Euromillions rollover winner and another chance

Congratulations to my good blogging buddy Bobby Revellian for picking the correct lucky star numbers for the last Euromillions Lotto draw. He chose numbers 6 and 7 and wins himself a pair of Vmoda bass frequency headphones! I’ll pop over and notify you on your blog after my trip to Brighton this weekend unless you get to me first….

And because it is yet another rollover for next week, there’s another chance for everyone to win this set of ipod portable speakers. These chuck out an awesome sound, perfect for enjoying your music with others when you’re on the move..

Just leave a comment on the end of this post with your guesses for the two lucky star numbers to come up on the Euromillions draw on 16 May 2008 and if you match both numbers like Bobby did last week, you win the prize! This is a regular contest and happens every time there is a Euromillions rollover so keep an eye on the euromillions lotto results on the sidebar to see if anyone wins the jackpot, if no one did then the contest is open… comment away!

Imagine not having to worry about the lucky star numbers at all… play the elottery way and next week, you would only have to match 5 numbers to become a multi millionaire because we guarantee that your syndicate will match BOTH lucky star numbers on EVERY draw for just a fiver a week.

Because of the way we orientate the syndicate places, you have multiple chances to win multiple times on the same draw with the same numbers and in most cases, you win more with elottery than if you’d matched the same numbers on a single ticket.

Play online here for this weeks Euromillions draw for just a fiver

I’ve been play this way for a few years now and I have literally hundreds of wins from it, there is rarely a week goes by without me winning at least one small prize!

9 thoughts on “Euromillions rollover winner and another chance

  1. Melissa

    Since I’ve given up playing the Euromillions since I never win (or maybe that’s because I only play on superdraws?) I’ll give this a go.

    I choose 3 and 7.

    Melissas last blog

  2. Andy Bailey

    bobby: I read on your blog that you were busy but I knew you’d get around to seeing it when you got time. I’ll send the ‘phones off asap!

  3. Bobby Revell

    I received my new headphones! Thanks so much Andy, and I dig the comfortable polypropylene inserts…haha! It just so happens I loaned my original headphones to a friend who stopped calling me 7 months ago but these are much better. Thanks again Andy:)

    Bobby Revells last blog post..What Makes a Great Blog Article

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  5. The Agra Indian

    I am too late at this time but if this happen in future I will choose 6 and 9.

    I don’t believe in luck but its looking very simple so I want to try.