CommentLuv gets CommentSmothered!

I tried to respond to a comment on my CommentLuv plugin page this morning, and I was greeted with this error,
500 Error — Internal Server Error. There has been an internal server error
oh noes!! The site was working fine for the main index page but single posts kept on throwing up a 500 error :-(

I had a quick search of the WordPress forums and found a variety of posts from people experiencing the same problem, each one with a different solution. I went through each solution until I revived the site back to it’s normal functionality.. here’s what I did..

  1. .htaccess
    Some people had the problem because their htaccess file was not writable or their server had mod_rewrite disabled. I tried deleting the htaccess file and then going back to ‘options/permalinks’ and updating the permalink structure. The update went through with no problems (sometimes it will say “could not update htaccess” which means it is not writable by the server). The problem still persisted though..
  2. wp-cache
    I thought it might be a cache problem seeing as the CommentLuv page gets so many visitors (it has a pr5 too!), I disabled the cache plugin.
    still no joy…
  3. php.ini – only 8m of memory?
    I thought it might be too much memory used (I was close) so I edited php.ini in the root of my hosting folder and put this line in.
    Not successful :-(

  4. Too much content?
    I tried browsing to the CommentLuv page on my mobile phone once and it crashed with “out of memory” error and considering it has (atm) 199 responses, I thought that might be something to do with it. I know my stats sometimes give me a 500 internal server error when it takes a long time to load so that looked to be the problem.
    I downloaded a plugin called ‘paged-comments‘ and installed it, I particularly like the way you can stop it from paging every post and only choose which posts need paged comments by adding a custom field to the post editing screen.

    Sorted that out and tried to view the page, it loaded partly! almost there!

  5. Plugin memory hog.
    On the nearly loaded page there was an out of memory error relating to sh-autolink (a plugin which automatically makes certain words in to html links) so I disabled that and SUCCESS!
    It all works fine now.

A combination of too many comments and a plugin that scans the whole text for keywords led to my 500 internal server error for WordPress, it’s now fixed with a neat plugin and a quick removal of another. phew!

The CommentLuv plugin page is now up and working fine again, I never realized that it would get so much attention when I first drafted it. Thanks everyone for using CommentLuv!

0 thoughts on “CommentLuv gets CommentSmothered!

  1. Andy Bailey

    AntiB: a quasi-techi is just as good as a techi in my book! I envy your writing skills, I look forward to the short stories you put on your blog.

    pelf: haha, thanks! I thought I had better put all the options I had tried in there in case someone searches for “500 internal server error” one day when they have the same problem.

  2. Bobby Revell

    I’ve had a problem with hanging when folks enter a comment. I removed subscribe to comments and now all is fine! Thats supposed to be a trouble free plugin. I think Subscribe to comments isn’t compatible with something I’m using. I like threaded comments! Any ideas?

    Bobby Revell’s last blog post..Tag Madness

  3. Andy Bailey

    I have seen CL working with threaded comments on other blogs but I think that might have been a different threaded comments plugin.
    I am using an updated one on this blog to test out the small code improvements before I release it, would you like the new version now?

    I’ll send it by email to the address you used for your comment.

    it has better support for blogspot and typepad blogs, higher priority so it get runs before other plugins like dofollow and some others and shouldn’t cache the feed for so long.

    hopefully the new version will fix your woes, if not then I can work on it some more with your feedback, I hope it can work find on because I’ve see some great blogs on the comments of your posts!

  4. Andy

    I love your CommentLuv plugin! I think it may be the answer to world peace. :)

    I had a few comments that were not finding the last blog post. I ended up increasing the value of MAGPIE_FETCH_TIME_OUT and that seems to have fixed the problem.


    Andy’s last blog post..Pizza Dough

  5. Andy Bailey

    I am so glad it works and appears underneath so much yummy food on your blog!
    it’s official, I’m having home made pizza this weekend! thanks for the dough recipe