Intense Debate can work with CommentLuv

Just spent a couple of hours playing with the Intense Debate plugin after getting my invitation code this morning and I’m really happy to report that it will be compatible with CommentLuv. Well, it will be compatible with the new version of CommentLuv.

[edit 11 Nov 09] CommentLuv is now an official plugin of Intense Debate! just visit your ID dashboard and select it from the list of plugins available.

Intense debate isn’t working fully with OpenID yet but I made some test comments as a non-logged in user and it was able to add the last blog post so I’m confident that I can get it working with someone logged in to IntenseDebate.

By adding a small bit to the commentluv script that allows users to enter their IntenseDebate username to their profile it will work when they comment on IntenseDebate blogs when they’re logged in.

Ironically, it was what I learned making the JS-kit commentluv that got IDcommentluv working in such a short time (I got the invitation code at 8.45am and had commentluv working on it by 10:45am <- the same day! lol)
I’ve deactivated it now, I prefer the wordpress comments system at the moment because ID still isn’t able to handle openID well enough.

When ID goes public and enough people use it then I will finalize the code for commentluvID and release it. Nice to know it wont be too hard (oh god why did I say that?!)

26 thoughts on “Intense Debate can work with CommentLuv

  1. Andy Bailey

    Intense debate is like a wordpress version of js-kit but it will work as a standalone too. same sort of install procedure for blogger.
    it’s not fully functional yet but it looks ok, not sure I want to keep when it comes though.

  2. Larry

    Yikes, sometimes I feel like I’m totally out of the loop with all the plug-ins and new features coming down the pike.
    BTW Andy, when I go to the prizes page on the Commentluv site, I just see your eBay offer and not the list of prizes won and/or to be won. Am I just being a duh about that or what?

    Larry´s last blog post..A day to reflect

  3. Larry

    tried to view prizes page in both Firefox and IE — like witchypoo the only thing different is the page loading please wait message doesn’t show now. However, the registered site link does work. HMmmm, wonder what’s conflicting with seeing that prize list.

    Larry´s last blog post..A day to reflect

  4. Andy Bailey

    ok so you can call me the dumbest guy on the planet! I was using a routine from an admin script I use and forgot that people that aren’t admin don’t get shown anything!

    I have always checked the page while I have been logged in as admin.

    it is definitely working now. sorry about that, I spent ages writing that script and no one could see its’ magic! :-(

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  6. luq

    Hello Andy,

    First of all thanks for the great plugin!

    I recently installed intense debate and i think im using the latest version of commentluv as well but commentluv doesnt seem to be integrated even when im not logged in, what am i missing?


  7. Alec Satin

    Hi Andy,

    Would like to use IntenseDebate or Disqus, but am also finding that they both kill my CommentLuv. Can’t have that!

    When and if you get time to decide to invest time to get one or the other working, am sure there are others of us out here who will appreciate the effort.

    Be well and thanks again for an excellent plugin.


    Alec Satin´s last blog post..The Very Best Personal Development Books Reading List

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