Google gives FiddyP a 2 month anniversary present

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My blog is 2 months old today and I woke up this morning to see a Google pagerank of 5 applying to this site!

This is the first site I have built that didn’t have the whole PR thing predominant in it’s construction, I just wanted to have some fun for a change and along with my wordpress plugins and prolific commenting, I get a PR of 5 and an Alexa rank up to 223,600.

In that time, my online counter says over 16000 unique visitors came here, my page hits on my other stats says an awful lot more but 16000 is a good enough number to say!

The busiest day always seems to be Tuesday and a peak of traffic comes in at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon (UK time), Stumbleupon has been the biggest traffic source with the weblog tools collection site and the official WordPress plugins page for CommentLuv coming in second and third.

Google itself has only accounted for about 1000 of the entire hits, it’ll be interesting to see if those go up now it’s a PR 5 here.

I haven’t even got any monetization going on here, apart from a small link in the sidebar to a pre-release affiliate program, I may go the monetization route later in the year. First, I want a professional redesign of this place. More 2.0 colour scheme and a rounded corner look and a little bit of tidying up on the sidebar and then I’ll start thinking about some flyby advertising to see if can get my PR down a little :-)

Sooo, who’s up for a free paid review? lol

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  1. Andy Bailey

    hehe, I like the rounded corners thing. I’ve even tried doing my own theme but it’s so hard when time is short!
    I even installed wordpress to my local machine to try out new themes, I think I might be better getting a general look type of theme and hacking the hell out of it or getting it done professionally for a few hundred dollars.

    my other site that had a PR of 5 went down to 4 so life is in balance again!

  2. RAC

    Well done Andy, you the man!

    Heres a cool blog I spotted today, which I’d like to share with you and the gang, the plugin sounds great, take a look at;

    OneClick is a WordPress Plugin+Firefox Extension combo which will change the way you look at wordpress forever. It reduces the effort needed to install a plugin or a theme for wordpress to just one simple click. It’s excellent for admins, non-techies, people with restrictive firewalls, and just about anyone who uses wordpress and installs plugins and themes.

    RAC’s last blog post..Vacation time (sort of) ~ Travelling back to Hungary and learning a language

  3. Andy Bailey

    @ antiB: thanks!

    @ RAC: finally! you have a blog to link to in your comments! I was looking at the one click install before, I didn’t get it because I have enough plugins now but I think I will get it for making the updates that happen to all the plugins a bit easier

    @ Chessnoid: thanks mate! it’s funny how it happened when I wasn’t trying for it. Maybe that’s the secret?… :-)

  4. Sharon

    Google page rank has been doing funny things lately and they’re recalibrating. Hopefully for your other blog, it is a just a moment of insanity on their part.

    But, it’s okay, because you’ll still be over the moon on getting PR5 for a little while.

    If you are as busy as I am, getting a customized website could only be about $200 or so, and you can get on the road with bringing the *bacon* home.

    Sharon’s last blog – Save Up To $50 Off 14K Jewelry

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  6. Andy Bailey

    @Sharon: I put a post up on a freelancer board about the theme, I have one response already but I’m waiting to see what else comes through

    @Chessnoid: thanks mate, I’ll pass the karma right back when the new theme comes in!

    @Rolando: thanks mate!

    @Diana: yey for you too! I am happy with the 5 thing but it’s not like, the best thing ever. lol, even though it doesn’t mean much, I can’t help but feel a little bit ‘puffed up’ when I see the complaints of some of the BIG bloggers going down to a 4 or 3! what’s that shameful feeling called?… schadenfraude or something..

  7. Andy Bailey

    the first thing I did when I noticed the green bar appear for this site was to go and visit all my friends sites to see what they had got (like when I was a kid at christmas trying to see what my friends had got and whether it was better than mine or not :-) )

    I saw yours and it’s a very respectable PR for a personal fun blog, I saw a few others go from grey bar to green bar too so it’s not all bad news (people are calling it the G-slap haha)

    the new theme will have some features that will pass the karma back to all those that have linked to me and used commentluv…. bless them all!

  8. Andy Bailey

    yeah a 3 is good! you have to be on the root domain of the site for the toolbar to show the rank though.
    the PR does spread around your site too, the CL plugin page is also a 5 and a few others have got 2’s and 3’s. it’s all sprinkling with google dust :-)

  9. Opal Tribble

    Congrats Buddy! I purchased a theme that I’m still customizing for my alternative healling website. It looks more like a website than a blog but it does use WordPress. I really like it.

    One of my niche websites went to a five. I don’t post as much on my other websites but they did get decent ranking. The majority got a 3 and two received a Pr of 2. I believe those will all supass Vegan Momma because they are niche websites and people looking for a specific topic will find all the info they need in one place.

    You know what is funny? My tech website was accepted at Sponsored Reviews. The same review I bid on with Vegan Momma was turned down but with my tech website I was approved. ;-) I suspected that would happen. Vegan Momma is all over the place and my tech website (all about Apple Mac’s) is strictly technology for the Apple Mac.

    Opal Tribble’s last blog post..Flower & Bee

  10. Andy Bailey

    @opal: it sounds like you are building a nice set of sites, I think PR5 is a temporary rank, if it goes up to 6 then it’s safe but if it drops off a bit then it goes back to 4.
    I have had 2 other PR5 sites before and they both went down to 4 after the next update but probably because I didn’t maintain them.

    @pelf: I’ll get the wine, you get the glasses!

  11. YC

    Belated congratulations, Andy! You’re doing a lot of things right and it’s not surprising to see a huge jump like that! :) It’s great when you don’t necessarily go for something that everyone else does, but somehow you get decent results ;)

    YC’s last blog post..
    Sophomore Jinx Strikes!

  12. Andy Bailey

    thanks David, I must admit that I followed your link and on to the link on one of your comments to another blog very similar and thought you might be spamming…

    your “whats hot” post is quite informative so I’ll let it pass this time :-)

  13. Popular Wealth

    Hey, you borrowed my PR and I wants it back! My precious!

    Congrats, although keeping it is the harder proposition as the blog grows. After building two successful sites that rank top 10 in Google for impossible terms (77 million+ pages listed) I decided it was time to join the blogosphere too… on the same day Google did an early PR update.

    I’m wondering how long I’ll have to wait with PR0, it really does influence comments if nothing else. Quick, someone throw me a comment and I’ll love you long time :)

    Popular Wealth’s last blog post..Are You Ready To Quit Your Day Job to Blog Full Time?

  14. Andy Bailey

    I disagree about PR affecting comments, I for one don’t look at a PR number to decide if I want to comment. Some of my factors are:
    is it an interesting article?
    did they comment here?
    did they use their real name or use keywords?
    have I seen them comment at other places I frequent?
    and so on.

    If you have an agenda when you comment, it isn’t a comment. It’s an advert disguised as a comment.

    people that view the page rank before deciding to comment are usually only interested in what benefit they can take from the blog, rather than what benefit they can give. (participating in the discussion, having a good point to add)

    there’s an abundance of blogs offering advice on things that they don’t know enough about. Look at how many “make money” blogs there are on free platforms or on a standard free template. If I was to take advice about buying a house, I would ask someone who had bought many and not someone who has only rented. (blogspot owners!)

    You yourself say that you just decided to join the blogosphere but your last article is about blogging full time which doesn’t really set you up as a person to take advice from. Further investigation shows that the post points out other peoples sites about the same subject. No offense but I would rather read about how YOUR successful sites were ranked in the top 10 and what YOU did.

    “I did this” and “I did that” , “I found out that..” and so on are worth 10 times the “this person did this” and “this person did that” posts.

    Just my two pence.

    thanks for visiting though! :-)