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Fast broken blog or working one? you choose

I just got another ticket off someone that is using a cache plugin and experiencing issues with a plugin. BTW – Do you recommend NOT using W3TC? And, if so, is there a better one? Here’s my response, maybe if you read it here then I wont have to type it again in a ticket! […]

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WordPress coupon plugin – special offer

Here’s a way for you to add a [hpl_link url=”” tooltip=”get this plugin at a discount” effect=”blink” repeat=”10000″ speed=”4″ color=”#ffcc00″]countdown offer timer[/hpl_link]¬†to your site so offers and other exclusive content gives your readers and extra push to click through to them. If you want to make a¬†wordpress countdown coupon offer then this is the plugin […]

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Which works better? – video or text based sales pages – my split test results

Split Test Your Site Just recently I got bullied in to setting up an A/B split test for my CommentLuv Premium homepage. Well, not bullied but guilt tripped. I got another email preaching about why split tests are such a good idea so finally, at long last, I decided I would set up a split […]

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How to fix radio inputs losing focus when dragging a jquery ui sortable div

hows that for a descriptive title eh? haha, that’s the exact term I used when I ran into trouble with some wordpress meta boxes on a custom admin page I was making for the new CommentLuv. I am using the WordPress functions for add_meta_box to add, you guessed it, meta boxes to a settings page. […]

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Bypass / Disable print dialog box in firefox with javascript print()

Just print! In my ePoS system project, I have the need to open a popup with javascript and print the contents without seeing the dialog box. Everywhere I searched, there were the ‘you don’t wanna do that because….’ from know it all keyboard warriors saying it was bad because evil doers could send porn to […]

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You’re taking the PoS!

I’ve had to put my partnership project on hold for the entire month of December so I can work on a new PoS system for our takeaway shop. OMG, I’ve been saying I was going to do it since we moved up here and took over the business and finally, I will be sitting down […]

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A new luv in my life

I’ve started coding the upgrade to my CommentLuv plugin, it’s going to be called CommentLuv 3.0 (original huh?) More features than you can shake a stick at This time around I want to do it all again from scratch and I’ve already got a good idea of what I’m going to add to it. Dofollow […]

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Never lose your source code, ever!

Twice. In 1 week. I lost my code and my awesome plugin edits when my hard drive crashed, I started writing it again and I formatted the wrong partition. Seriously gutted! I tried to recover the data with undelete apps but it was gone forever. No worry no more! Now, I don’t need to worry […]

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Taming the Upgrades plugin from

If you’re lucky enough to have a subscription to Premium WPMU Dev account then you’ll have access to great monetization plugins like the Upgrades or Supporter which take all the pain out of providing a ‘pay for’ service that can handle payments through Paypal, Google or even Amazon gateways. I downloaded and installed the upgrades […]

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They go in 3’s too

You know how the expression says that problems come in 3’s ? I get 3 lots of 3’s most of time but this week I think I have managed to get rid of 3 problems. I was posting about my woes at Comluv and just a few days later I finally managed to track down […]

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