluv account.

I’ve already started sketching out what I want the page to look like (which I really should have done the first time around!)..
Sketching out new url registration page on Twitpic

Another thing I really want to do is convert commentluv to use a plugin framework so I can really do wonders with the settings page and not worry about htmlspecialchars this and mysqlescape that.
Doing this would allow me to put in some needed features to the commentluv plugin like full editing of the css used.

I’m tempted to update the plugin first, I have just received a Russian translation to go in with it and I want to update the readme so it is formatted to display fully in the plugin browser of a wp blog.

Oh the quandary! I can’t decide which one to do, they both need doing and both need to be done on their own or else distractifications occur!

What’s more important to you?
1. comluv update to make the whole url registration process nicer and add 5 sources to your acocunt
2. fix plugin so you can edit your own styles and have a prettier and easier to understand settings page?

7 thoughts on “New url registration page or new plugin settings?

  1. Cape Town SEO

    For me I think it would be better to be able to edit your own styles and a better settings page. The plugin works well right now, but it would be nice to make it prettier :)

  2. admin

    thanks for your comments. it seems that having your own styling settings in the plugin is winning so far. that’s gonna tune in nicely with the next update I want to do anyway. I hope I have time enough to do it soon, I get itchy palms when I can’t code!

  3. Graphic Design

    I would go with substance over style very time on this issue – you will get more real benefit out of the URL reg and the extra 5 sources.

    Thanks – thought provoking



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