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Text links work to make Fired Wok number 1 Oriental Food Delivery


A customer came in to the takeaway we run and mentioned that he got to our website (Fired Wok Chinese Takeaway) only after he added the word ‘takeaway’ to his search term.

Confusing because, I was quite pleased with how the SERPS are for Firedwok and ‘chinese takeaway lancaster‘ which results (at time of writing) to this..

Straight on the map and number 1 on results (with added tags)

It turns out that he was searching for ‘oriental food delivery lancaster’ which made the site past page 5 on the results!

Bring on the featured links!

A few days or weeks ago, ComLuv got put up to PR6 on the homepage from Google. How nice! I mentioned this in the email newsletter and within a few hours, two links were sold on the sidebar for 30 days each. One with a subscription! woot!, might this be the first month Comluv pays for itself? lol

I thought I’d take advantage of this PR increase and put a text link for ‘oriental food delivery lancaster’ on with the paid ones and left it a while. In the meantime, I put some more posts on the blog portion of the takeaway website and put in some ‘oriental food’ references on the homepage.

Got me some SERPs

And now, a search for ‘oriental food delivery lancaster’ results in a number 1 position (and number 2)

1 portion of SERPS please

Very happy with my text link purchase, and because I own the site it means it was free! haha :-)

I guess I can take it down now, it’s done it’s job and it can make some space for another paid ad.

It’s not just me

A paid customer bought a link for UK payday loans back when that search term had them after page 10 (I tested it when they first bought the link) and now that term results in them being on page 1 of google.

They even asked why I had no subscription option for the ads! I switched it on and straight away, I had 50$ per month subscriptions coming in. Very nice!

Get YOU some links

If I can sell a few more links on subscription, I’ll have enough to upgrade the server to more memory and a faster processor. It’s typical that the first time the site has made enough money to pay for it’s own server and bandwidth, it reaches capacity again and needs upgrading! lol. what a fun ride!

You can buy featured homepage links and network wide footer links on the ComLuv page here

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Making a takeaway website – my story


Fired Wok Chinese Takeaway

Some of you may know that I run a Chinese takeaway and delivery shop in Lancaster, UK with my partner and her brother. My role is strictly ‘front-of-house’, customer service, chief geekster and go-and-get-stuff-from-Preston’er (among other things like doing the weekly books and tracking the cost of goods sold etc)

I can’t for the life of me go in the kitchen where it’s all fire and wok but, I can do all the other great things like come up with great marketing ideas, develop online solutions for advertising, answer the phone and understand the myriad of different accents you get when you run a delivery orientated business in a two University town.

Pretty Vs Useful

One of the things that was inevitable for me to do was, The Website.

Now, I class myself as a developer not a designer. The difference? read more… »

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Better than affiliate links


gift wrap+Shopping cart=£££?

I tried out some affiliate links and reviews on this blog before and even just a couple of reviews had click thru’s that ended in purchases. My review of my Three Skype Phone has generated 30 quid in commission so far (60 USD) and my Tefal Quick Cup Review had 7 purchases. Google adsense isn’t very prevalent, I put a block on some of the popular posts and a small banner below the related links on a single post. That’s not brought in very much at all so I think I’ll chuck that out eventually.

Instead of affiliate links, I’ve decided to start selling some items on this blog, it’s getting a fair bit of UK traffic and I have a good source of stock from an auction and a ‘job-lot’ selection of electronic things. Some were a bit useless but there are some good portable speakers and headphones in there that should sell. My missus wants to try selling some items too, she does some wonderful Chinese characters for good luck sayings and traditional charms which look wicked good in a wooden frame.

I’m going to use the WordPress shopping cart plugin from Instinct because it allows you to start small. You don’t have to go to great lengths to setup an entire themed site like you would with ZenCart or oScommerce scripts. I can set up the plugin and add just one product within a couple of hours. Probably even quicker but I’m such a tweaker that I can’t help try every combination of option!

I think it’s worth a go, I’ve got a company that I could use the stock for but I think seeing as I bought this myself and not through my company, I can have an experiment to see if any of it can move through here, I’d be interested to hear about any of your experiences if you have sold items direct from your own blog or site. (a chance to plug your site in the comments if you do!)

My blog name kind of works nicely into this idea it’s a nice memorable name just on it’s own but to add a memory hook to it I am pretty sure I’ll be doing UK postage at FiddyP (50p) for any item regardless of size, this makes it much easier for a buyer to know how much they’ll pay at the checkout as well as being the theme of the site. oh how convenient! 8-)

Of course, all the regular stuff will be going on as well like the AJAX tutorials, other hand step throughs and whatever else happens in my head which I think is worth sharing..

I’m working all weekend so I’ll get on with it and see if I can’t have my first product on sale by Tuesday.. yey!

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How to add a shopping cart to WordPress


Shopping cartHere’s a great way to add a shopping cart to your WordPress blog so you can sell products directly from your site without the user having to go to an external site. If you offer products for sale on your blog, it’s much nicer for your customers to stay on the same site that they see the products on.

This plugin is simple and powerful, it uses AJAX for some parts of it and it seems to work just dandily on the blog I have installed it on. Here’s how you do it…

[expert instructions]
Download plugin, upload to plugins directory, activate it.
Visit the ecommerce tab and set options for country and currency, edit categories, edit checkout options, edit gateway options, add products.
[/ expert instructions]

[Hand hold instructions]
First, get yourself a copy of the WP Shopping Cart plugin and upload it to your plugins directory, go to you plugins page and activate it :

wp shopping cart plugin activate

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