haha, just rewritten commentluv again!



Image via WikipediaWe’re now up to 1.7!! I got fed up of ” characters and other punctuation characters getting turned into ? by magpie, also, no display of Chinese or Turkish characters (thanks http://blog.mukispace.com and http://blog.mavikalemler.net/ I used your sites url to test the output of foreign language characters in UTF-8

I moved the determining of the feed location to my server now so the plugin code is a little shorter and neater. Now it should always pick up the feed location from the head of the target site, if it can’t find one there, it searches through the page content for the most likely link to a feed so as long as a feed is linked in the page, it will be picked up and parsed by commentluv.

The plugin itself should be more stable, as long as your blog hosting has the ability to CURL or access external files then it should work. If your hosting wont allow external access to files from within your scripts, be sure to ask them to whitelist the domain www.commentluv.com .

I’m running it on this post from now on so please give it a test especially if you have had problems before or you have a foreign language character set on your site.

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  1. witchypoo
    22.04.08 10:43 pm

    So, blogspot and typepad bloggers can use this now?


  2. Andy Bailey
    22.04.08 10:51 pm

    witchypoo: I can start to work on the ajax one again now the wp version is how I want it, I have the javascript version working on a variety of different form types but they all have the ID set in the html. The new javasript version will be configurable through some text vars in the script that a user puts in their <head> it’ll take some figuring though because I haven’t really done anything in javascript and jquery before!


  3. Mike New
    23.04.08 2:47 am

    I just installed the plugin, cause I think it’s awesome! But, it looks bad cause it has black writing on a dark gray/black background. How can I fix it?

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  4. Link Building BIble
    23.04.08 3:33 am

    Sweet man! As I started visiting sites that had my comment love from my most recent post, which had “…” at the end, I was like “i should write to that guy and ask him to fix it.” but, i was too lazy to get to it, and sure enough, you fixed it! Haha

    Thanks so much!

    Link Building BIbles last blog post..Telling People What DoFollow Really Is…

    P.S. I just checked it, and it worked!


  5. The Robotic Mushroom
    23.04.08 6:38 am

    Looks cool. We are thinking about adding this to our blog although we are concerned with having just other bloggers commenting… if you know what I mean. but i guess some comments are better than none, regardless.

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  6. Lalla Mira
    23.04.08 10:58 am

    YES! CL is back and rocking on my blog!


  7. Shamini
    23.04.08 12:42 pm

    Since I’m apparently blind (I didn’t see this post), I’ll re-write my question here: I’m still experiencing the problem with … and other characters turning into jibberish when someone posts a comment in my diary. Since I’m norwegian (and don’t use the norwegian translation pack for WP, as I prefer my dashboard and options in english), I have set my WP to ISO-8859-1 to have it show the correct chars corresponding with my language – and this worked excellent with CommentLuv BEFORE the two latest upgrades. Is there something I can do? I want to keep on using CommentLuv!

    Thanks for a great plugin anyway. :)


  8. Andy Bailey
    23.04.08 2:35 pm

    I should have a solution for you by the end of the day, luckily I have some code already in the remote file for this so I’ll just check that it works and update the plugin


  9. Fool
    23.04.08 10:16 pm

    I can’t seem to keep it going it would work for a while then quit. Is there some incompatibility with other widgets maybe?

    Fools last blog post..1


  10. Andy Bailey
    23.04.08 10:37 pm

    there some swapping going on with the server that hosts the file that does the magic, it’s been a right pain in the butt this week! I think that by next week everything should have calmed down and everything will carry on as normal.


  11. Shamini
    23.04.08 11:06 pm

    Seems like it keep bouncing back to UTF-8 when I press save. I’ve tried both ‘ISO8859-1′ and ‘ISO-8859-1′, same thing happens both times. Any ideas? I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am, Andy! Thank you so much. :)

    Shaminis last blog post..Emo.. dusj?


  12. Andy Bailey
    24.04.08 12:01 am

    so sorry Shamini, I forgot to add one little word to a hidden field in the form. I’ve updated it to 1.91 now so it should be showing as an update available in your plugins page in a few minutes.

    let me know if it does what you need!


  13. Shamini
    24.04.08 1:03 am

    Should I see the difference on already existing comments, or do I have to wait for a new incoming comment with either ‘…’ or one of our norwegian chars in the link?


  14. skyquakes
    24.04.08 2:06 am

    another try to see the charset fix at plugin’s home. let’s see how it looks:)

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  15. skyquakes
    24.04.08 2:07 am

    looks like working with Turkish, no problem. cheers :)

    thanks for the nice plugin and quick fixes..

    skyquakess last blog post..yerli dizilerden yer’siz dizilere, geençliğim eyvaah…


  16. Andy Bailey
    24.04.08 8:48 am

    Shamini: once you have v1.91 installed, you’ll have to wait for a new incoming comment with norwegian characters in it or log out and make your own comment using the url of someone that had one of those characters in their last blog post

    Skyquakes: no worries! glad it works for you


  17. Shamini
    24.04.08 2:13 pm

    OK, the v1.91 works excellent with the norwegian characters, but it seems to ignore it whenever someone uses ‘…’ in their heading. This is just a minor issue though – at least I don’t have those freaky chars in my comments anymore! :D Thanks Andy, you’re the best. :)

    Shaminis last blog post..Emo.. dusj?


  18. Andy Bailey
    28.04.08 8:11 pm

    shamini: thanks for letting me know, it was a worthwhile feature to add anyway so I’m glad you brought it up!


  19. Blogstruk
    30.04.08 12:20 pm


    I found your site via scratch99. I’ve been having a problem in that whenever I leave a comment at a site running CommentLuv a link back to my site doesn’t appear. It’s funny, if a post garnered 100 comments, 99 of them will have a link but my one comment won’t! So I’m curious to see if your new version picks up my latest post.

    Okay, I see it’s working. Hurrah! I think I’ll install it on my site! Also, I love having the ability to update my comments.

    Blogstruks last blog post..I’m Still Here, Just Not HERE


  20. Shamini
    30.04.08 12:31 pm

    Just a tiny note to you Andy:
    If a link says the following “Wii Fit … is it?”, then CL now leaves out “… is it?”. I suspect that this is because of the … (that is converted into a special char) – is this something you can have in mind for your next update (ISO8859-1)? :)


  21. Dennis Edell
    03.05.08 5:16 pm

    OK I’ll try this on another comment. Can someone PLEASE point me to the VERY LATEST CL plugin download link that works…this site with all the revisions is very confusing.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..1


  22. Andy Bailey
    03.05.08 5:48 pm

    Dennis: sorry mate, I’m a busy busy person this month so I couldn’t reply sooner. The best place to get the plugin is at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/commentluv/


  23. Dennis Edell
    03.05.08 8:07 pm

    Thanks Andy, I really appreciate that. I didn’t mean to jump you like that, sorry. :-)

    I think I read somewhere that the options of the new one include being able to *pick* which post it displays if not the current one; this true?

    Dennis Edells last blog post..1


  24. Andy Bailey
    03.05.08 8:22 pm

    dennis: no worries! the full 2.0 release I think will have the option to pick which post, for now I am running it as single to find out all the quirks that can happen like it showing a 1 for a sites last post if there is an error with the feed. once everything is running smoothly then I’ll try and get the AJAX version out which will lead on to the multiformat version for blogspot, typepad and livejournal…


  25. Dennis Edell
    03.05.08 9:07 pm

    So the “1″ under my posts here is a problem on MY end? Or yours?

    Will the multi-format be available for WP also? This would be EXCELLENT for at least one reason I know of…

    It is an excellent strategy to deep-link in the URL field. However this really screws with the CL link as it picks that one up instead of the latest post….the link itself also looks funny.


  26. Dennis Edell
    03.05.08 10:47 pm

    OK I just installed it from the WP link. There is no version # like I see on other blogs, is this right?


  27. Andy Bailey
    03.05.08 11:09 pm

    Dennis: if I browse to your feed address then only one post is showing, it may be your feed. I changed the code on my version of CL to counteract it. The one you have is not showing a version number because it would keep the old number if you upgraded because that text is stored in wp_options.

    thanks for spreading the luv!


  28. Dennis Edell
    04.05.08 12:16 am

    Your blog is the only one where it doesn’t seem to work. I always (at least try) to look after leaving a comment, to see that it went through ok.


  29. Li-An
    16.05.08 2:33 pm

    I’m just take a look at your plugin and it seems to work…but when changing again the “enable commentluv…” sentence to translate it in french I’ve got a strange bug: I cannot changed it, it was always the same single first word of the sentence that was memorized by the plugin. I tried to desactivate/reactivate uninstall/install the plugin but nothing changed.
    By the way, is it possible to put html code in this sentence ?

    Li-Ans last blog post..L’archer rouge – Terre de Feu t.1 (David B. & Micol – Futuropolis)


  30. Eddie Secun
    15.07.08 9:44 am

    I use CommentLuv on a freshly started blog site of mine and I hope it will attract more commenting people too. This site is in German and I will ask my German colleague to make the translation for CommentLuv me. Or maybe there is an official German language version I can download? Thanks for contributing this great plugin.