Guest blogging brings great results at

Why guest blogging on

I’ve just finished making a video presentation explaining why guest blogging really works, especially if you do it in the right place!

[youtube clip_id=”-Gj-YGKzASg”]

In the video, you see how Jane Sheeba of Find All Answers blog got a page 1 on Google for a term that has over 1.2 Billion results for her guest post on how to do business on facebook

Over the moon!

It’s not just Jane, lots of guest bloggers are over the moon with their search results! there are multiple page 1 results for some very popular terms.

I’m about to embark on the coding of the premium CommentLuv so I wont have time to make many blog posts so it’s a perfect time to encourage people to write them on which helps me and helps them. awesome.

what do you think of the video?

21 thoughts on “Guest blogging brings great results at

  1. Emanuelle

    Well, I guess we all dream of having the same experience as Jane ! Listen, Andy, I guess all the tools you speak about (Keywords…) are in the premium version. When do you think you’ll release it ?
    Emanuelle recently posted…BoutiqueMy Profile

  2. Andre

    Hi Andy,

    tell you what, thanks for sharing this with us, i will be submitting my articles to your site very soon, just need to sort out some techi stuff on mine, put my articles together, and start JV with ya-self :D

    just a quick question though .. cuz i know ur a gheek
    how did you made that rotating posts banner just bellow your heather? :D
    i find it sleek & sick, and, of course, with your kind gheekiness, maybe you’ll share that with me!


    1. Andy

      hey thanks for the call!
      that rotation is built in to the theme but you can get plugins that do it as a widget if your theme supports it

  3. Rachel Lavern

    Thanks Andy. I think that guest blogging is a strategy that I would like to use and become really good at it. This seems to be a simple way to establish relationships with influential people first and then use those connections to fuel other strategies.

    My first goal will be one guest post per month for popular blogs. That should give me a nice foundation.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…What is Your Story?My Profile

  4. Jamie

    Hi Andy-
    I’m a big fan of, and have had great success using the Commentluv plugin. I’m sure that guest posting on Comluv is a great traffic getting strategy for any blogger, and I plan on registering for it myself :)

    With that being said, though, even though the keyword that Jane’s post ranks for has a ton of results, it doesn’t appear to be a keyword that gets a ton of traffic, or has to much competition for it.

    Do you have any other examples of people who may have ranked for more difficult keywords?
    Jamie recently posted…No Posts Were Found!My Profile

  5. David

    I enjoy using CommentLuv on my blog and getting the emails about coming attractions. I actually am looking forward to it and that is seldom the case when commercial emails show up in my Gmail.

    How did that happen? It must be magic!
    David recently posted…We Mourn Our Fallen WarriorsMy Profile

  6. Owen Drobot

    I do blog commenting and blogging several months ago and I enjoy working with commentluv, I always love commentluv actually it drives my whole life in blogging. Yeah, I agree with you about guest blogging, so true, it helps to generate lots of traffic.
    Owen Drobot recently posted…CNA TrainingMy Profile


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