CommentLuvvers – Interesting sites that use the CommentLuv Plugin is a very informative blog with some excellent resources, tips and articles on how to improve your blog/business/life. Check out his article on how to get more blog comments is one for the knitters among you (and my missus!). This is a site that attracts an awful lot of comments so it’s really nice to see it using commentluv :-) is an excellent resource site for those wanting to make a bit of money from blogging. Great advice too, check out his post about the advantages of using CommentLuv is a great affiliate marketing tips blog with good original articles. He wrote a great piece on how to take advantage of CommentLuv for targeted traffic. Another article to take note of is this video tutorial for your first time using Google analytics.

CommentLuv has been updated to 1.92 now, be sure to get the latest version and install it today!

28 thoughts on “CommentLuvvers – Interesting sites that use the CommentLuv Plugin

  1. Andy Bailey

    jamie: you’re welcome, great blogs deserve attention!

    keith: thanks for the useful commentluv post

    wong: :-)

    top rated: here’s to the commentluvmunity!

    dsvt: that’s the point of it

    nicole: nice to see you back again

    eric: I really like your layout Eric, shoot the baby! lol

  2. Cybrspin

    I have been using commentluv for a couple weeks now since I migrated my blog from blogger to self hosted word press. I had to work with hundreds of imported comments and have had 0 issues.

    Commentluv has been a joy to work with. It definetly has improved my first 2 weeks of traffic drastically accountting for about 30% of my traffic atm as i visit and comment at a lot of websites.

    Thanks beyond words for creating and sharing this with the community. You deserve the nobel blogger prize :)

    Cybrspins last blog post..Stewie the Tabby Kitten Attacking Camera

  3. Will

    Thanks for the list! I found the number one reason on Wong’s list of advantages of using CommentLuv was on my list also, albeit at #2.

    The #1 reason I like the plugin is that it gives something to give back to my commentators. I don’t have a huge amount of traffic on my site, but a unusually high percentage of my visitors are regular, loyal, readers. I am glad to give those who comment and who might have a blog of their own a means to advertise their last post to the rest of my readers.

    Andy is also very supportive of his plugin, even responding to email questions promptly and politely. Thanks Andy!

    Wills last blog post..Sunday Search of the Week 6-01-2008

  4. Coleen

    I love this Plugin. I have used it on my blogs in the past and was the first installation I made after returning to the Blogging universe. Thank you.

    I do have one question and I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to pose it…

    I would really like to be able to have the links of those who comment open in another window or tab. You know, like with “target=_blank”? Is there a way to do this? If you’ve answered this before, please point me in the right direction. I know how annoying it is to repeatedly answer the same questions.

    Thank you again!

  5. Wii

    Thanks for the links mate. I’ll be checking them out now and will definitely add this CommentLuv plugin to my blogs!