Major work ahead for The CommentLuv Empire


[easyazon-image-link asin="B004IEAO4G" alt="Brady 113298 B-959 30" x 30" Road Work Ahead Sign" src="" align="left" width="250" height="250"]It’s about bloody time! The new CommentLuv plugin is out there and getting lots and lots of downloads. Over 5000 in the first week actually which is a pretty big number!

The plugin is now standalone which means it will no longer require my expensive dedicated server to work which also means there’ll be no registering to my site to add a feed url or buy additional urls and static links.

Hurray! do you know what that will do to my support tickets? it’ll virtually decimate them! No more pointing people to the member page, no more spoon feeding them their feed urls or explaining how is different to . Oh, and no more crashed server in the middle of the night due to excessive load.

Actually, it’s the excessive server load and regular crashes that motivated me to turn the whole CommentLuv thing on it’s head and make it standalone. Once I do that, I can move away from dedicated hosting and put all my sites on a VPS that is scalable, a VPS that’s a bit closer to the majority of visitors to my sites. USA! USA! USA! lol

What’s next?

Well according to the stats at, it takes about a month for most people to update their plugin when they get the notification in their dashboard and so when the end of the month comes around, I’ll switch off the CommentLuv API for the wordpress plugin and set it to send back a message about having to upgrade to the latest plugin.

That’s sure to piss off a few people but, seriously, I can’t keep paying for this server out of my own pocket and I just don’t have the time to maintain the server. I just wanna make plugins!

I’m itching to do a cool facebook plugin, multi author blog plugin, the premium version of CommentLuv plugin and much much more but so far, I’ve been stuck fire fighting the bloody server! time to say goodbye and within this month!

But, before that can happen

I have to transfer all my existing minor sites to the new VPS :-?

And then, design a new theme for which is still going to be an awesome guest blogger site with oodles of pagerank and traffic and then move that to the VPS and then code the premium commentluv and then design the site to handle the purchases and then I have to launch the premium plugin and to do that I have to make the videos and to do that….. arrrrggh!

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10 Comments zu “Major work ahead for The CommentLuv Empire”

  1. Karen Stevens
    15.06.11 6:50 pm

    Hi Andy,
    Looking forward to your new changes!
    We have to keep the Once Upon a Time story going…

    Have a great day!
    Karen Stevens recently posted..Day 60 – Getting older (Not much wiser)My Profile


  2. Tony McGurk
    16.06.11 12:43 am

    I’ve already updated the latest update as I do mine as soon as I notice them. You mentioned a FB plugin. What I’d like to see which I haven’t found anywhere is a plugin that allows users to comment with a multiple choice of ID’s ie Facebook, Twitter,, Blogger etc Kind of like you can with Intense debate but without having to use a 3rd party commenting system. has something like that now but I haven’t been able to find anything like it in the plugin directory.


  3. TV Rockstars
    16.06.11 2:51 am

    How many sites use commentluv?


  4. Andy
    17.06.11 9:21 am

    it’s a good suggestion, I was considering adding sign in with twitter or facebook to premium commentluv but to be honest, it’s a pain in the ass to get them all working together!! I’d end up spending more time coding that than the actual plugin

    If I can get premium commentluv out there and it sells enough, I can devote more time to it and add all the goodies that people want
    Andy recently posted..I am NOT a BMX bandit!My Profile


  5. Andy
    17.06.11 9:21 am

    thousands and thousands!
    Andy recently posted..Bypass / Disable print dialog box in firefox with javascript print() My Profile


  6. Deanna
    01.07.11 4:29 pm

    I’m surprised it takes people a month to update their plugins. I usually update the minute I see the notice.
    Deanna recently posted..The History of Social MediaMy Profile


  7. JiMz
    14.07.11 8:55 am

    Its great plugin….many many thanks….
    JiMz recently posted..Get Google Plus Invitation HereMy Profile


  8. dilshant
    14.07.11 9:15 am

    best plugin…..traffic increase by 50%….
    thanks a lot


  9. D. Golf
    21.08.11 2:08 am

    I have not updated yet but will tonight. Commentluv really has been a great advancement for my blog.


  10. Martin Lynchard
    08.12.11 1:33 am

    So true, the new commentluv have a lots of downloads because it really helps a lot to all bloggers to get back the links they recently posted.
    Martin Lynchard recently posted..Tires For SaleMy Profile


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