FiddyP Contest – Lottery numbers….countdown!!

[edit] oops! draw is happening live at 10.37 pm … I thought it was at 8 for some reason.
the numbers on the toolbar on the right will update as soon as the internet has the results…

Ok, here are the randomly selected numbers from 1 to 48 for all the entrants of the FiddyP contest… first bunch get 2 numbers each, second bunch gets 1 number. Whoever matches their number with the bonus ball drawn tonight on the Wednesday UK National Lottery draw wins the prize!!

4,7 Contest Beat
24,5 The Link Bait
2,48 My Blog Contest
11,31 Lalla-Mira
10,46 Makanon
16,25 Local Girl
28,45 Contester
14,33 Blogcat
9,37 J-news
19,21 Angela
30,34 The King Speaks
12,47 Nate
22,42 Myblogcontests
15,41 adsensetrack
18,43 Johnathan Long
38,44 Mark
8,32 Anastasia
1,35 Footie Blog
17,26 Blogodise
20,39 TheDragonProject

these are entrants that didn’t match the minimum amount of words but I let in anyway because the post they made covered everything else..

3 ContestLR2
6 LauraWilliamsMusings
23 Thien Lee
27 Theprizeblog
36 MrPrizes
29 Nkhan
40 Internet Duct Tape

Good luck everyone!

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