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Where did my day off go?


Bloody hell, it’s a bank holiday weekend and that means no days off!

I’ve been sat here for the whole episode of Big Bang Theory and I still haven’t got anything to write, except of course that I have nothing to write.


I need a holiday. Somewhere hot. and quiet.


test ping back



maxi pad




Feels like I slept through Christmas – Google wave(s goodbye)


So, I was like

later that night

A good friend said..

3 minutes later… (at 4:49am my time)

about a femto second later..

All while I was asleep in bed…


I’m not crying (much) but I would have loved to get an invite, I watched the looong google wave video last week recorded at IO and was totally impressed by the ability to collaborate with others without having to say, “hey, lets collaborate on something” . I’d love to get an account just to connect with other plugin authors, imagine the awesomes that we could produce for WordPress if we put our heads together?

If you have an invite and want me to bear your children to better the world by giving one to me, I’d love it ;-) andrewgbailey (at)



The pen is mightier than the sword? what about the spreedsheet? is that like a nuke or something? ..nope


I’ve been pretty much an offline boy for the past week, it’s VAT return time which means going through everything we have bought and sold and putting it down on paper for no one to read. Luckily, I have a pretty decent system of recording total sales, overheads, wages and wotnot (yup, wotnot seems to take a lot of money!) so it hasn’t been too bad.

I was a little bit anxious to be leaving the half finished url registration script I was making for ComLuv but, the missus needed help figuring out how to use the accounting software and being the good boy that I am, spent ages going through all the buttons and menus.

We ended up transferring it all to paper so she could understand it. hah!

I think I’ll have to make a simpler spreadsheet that mirrors the format of her paper system and see if that can bring her into the 19th century (we don’t want to bring her too far forward) lol

Good news is, we’re just about done and she’s off for a few days to London so I get double monitor fun with my pc and some php here and there. I should have something up and working by Wednesday if I manage to find my mojo in time.

(I’m still waiting to hear from a theme designer I paid over a week ago too but I’m trying not to think about that)

happy blogging everyone!

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A collection of Last Suppers


Battlestar Galactica

Star Wars

The Simpsons

The Sopranos

The Muppets!

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Consipiracy in the credit crunch? the Matrix? AI? all of them? arrgh


Ok so I’m known for my outlandish theories on everything I encounter, not so much online but definitely so with my friends and associates who have to put up with my tangent flying explanations on why things are happening.

I’ve been asking how the LHC got so much funding from so many sources for literaly years, it’s only recently become mainstream news.

I was sure there was something that had been found or discovered or told that brought about the need for the LHC, something akin to the device made in the film Contact.

Just the past few weeks I have been noticing a lot more pages about Artificial Intelligence coming up on Stumbleupon, I haven’t changed my interests page options for months so why the surge of pages about AI? then couple that with the large increase in pages about distributed networks and cluster machines, wtf?


I use the word synchronicity to explain those weird deja-vu 2.0 moments where you’re aware of strange shit afoot. I get them all the time, it’s either the cosmos, the matrix glitching, ghosties or plain old brain short circuits. I don’t care what it is or what causes it, it happens. A lot.

It happened when I caught the news at 9/11 before the second hit, I got it again when I first saw news about the LHC getting it’s funding, when the wii came out with new types of controls – a BIG one when the controller that works on brainwaves came out, then there’s the new hybrid exoskeletons from Japan, Mars probes finding interesting things.

I’ve seen 4 books with the word “Singularity” in their title. Funnily one had sub-plots based around the currency failing. Read this great free download called Postsingularity about what happens with AI and nano-bots are introduced to human society.

The Currency

Don’t get me started on this! Petrol is down to below 1GBP per litre now, it is 7.50GBP cheaper to fill my tank than it was last month. Why is everything else so expensive? why does it cost more in the big cities when they get products faster and easier than a country village? Why is natural gas so expensive? it comes in a tube direct from source! no one has changed the layouts of pipes that lead from the land receiver to distribute to the population. (I tend to over simplify in my tangents!)

The Euro, hah! I’m so glad we didn’t join it. It’s around 8GBP cheaper per like for like shopping bags bought in the North of Ireland than it is in the Euro laden South. GBP is GREAT BRITISH PWNED !

Arabs spending millions, nay, billions on luxury world characature islands and world beating 7* hotels. Why are they spending this money so quickly? are they scared the oil will either run out or be replaced by bat droppings or even extra-terrestrial-excrement?

Bank bailouts? soon country bailouts will be asked for. The U.S. has trillions in external loans whose interest payments will soon out run the GDP

I saw references to the Amero currency in 3 different places this week and finally today, I saw this.

The questions

  • The Amero? wtf is that gonna do to the world?
  • Banks in Iceland, France and all over are failing. Where do we put our money now?
  • Is the matrix we live in going through an upgrade? (I had an excellent site to link for this point but spookily it isn’t there any more)

I’m not scared though. I have read many books on survival and more on programming. Be it post apocolyptic wasteland with rabid rabbits or hi-tek floating sentry-bots, I’m ready.

Are you?

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'in the trade' one liners


I have a tagline in my emails below my signature that reads,

There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don’t

It’s one of those fnarr things that other programmers understand straight away and others take a few reads to ‘get’. I can’t remember when I put it in my signature but it’s been there ages.

anyway, I got a reply this morning to an email I sent..

LOL! a funny accountant!

I got me trying to think of more fnarr business one liners, what funny one liners have you got in your industry?



Chrome says Google is FAKE!


Hot on the heels of me bigging up Chrome in a previous post I got a bit of a shock when I tried to visit Google adsense from Google Analytics

yes, I know it’s because of the ‘s’



Gramma, whats grammar?


I was stumbling today and I found this really great post about 101 Writing tips.

It has gems like,

#9 Don’t use commas, to separate text unnecessarily.

#10 It can be shown that you shouldn’t miss out too many details.

#46 To qualify is to weaken, in most cases.

#74 Sporting analogies won’t even get you to first base.

It was hilarious, I must have been guilty of most of them since I started blogging, especially, commas, how about you?

The post is 101 Writing Tips

oh, btw… I just finished coding the WordPress version of CommentLuv 2.0b and it’s working! The commentluv site will be finished soon too and beta testers will be needed…..