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Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin – Review


This is a review of the Automatic Youtube video posts plugin.


A useful plugin that you can get for free and install on your wordpress blog to import any and all videos from any channel or user on Youtube.

Easy to use and fast.

What does it do?

This plugin will allow you to automatically import your Youtube videos from your own channel or someone elses videos from a playlist or from a particular user.

It can import all existing videos (up to 1000) or it can make new posts on any category you currently have every time a new video appears or is published to Youtube for the playlists and channels you set.

Why you might want it

This is very useful if you like to cross post from youtube to your wordpress site or you have an entire site dedicated to a particular subject like car mechanics or sports or fashion

Having youtube videos on your blog helps to reduce bounce rate and keeps users on the page for longer so it’s a good idea to publish a video now and then within your content to keeps peoples eyes on your site.

What’s good

This plugin is completely free and is quite mature so any problems that you might see with free plugins have pretty much been discovered already.

It’s very easy to set up and once you have your channels and playlists entered, it’s a hands free experience.

Great for vlogging, you can just upload to Youtube and it’ll create your blog posts automagically.

What’s not so good

There isn’t an option to publish videos based on a keyword search or that are tagged.

How to install

This is an official WordPress repository plugin so it’s as easy as searching in the ‘add new’ section of the plugins page in your dashboard.

Just search for Youtube Video Posts in the search box and it’ll show up on page 1 (usually in position 1)

How to use it

The first thing you want to do after installing and activating it is to choose your channels or playlists that you want to make posts from.

Automatic youtube posts settings - choose your channels

Choose your Youtube channels

Once you have chosen your channels (you can choose more than one) you can choose to automatically publish the posts or you can set it to save them as drafts and choose later if they are to remain on your blog or not.

if you have a lot of videos to import from a particular channel like I did when I decided to publish my video blog here, I found the option quite easy to use and was pleasantly surprised to see that it imported with the date of the video matching the publish date of the post.

importing videos is easy

Import all videos (up to 1000 at a time)

You can also list all your video posts on the video posts page by clicking the link under the plugin settings

all video posts on one page

easily see all posts

Where to get it and how much

This plugin is easily available from the WordPress official repository and it costs nothing at all!

You can download it here [Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin] or search via your WordPress dashboard for Youtube Video Posts

Where to get help

This plugin has it’s own documentation page so you can find out how to do just about everything with the plugin here

Automatic YouTube Video Posts Documentation


Overall this is a very useful plugin for vloggers and I can see it being very useful for niche bloggers to automatically publish relevant content videos to their site.

The import function worked flawlessly for my 100+ videos when I decided to cross publish them here and the new videos I upload are imported seamlessly every 6 hours (you can set the time in the settings)

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OMG Head Exploditus! (thats what people think when I tell them)


People seem to freak the hell out when I tell them I have Multiple Sclerosis, it’s like I’m telling them my head will explode in 5 seconds..

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Fast broken blog or working one? you choose


I just got another ticket off someone that is using a cache plugin and experiencing issues with a plugin.

BTW – Do you recommend NOT using W3TC? And, if so, is there a better one?

Here’s my response, maybe if you read it here then I wont have to type it again in a ticket!

oh that is a biggie! w3 total cache by definition will serve old copies of pages. That is what all cache plugins are designed to do.

it is quicker to serve a html copy than to generate one with php which is why they make sites faster.

unfortunately, blogs are dynamic sites with plugins that require freshly created content which don’t really work well with copies of pages that were made hours or even days ago.

static business sites that are there for information work really well with cache plugins because they rarely change but blogs with new posts and comments and ‘real time’ plugins installed don’t do so well.

w3 total cache is not yet final. That is why it is not showing as version 1.0 yet. You and me and all the others that use it are test subjects!

you have to decide if you want a fast broken blog or a working one.

there are blogs (including mine) that have w3 working with everything else but each blog is different and has different plugins active so you will have to find your own set of settings that works for you.

unforunately, w3 is the best (or the least bad) of the cache plugins but like I said, cache plugins are designed to serve old content and blogs are designed to serve fresh content. that’s the issue that comes up again and again with any cache plugin and a blog.

sorry I can’t help more but w3 is a beast of a plugin and the author keeps changing the core code so I can’t add things to commentluv to work with it, the last time I tried it worked but as soon as he updated his code it broke every commentluv blog so I don’t try any more.

the best advice I can give is to optimize your site first before considering a cache plugin, you’d be surprised at how much that can help.

and if you do decide on a cache plugin, test test test!

The takeaways…
  • If you do not know what a cache plugin does then you do not need one!
  • If you have a slow broken site, a cache plugin will not fix it!
  • If minifying breaks one script, it breaks them all!
  • Scripts that are already minified (jquery.min.js) do not need to be minified!
  • You should optimize your site before you try to speed it up with cache plugins!
  • test test test .. experiment with settings to see what gets you a working site and then test test test again!
  • Switching every option to MAX and then expecting it just to work is not really gonna happen on shared hosting with a free theme and a bazillion free plugins.

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Major work ahead for The CommentLuv Empire


[easyazon-image-link asin="B004IEAO4G" alt="Brady 113298 B-959 30" x 30" Road Work Ahead Sign" src="" align="left" width="250" height="250"]It’s about bloody time! The new CommentLuv plugin is out there and getting lots and lots of downloads. Over 5000 in the first week actually which is a pretty big number!

The plugin is now standalone which means it will no longer require my expensive dedicated server to work which also means there’ll be no registering to my site to add a feed url or buy additional urls and static links.

Hurray! do you know what that will do to my support tickets? it’ll virtually decimate them! No more pointing people to the member page, no more spoon feeding them their feed urls or explaining how is different to . Oh, and no more crashed server in the middle of the night due to excessive load.

Actually, it’s the excessive server load and regular crashes that motivated me to turn the whole CommentLuv thing on it’s head and make it standalone. Once I do that, I can move away from dedicated hosting and put all my sites on a VPS that is scalable, a VPS that’s a bit closer to the majority of visitors to my sites. USA! USA! USA! lol

What’s next?

Well according to the stats at, it takes about a month for most people to update their plugin when they get the notification in their dashboard and so when the end of the month comes around, I’ll switch off the CommentLuv API for the wordpress plugin and set it to send back a message about having to upgrade to the latest plugin.

That’s sure to piss off a few people but, seriously, I can’t keep paying for this server out of my own pocket and I just don’t have the time to maintain the server. I just wanna make plugins!

I’m itching to do a cool facebook plugin, multi author blog plugin, the premium version of CommentLuv plugin and much much more but so far, I’ve been stuck fire fighting the bloody server! time to say goodbye and within this month!

But, before that can happen

I have to transfer all my existing minor sites to the new VPS :-?

And then, design a new theme for which is still going to be an awesome guest blogger site with oodles of pagerank and traffic and then move that to the VPS and then code the premium commentluv and then design the site to handle the purchases and then I have to launch the premium plugin and to do that I have to make the videos and to do that….. arrrrggh!

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New CommentLuv version 2.9


I’ve had a blast launching the new free version of CommentLuv and it occurred to me that I haven’t actually put a feature list out there so people know what’s changed in this new version.

So, here’s what’s new :

Completely Standalone
No need to ask your readers to register elsewhere or for you to save your feed URL
New leaner faster code
More reliable and secure code that conforms to WP standards
Dofollow Control
You decided if you want to make the links dofollow and who gets to have dofollow
Grows your membership/list
Enable 10 last posts for readers that register to your site and grow your list!
Auto response to other CommentLuv blogs
Never worry about your feed again when you comment on other CommentLuv enabled blogs
Activate Only Option
You can install it so it works when you comment on other CommentLuv enabled blogs but not actually have it on your comments
On Pages, Posts or Both!
Choose where you want to have CommentLuv enabled (if at all)
Use your own image
Your choice of text, supplied images or use your own image below the comment form. Link it to commentluv or not, it’s up to you!
Custom Messages
You can set what unregistered users see in the info panel or when they comment
Minifying Compatibility
Ability to make the plugin work with minifying and caching plugins (advanced settings)
Manual Insert
New and improved code to allow you manually insert the badge code anywhere you want
Diagnostics (advanced)
New section to aid in getting help. Full list of settings that you can copy and paste into a support ticket
Helpful Embedded Videos
Helpful videos right where you need them (with subtitles), right in the settings page.

phew! that took a while…

just you wait until you see what’s coming in CommentLuv premium!

You can Download CommentLuv here

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This is a “quoted” title with – hyphens – and question marks? and ‘single’ and `backticks` and special “quotes“


this post is only here to test the rendering of special characters in commentluv links

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Drown out the noise and get a quiet nights sleep


I finally got a good nights sleep!!

Nope, they’re not replacement day-glow nipples! they’re a set of comfortable silicone ear plugs that fit nice and deep in your ear to drown out external noise. I finally had a proper sleep without being woken up by the over sensitive car alarm or the too-fast drivers who scrape their under carriage when they speed over the speed bumps outside my window.

Cheap as chips (and better for your ears)

I got 10 pairs for less than a fiver and because they’re reusable, I think they’ll last a long time! (a lot longer than sticking chips in your ears anyway) :-)

They have a small plastic rod inside which help to insert them in your ear, which you have to do with two hands.. one hand that reaches around the back of your head to pull your lobe and the other inserts the plug. You can remove the rod if you want, I just pulled it out a bit and left it in while I slept.

It’s like being dead

Seriously, I thought I was dead it was so quiet! My missus has to stay up later than me some nights and normally ends up going into another room that’s cold just so she can do some accounts but no more! Once I have these little blighters in my ears, she can watch TV, count coins or talk on the phone and I’m fast asleep just a metre or so away.

I’m so much happier in the morning if I’ve had a good sleep.

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Matrix Dreams


Am I asleep dreaming I am awake?

Neo.. wake up

I’ve been working bloody hard for the past 13 weeks on something that still isn’t even close to being finished. It’s invaded my brain so much that even whilst on holiday, every time I closed my eyes I would wake up in a sweat thinking about it.

Seriously, almost every time I fall asleep I dream about it. Even my ever faithful friend – the afternoon nap has been compromised! :-(

The Value of Giving

That’s it, that’s the mistress my missus has become increasingly jealous over. Mrs. VoG has been driving me crazy or filling me with joy over the past few months as I try and get her to play nice with amember and pap4 (two other saucy code maidens that I’m bending to my will(y)) :-P

The Value of Giving

Click the image to see if it’s ready, if it’s not just enter your details in the form and you’ll be notified when it is. Be prepared!, this has been a mammoth task to put together and will be a brand new way to do things.. oops, I nearly let the cat out of the bag.. you’ll just have to wait and see, I’m still under a non-disclosure agreement until it’s launch time.

Tens of thousands of lines

Nope, I’m not talking about a night out with Keith Moon from The Rolling Stones! .. I’m talking about the reason this will be so good , why it’s gonna blow everyone away and also why I’m going slightly doo-lally every time I close my eyes. It’s because I’ve written over 10,000 lines of code in custom plugins, modifications and additions to existing plugins.

I’ve needed to do this because even though we’ve spent thousands of dollars on commercial scripts and 3rd party engines, they just weren’t designed to do what we wanted to do. Close, but not quite and the ‘not quite’ bit has required hours and hours and hours of discussions over skype, conference calls, sketches and ultimately hundreds and hundreds of hours at my keyboard.


Haha! it’s been a duplicitous wench of a project so far, I’ve never sworn so much at inanimate objects. I’ve torn my hair out, freaked up/down/sideways and out until , as one of the partners, Mark says, “I’ve spent all my freak”

But, it’s also been hugely fun and satisfying to venture into unknown realms of WordPress, affiliate systems, membership packages, payment gateways and PayPal IPN scripts.

I’ve learned new things about WordPress that I never knew existed, things have gone in my head that can be used forever more on a metric tonne of future ‘what if?’ projects that I’m just gagging to get started on (yes, I really am a sucker for punishment!).

This is most definitely the biggest coding project I’ve ever worked on and as much as it is painful, it’s also fun. I’m really hoping that we can get to the open the doors stage soon because, if I don’t start seeing some action and if I can’t stop saying ,”not yet” when my missus asks if it’s ready then I might just get chucked out onto the street and honestly folks, without her, no tappy tappy code monkey.

Stick with me boyshz and galshz

Stick around, keep checking in and coming back to find out more because this is one huge momma of a site and well, it’ll rock the online business / hobby / charity / social and WordPress world. If you’ve ever had a business or a website or both, you’ll see the Value of Giving on day 1.


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Stickin it to the G-man? no need, seriously! Dont!


It always amazes me how much time and effort that people will put in to SEO tricks and tactics, how they swear that they know Google will ‘see’ this or ‘know’ that based on some rumour of a overheard bit of gossip written by a black hat SEO guru. Lol, what is a SEO guru anyway?

It’s an emperors new clothes designer that’s what! If someone tells you that they know what the Google algorithm wants then they are feeding you a line of BS because no one knows and if they did, Google would change it so it would be old news very quickly.

Is all SEO hopeless or even real?

Of course not! there are things that you can do that are known as ‘best practices’ or more commonly known as, ‘common sense’ and you can find out about them from Google itself from their webmaster pages and blog.

A good friend of mine who has successfully got his clients to the number one position on Google for their chosen terms recently wrote an interesting article on SEO and is it real?. He spends his life on and around Google search and even he says that you can try too hard.

The human factor

I recently had emails go to and fro with a colleague and she was quoting another SEO guy who said to bold this term and only do it once and how that is how the Google algorithm ‘knows’ what the article is about.

That makes me lol! Google algorithm ‘knows’ nothing! it can’t ‘see’ anything either, it can only trawl text and html source. It doesn’t look at images, it only stores what they’re name is and whether or not it has a caption and what that caption is.

Here’s a little experiment I want to try to prove that last paragraph..

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Ban the cloud!


Take a look at this server load graph showing how much the server was working (on for 24 hours..

Seems normal right? that’s right! because my UKFast host detected a spike of 70,000 or so hits coming in to the comluv signup page from an Amazon cloud server and within 30 seconds added their IP to my firewall so it can appear normal again but, look at the next pic after the ad break to see what a difference the banning made..

server load graph


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