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I have a notebook that I write ideas down on that I carry around with me for when ideas pop into my head and it’s got quite a few for FiddyP. One of the first things I wanted was a unique design, I was going to make my own but I scored some commercial projects recently and so I couldn’t put the time in to do it myself. I now have a designer working on the project and I can’t wait to see the results!

Gospel Rhys
Recently, I stumbled on a blog called “The gospel according to Rhys” (maker of the Technorati tag generator). I really liked the style of the blog and his writing. He’s got a good sense of humour and his posts about his trip to Europe were hilarious! I noticed that he had advertising available on his site and jumped in to get a whole years worth!

I’ve also asked him if he could bring some of his humour over to here now and again, he’s going to think about something to post about and maybe he can do a guest post here in the near future. If you get a chance, go and visit his site and take a look around. He’s Wales’ premier blogger!

AntibarbieAnother fine blogger who I have approached about posting here is someone you might know due to her excellent talent for short stories (check out two amazing 55 word shorts here). AntiBarbie is her pen name, she has had a lively following on her blog at and I think having a monthly short story here would be a great feature!

I’d like to get some more guest posts here when the new theme goes live and start participating in some more photography memes. I’d love to get some pictures that are as high quality as Opal’s Flower and Bee shots at Vegan Momma and I’d like to improve CommentLuv even more so it can act as a plugin on the sidebar showing the last posts of recent commenters. Like the blogrush widget but just for people that comment on the blog, it will also get it’s own options page to allow people the choice of what is used for the text of the plugin in the comment and below it.

For my posts, I have had a wonderful time with a couple of AJAX books recently and I’ve come up with some super easy tutorials that can run for a few weeks for each stage and gradually take you from ‘hello world’ to a working program to include on your blog.

More contests will come this way too, I’m trying to source some good prizes for the future. I prefer prizes to cash. What sort of prizes would you like to see here? Technology or something else like vouchers for online stores…?

Time to open the comments… what would you like to see here?

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  1. Diana13

    Hmm, it seems that everybody will start a contest soon. Should I start one too? I’ll think about this.
    Do you like my last photos? Grrrr, while I have about 100 visitors on my post, my server falls down. Well, here is a rainy day, just good for horror things like this :)
    I saw you’ve sponsored the Rhys’s blog. This is before or after you stumbled it? :)
    I’ll hardly wait your future commentluv.

    Diana13’s last blog post..
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  2. Andy Bailey

    yes, contests are great! for my last contest I got at least 24 backlinks and plenty of buzz! I recommend doing a contest now and again to get some extra links and visitors.
    I sponsored TGATR it after I stumbled it once, I really liked the style and imagined it would go up in PR and Alexa over the next few months (and I was right!)

    I have updated CL to 0.98 now and it will be released this week, it should be the last update before the big 1.0 version which will have it’s own options page.

    thanks for coming by!

  3. pelf

    I see you’ve got a lot of cool stuff planned out for the launching of your new theme, and I just can’t wait for them! :)

    I’d say I prefer prizes to cash in contests, but I’m not very sure if the host would be willing to ship anything to Malaysia, IF I won it (day-dreaming), so that’s why I rarely participate in contests offering prizes. But cash, yes, because I have PayPal, LOL.

    pelf’s last blog post..
    What have I been doing (and some link loves)?

  4. AntiBarbie

    Prizes are cool. DVDs, high tech gadgets, or gift cards always go over pretty well. I’ve yet to win a contest but it doesn’t stop me from trying. :) I’m going to be running a contest soon too.

    Thanks for the linkage and I’m dying to see your new blog theme in the ‘flesh’ if you know what I mean!

    AntiBarbie’s last blog post..
    Short Story – Emma’s Birthday

  5. Lalla Mira

    Congratulations on the ads. All the changes you’re undergoing around are worth a special contest. I suggest some cool mobile phone as a prize, not necessarily an iPhone. If you are rich enough and can afford it, don’t limit the shipping to some parts of the world only. And above all, *promote* your contest.

    Lalla Mira’s last blog post..
    Idea Tango

  6. RAC

    How about combing some of your ideas and have a photography contest, with the winner getting a period of free advertsing on your site?
    If not advertising then I guess it needs to be a digital product for ease of delivery.

  7. Opal Tribble

    How about having a contest not sure what about and having the winner be in your RSS feed for a certain length of time. Imaginif sits in my left hand side bar and they have received traffic. I post about them a few times monthly and I also Stumble their posts.

    I like what you are doing with your website. It sounds great.

    Opal Tribble’s last blog post..
    Bumble Bee on Datura Flower

  8. Andy Bailey

    @Pelf: I like prizes but as you say, it’s sometimes a bit of a problem sending the items abroad, especially with big gadget prizes that are subject to import tax!

    @AntiB: I saw your latest contest post, very interesting! I am super busy this week at work but I’ll see if I can get an entry in later.

    @Mira: I am really tempted to get a hightech gadget for the next contest prize. I’ll look into it, see if amazon or other multinational online store can help out

    RAC: a photo contest is a good idea, I would have to judge it though and someone might get disappointed! I prefer the random selection winner to make it fairer. Thanks for coming by.. and maybe you might want to get the feedsmith feedburner plugin, your feed location doesn’t show a feed!

    @Opal: I saw a plugin that adds extra bits to your feed, it might be a good plugin to use for that, thanks for the suggestion!

    @brownbaron: thanks for visiting, I agree, they are some of the finest bloggers around!

  9. RAC

    I am in Budapest until Wednesday, using a notebook, so maybe that’s why. Once I get home it should work OK, if not I will check out the plugin you mention.

    I like the idea of a piccy contest, comps are 99% disappointment for the entrants aren’t they? :)

    Maybe I will throw one up on my site sometie soon!


  10. Diana13

    I just need to ask: how can you be sure that after the contest the participant are keeping their post with their backlink to you? I saw many other contests and I’ve verified the backlinks, but it seems that there aren’t so many.

    Diana13’s last blog post..Strange things happens

  11. Andy Bailey

    RAC: ahh, you must be dentisting it again! I hope it all goes well for you, I had my stuff done in Langley, Berkshire for a measly 1600 quid :-)
    (one bridge replaced, 2 crowns and 2 fillings)

    Diana: I can’t be sure! I did check that the entrants still had the post up by the time of the closing so I was happy for that. I’m still getting traffic here from contest links and I’m sure the contest had a little to do with me going up to PR5 (along with CommentLuv) so I’m happy with the result.

  12. Rhys

    Thanks for the linky love! I’m a bit scuppered with actually blogging at the moment, but will get working on a guest post for yourself!

    I think vouchers would be quite a nice prize to have actually, or something cheap and unique that you can ship easily (I shipped a copy of a program for the only football match I ever played – luckily it was to the UK).

    Rhys’s last blog post..Top Respect To The Top Commenters and Sponsors – October

  13. Andy Bailey

    @cindy: yes it’s a dilemma to choose the prize for a contest, vouchers seem to be a popular option. I contacted a few foreign sites to see if I could purchase a product and have it delivered locally to them but there are issues about CC fraud so it’s a bit harder than I thought to provide an international prize.

    @Rhys: I saw your woes about your blue screen of death, I tried to search for a solution but the only related things I could find were for a win2k installation error.
    I made you a guest account here ready for when the new theme comes in.. I’ll send you the details when it’s live. thanks!