CommentLuv gets more muscle

CommentLuv Muscle

I’ve started the update journey on CommentLuv and it can now parse almost any URL I throw at it!

I’ve also updated the findfeed function so it can parse a users page for a feed link in the <head> section of their page and that’s working much better now.

I am considering adding a new bit that will try and manually find a last post from parsing the source of the users page and looking for something like <div class=”post” or <div class=”entry to grab the last title and link, I’m not sure if it’s worth it though because for long loading pages, it could add too many extra seconds on the function which isn’t the best thing to do unless it happens a lot.

I have visited a few blogs that are using CommentLuv and copied all the URL’s of the users that didn’t have their last blog shown and tried it on the new version running here and it got every single one except for the rare occasion of someone having an extra bit on the end of their feedburner url :-(

like feedburner redirects that go to a url like

for some reason, the internal fetch_rss function of WordPress can’t parse a feed from feedburner that has an extra bit on the end of the username. I have tried using the Magpie functions instead of WP and that will do it but WP isn’t playing ball with these type of feedburner feed urls. A standard one will work just dandily, I’m waiting for someone to enlighten me on the WP forums.

I might take a break from it for a while and make a QR barcode widget!

If your last post didn’t show before on here then give it a go now and see if it can! (sorry Miss Mira, it still wont parse yours!)

You can download the latest version here: CommentLuv WordPress Plugin

0 thoughts on “CommentLuv gets more muscle

  1. Lalla Mira

    I wants CL to work for me! :( I gets mad!

    Although I am such a newbie, I’ll go check my feeds again, let’s hope I get it fixed without the ugly bit at the end.

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  3. Andy Bailey

    oh poor Miss Mira!
    the old commentluv used to be able to parse your feed but that was when it used things like file and fopen which aren’t supported on the majority of blogs.

    I’m waiting for an answer about why the internal fetch_rss function is having problems with funny feedburner url’s . I think for the next version upgrade there will be an options page where the user can specify how hard CL has to look for the feed, even going so far as parsing the authors page itself if it can’t do the feed…

    for next week perhaps? :-)

  4. Andy Bailey

    bobby, antiB and Chessnoid: thanks so much for giving commentluv a try, I’m really pleased it is doing its job well for you, I’ve clicked through to some really interesting posts from your readers comments.

  5. Andy Bailey

    the latest version is much better at finding peoples feeds now, sorry about all the updates! this should be the last one for a while until I get my head around adding an options page to the wp dashboard..

    it’s worth updating to this latest one (0.96) because it can handle things a lot more smoothly.

  6. Diana13

    I use also commentluv, I saw that you visit my blog (thanks). I saw also that some last entry didn’t show. I thought that there is anything to do with that timeout, so I’ve increased it. But still… So I download now the latest version of commentluv, will see if problem was solved :)

    Diana13’s last blog post..Ad revenue sharing forums

  7. Andy Bailey

    sharon+mira: it is a strange thing why it isn’t collecting lalla-mira’s feed, I am pretty sure it’s something to do with the extra bits on the url.

    this new version can have the feed manually entered onto the end of the message by enclosing it in [ feed] [ /feed] tags (no space after first bracket). I tried it with mira’s feedburner url and it still wouldn’t do it. I can’t imagine why!

    Diana: I will keep a close eye on your blog to see which people don’t get their last post shown and collect their urls to test them again with the new version, thanks for letting me know

  8. Sharon

    Something definitely very strange is happening with Lalla Mira’s feed. I also ran through through another plugin that WordPress automatically provides – RSS Feed Widget – and it is also having problems reading it.

    I also noticed she is using an older version of wordpress. Can that be it?

    Sharon’s last blog post..The Money Guy

  9. Andy Bailey

    it might just be your server caching the old lalla-mira feed. give it a day or two and I’m sure it’ll start picking it up as long as you have version 0.96 of CL running..

  10. Sharon

    Andy, I do have version .96 running. I’ll check again to see if Lalla Mira is parsing.

    I am going to be using the plugin with my other sites also.

    Thanks again Andy!

    Sharon’s last blog post..The Money Guy

  11. Andy Bailey

    @michael: thanks for giving it a try! I try and browse through peoples blogs that are using it and see if I can spot any that don’t get the last post shown and copy their url so I can test it on the next version. before the last update, I had a list of 20 to test and now after the update, I have only got 1 to test so it must be working much better.

    @sharon: :-) :-) :-)

  12. Sue

    Andy, I submitted it to Weblog Tools Collections, and they picked it up for 16 October. Hopefully that will get you more exposure over the WP plugin database, since they appear in the WP dashboard. :D

    Sue’s last blog post..The Little Pink Lighthouse

  13. Andy Bailey

    hi Diana,
    velveteen probably didn’t get her feed shown because she is using typepad on her own domain, the script looks for the feed in these locations if the url doesn’t have typepad or blogspot in it..
    it will then search the header for the terms “rss” and “alternate” on the same line and try to parse the feed from that. on her header that line links to a feed called
    which is probably why it is not showing her last post.

    if she changes that url to her feedburner feed then hopefully CL will be able to pick that up.

    for your other comment, if you have commented not long after you have made the post, your feed doesn’t always get updated straight away or the CL script is viewing a cached version of your feed.

    thanks for your feedback, it’ll help towards the next version!

  14. Andy Bailey

    it might just be the cache for the rss then, I’ve already got that line of code ready for the next version so it reduces the time it keeps the feed cache for.

    oh, if velveteen really is desperate to get her feed to show then she can put her full feed url in between [ feed] and [ /feed] (no space after open bracket) and it will use that instead of looking for one on her page…

  15. Andy Bailey

    thanks for being so diligent!
    actually, better typepad feed finding is high on the priority list for commentluv. I think I have something that can take all the pain out of the whole parsing thing. it’s in another language though so I have to pick at it for a bit more!

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  17. Andy Bailey

    hi Dennis, I tried a test comment and it seemed to have picked up mine ok. I suspect it was just down to a timeout issue. Sometimes your server can’t download the feed from my server(which it tries to do because it looks like your hosting doesn’t allow curl commands).

    It shouldn’t happen very often, I made a domain and separate hosting for the remote script that kicks in where people don’t have curl enabled so it should be able to handle the load.

    give it a few more tries with people and see how it goes, if you get more problems, just let me know…

    thanks for the feedback :-)

  18. Andy Bailey

    Dennis: which URL is not getting it’s feed parsed? a couple of comments on the post I tried have urls which lead to pages without a feed, is it one of them?

  19. Andy Bailey

    That’s a great idea and something I have been working on ‘behind the scenes’
    I have noticed pings coming in to my site when someone activates the plugin so I wrote some php to keep a list of all of them, unfortunately, it records every site that activates the plugin even if they deactivate it straight away. you can see on the sidebar of the home page that it shows the last few sites that have activated the plugin. most of them still have it installed when I visit them.

    the whole list since I added the extra php is here. I will (eventually) get around to writing a script that removes duplicates and also checks to see if the site has it still installed. currently, I’m too busy to do anything other than my commercial projects at the moment so I will get right on it as soon as humanly possible!

    thanks for the suggestion, glad to know I was on the right track!

  20. Andy Bailey

    roger: thanks for your comment, I think that there are plenty of antispam plugins for wordpress that do the job just nicely so I don’t think it’s necessary to re-invent the wheel when it comes to antispam. I get a lot of comments on this blog and very rarely do any get past spamkarma2.

    I would be interested in knowing which sites are experiencing spam because of the use of commentluv. Could you give me some examples?.

    Mainly, spam that happens here in comments are for sites that don’t have a feed and it makes it much easier for me to see if there is no last blog post showing for them and thus easier to deal with. I thought at first your comment was spam because of the lack of last blog post!

  21. Andy Bailey

    Hi Dennis,
    thanks for the feedback. I had a quick look at some of your recent posts and I can see that not all comment authors have a feed at their site url.
    I thought that it might be something to do with your sites speed, I used internet supervision to check on your blog loading times and the few times that I checked showed that the majority of times your site is loading after more than 5 or 6 seconds.[here]

    if your or your commenters’ site takes longer than 5 seconds to load then the feed may also take a long time load, longer than 5 seconds will mean the rss feed parser will stumble and give up which might be one explanation.

    I checked further and read these posts:

    On the hidden nuggest post: (I have seen that post before on a previous visit!) there is only one commenter that has a feed at their address.

    on the adsense referrals page: again, only one valid url has a feed

    earn money on your 404: same again, only 1 valid url has a feed.

    sorry I couldn’t go deeper into my investigation but I am quite busy this month! it seems that the amount of comments that don’t get a last blog post shown is around 1 in 3 or 4 which would explain why you are not seeing CL working on 1 out of 3 or 4.

    I hope it is something as simple as this!
    sorry I couldn’t be of further help..

  22. roger

    sorry if you look for ‘internet problems egypt’ then you’ll understand why i didn’t reply sooner, I cant believe some idiot can drop an anchor and cut off Egypt from the rest of the world!!!! and i really cant beleive that the internet companies don’t have sufficient back up plan’s….

    I tried to search again for where i originally got that impression but cant find it! I remember one site that I went to from problogger that was covered in triple x spam and had commentluv installed but after that spamming she had installed something to stop it so actually i should really retract my comment that commentluv was responsible…

    at the end of the day whether we have commentuv installed or not people will always spam if they find a way through if we don’t have the right anti-spam tools in place!!

    Talking of spam have you signed up for my free WPRemix giveaway yet? :) :)

    roger’s last blog post..Maybe you didn?t get the Newsletter!

  23. ourmonmouth

    This is really a fantastic plugin and have incorporated it in my site with Top Commentators to encourage comments. I did notice that my comments on others sites did not appear and have been searching for a solution. I wonder if it is the blog or the commenter. So with all due respect and honesty this is somewhat of an experiment. Thanks for a great contribution.

  24. Buy Disc Golf Stuff

    I really like this plugin too. It seems to encourage comments on my blogs … sometimes good sometimes bad. But it doesn’t take much work to delete the bad ones so that’s good.

  25. Andy Bailey

    john: it didn’t display a last post for you because you only have 1 entry in your feed, this is to counter-act spam from newly created 1 page blogs that have an advert in the feed.

  26. Lance

    Hey Andy, when I leave on a comment on a site with CL, it doesn’t find my last post. Here’s my error:
    XML error: Invalid document end at line 1, column 1

    What am I doing wrong!?

  27. Andy Bailey

    lance: if I browse to your feed location I get an error from feedburner which is probably why you’re getting an error.

    best thing for you to do is try looking at your feed pointed to by your feed icon in the firefox address bar as this is the feed the plugin tries to parse

    in future, please use the support forum for error reporting or questions

  28. Andy Bailey

    there is a version being worked on for the latest version of Drupal by Pete White from and I have a test version working for haloscan blogger blogs that I’ll be releasing soon.

    what platform do you run on?

  29. day trading

    Andy, great job with the comment luv, very good for us new bloggers. I was using blogger but I’m now thinking about switching to word press because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. I made my blogspot blog dofollow.

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  30. London Dentist

    To benefit from commentluv do you need a blog or feed or can you just have a website, i was told commentluv builds links to your site is that right or is it simply to point to other blogs?