My life in (other peoples) pictures

ok so, last week, I was like..

but, then I was like..

which had me feeling like..

until I wanted to …

but then..

so I needed to ..

and …

but it was hard…

and inevitably…

but at last!…

so now I’m like…

MYSQL – I OWN YOU!! hahahaha

Now I can really start to get to work on the CommentLuv site. I can pull just about any combination of data out of the database. Things like..

  • Last 10 links to receive CommentLuv on any site
    (for version 1.97 CommentLuv upwards)
  • Last 10 links from a particular URL
  • Last 10 links to a particular url
  • Top commented posts
    (that received CommentLuv on them)
  • Top commentators
    (who received CommentLuv)
  • Ban spammers!
  • Use a cacheing system for speedier retreival
  • Store default feed url’s for even speedier parsing
  • probably tons more but that’s what I’ve been playing with all this week

Keep tuned for more exciting CommentLuv news

31 thoughts on “My life in (other peoples) pictures

  1. Andy Bailey

    lbb: do you mean for displaying the last 10 things on your own site? if so, that will be easy to impliment with a widget or plugin. I’ll get the site up and working and get some wordpress widgets out there

    sharon: hahaha I know what you mean, I did it pretty solidly for 2 or 3 days and dreamed about it twice. Once I had figured out groups and doing arithmetic on dates it all went smoothly. I can now tidy up the output to show a form so I can tick which sites I want ignored or click to see what sites a particular link is shown on. I can’t wait to see what else it can do!

    Nicole: thanks! hard work and an almost obsessive complusive attraction to knowing how things work

  2. Hynavian

    Hi there,

    I’m unsure whether this is the right place to ask but one of my commentor is facing problem with CommentLuv. It bans his site and doesn’t allow a link to his latest post and I have to manually edit his comment to include his link (to ensure fairness). Hence, I’m wondering whether there is any way to remove the ban on his site from CommentLuv? As in are there any internal settings that I have to set from my CommentLuv setting so as to allow a link from his site to appear for my site?

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    Best Wishes,

    Hynavians last blog post..Dance in the Vampire Bund – Rich Loli Vampiress As Ruler

  3. Andy Bailey

    hi hynavian,
    at the moment I have commentluv autoban sites that don’t have a feed found after 10 tries, give me the url and I’ll un ban it . Soon the site will be ready so people can unban themselves.

  4. Hynavian

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for looking into the CommentLuv issue that I’ve raised. Currently for plug-ins that I’ve installed, I do not have the feedsmith plug-in so I think it has got to do with my site’s CSS theme and template instead (by K2). That, I understand would be a problem on my part and I’ll try to check through the codes to locate the plug-in and follow your suggestion that was left on my site.

    Once again, thanks for helping and have a nice day! (:

    Best Wishes

  5. Emily

    I really like your CommentLuv plugin. So much so that I dare to ask if you have given any thought to making it for other platforms (i.e. BlogEngine). I just started a site for kids bible crafts and I find their platform to be great. However, they only have a plugin for CoComments right now. So the question: Will you make CommentLuv for other platforms?


    Emilys last blog post..Family Handprint Bouquet

  6. Andy Bailey

    Emily: thanks for your support! the answer is YES I will be making a platform independant version soon which should work on any platform that allows you to add some javascript to your template or theme. I really want to get the traditional version working with a database without any problems before I introduce that one to the world! there are still some small issues that I need to take care of first and test them out with the world. I should imagine there will be something for you to look at by Christmas time…

  7. Sire

    At the moment I reckon I am like the screaming lunatic. I have just started a new blog (commentluv should pick up the link) and like all my blogs I have installed commentluv but it won’t appear on this particular blog. I assume it is to do with the Theme, but I really would like to keep this theme. Any ideas mate?

    Sires last blog post..Hosting Your Own Blog Shows You Are A Serious Blogger

  8. Andy Bailey

    sire: you need this code just before the </form> tag in your comments.php file of the theme
    <?php doaction(‘commentform’, $post->ID); ?> (you might need to copy it by eye rather than ctrl+c because of character changes in this post)

  9. Andy Bailey

    Dean: it defaults to nofollow only if your blog does. if you use a dofollow plugin, it will work as normal with commentluv as it does without.

  10. Singapore SEO

    Very creative post. The pictures are self-explantory which makes it funny to view the sequence. Any way, commentluv works well with dofollow plugin and it is even better when one install the ajax plugin, so it is like a combination of bests.

  11. digitalphotography

    Nice pictorial. Not sure about autoban. Does it block any comments if person adds website that does not use rss feed after 10 comments. What is the main advantage to keep websites out of comments and only allow blogs