My MYSQL cherry has been popped! rok on CommentLuv options site

I’ve been too lazy to transfer my holiday photos from my camera since I cam back (because then everyone will crowd around my computer and ooh and ahh at every.single.picture – even the ones of a thumb obscuring the lens) instead though, I have bitten the bullet and finally got around to creating some Mysql tables for the remote script that does the fetching of the last blog post for commentluv plugin users.

What does this mean? ..
it means that I can create a site for people to register their blog url and with that :

  • set a default cache timeout for speedier processing of their comments on blogs that use the plugin.
  • define a default RSS feed url to be used for their domain
    (will also make retrieving a little quicker)
  • define a default link and anchor text to be used
    (useful for pointing to a particular post in the past on comments you make on commentluv sites or if your feed has an error)
  • choose to use default link and anchor text instead of your feeds last entry
    (useful for when you go on a comment campaign)
  • make your last blog post links open in a new window
    (on sites you comment on)

Other things I will be able to do with the upcoming commentluv site now I’m using a database to store data..

  • Show you the last 10 blogs with commentluv that you commented on
  • Show you the last 10 comments with a last blog post made on your blog
  • Show the top 10 blogs that comment on your blog
  • Show the top 10 blogs that you comment on (that have commentluv)
  • Show which blogs have commented on you that you haven’t commented on
    (thanks to Bobby Revellian who requested something to keep a track of which blogs he has commented on and which blogs he needs to comment on. I know it was literally half a year ago bobby but it’s taken me until now to learn enough stuff to make it possible!)
  • probably a lot more…:-)

If there’s more things you’d like to be able to do with commentluv on your blog or features you’d like to see for a commentluv site please leave a comment here and let me know… (btw.. I am using a new version of commentluv on this site that uses the new remote script and database, if you get any issues with comments going funny please let me know on the contact page)

..oh, one more thing… ajax commentluv is a little more improved, it can now work with almost any blog that allows you to edit the header of your theme! .. it’s still a little way off from a release but it seems to be working well … stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “My MYSQL cherry has been popped! rok on CommentLuv options site

  1. Tim J

    I really like the option of:
    “Show which blogs have commented on you that you haven’t commented on”

    I guess my thanks goes out to “Bobby Revellian” (a fellow Armenian?). Keep up the good work Andy!

  2. Sharon

    Andy, sounds so fabulous. I do hope that you also enjoyed your holidays without thinking too much about the extra icing on commentluv…


    Oh, and I still WANT to see the photos. I’d love to take the same cruise you went on someday.

    Sharons last blog post..August Magazines at Newstands Now

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  4. Louise

    I’m waiting on pins and needles for the chance to have a default post/anchor text for linking campaigns. CommentLuv has become so integral to my deep linking campaigns that I hold off putting up a new post until I have had a chance to spread it around using CommentLuv. Would love to be able to just post whenever I want and pick the post to use for CommentLuv.

    Louises last blog post..Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Caramel Sauce Dessert

  5. Andy Bailey

    Louise: it’s not long coming! I have successfully got the database storing things like defaut feed and default link and can bring them up for a particular url. Let me get the membership site sorted and working and you’ll be able to do much more too