bloody server! had to update commentluv 3 times today


Sorry if you’re having problems with commentluv plugin, I’ve been having real issues with my nameservers and dedicated server. I’ve moved the feed retrieving file to now and I think that’s the best place for it.

Along the way of all these changes, I’ve learned not to get a dedicated server from

I noticed that my disk usage was over 50GB and I only host 4 sites on my server, I sent them an email asking where this extra space usage was coming from and do you know what the expected me to accept as an answer??? – “that’s space taken up by the OS and plesk”

don’t make me bloody larrrrf. OS using up over 50GB? eejits

turns out it was the log files, fancy that, log files taking up 50gb. doh

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  1. witchypoo
    24.04.08 3:16 am

    I do not love Plesk. At all. I took my site down from the web host with the Plesk interface. Also not so nuts about HSphere. Maybe I have a thing for CPanel. Lets see if your CommentLuv parses my feed this time. It hasn’t the last three or four times.

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  2. witchypoo
    24.04.08 3:18 am

    It works for me now. So when do I write the post that tells blogspot bloggers they can get a working version of CommentLuv that works for them?

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  3. Fool
    24.04.08 6:02 am

    Think mine may work also.

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  4. Andy Bailey
    24.04.08 8:52 am

    witchypoo: I just gotta work out how put the javascript version of commentluv into a configurable package and then it’ll go out for testing. glad it works for you now!

    fool: yup, working this time


  5. ste
    24.04.08 9:19 am

    Im a right fool when it comes to keeping large log files. That and leaving the content network on.


  6. Jhack
    24.04.08 8:14 pm

    50gigs for an OS install? Don’t tell me this is a linux box, my web servers arent even 500MB installed….. eeek! LAWLZ!


  7. Fool
    25.04.08 1:05 am

    Thanks for the visit and as you probably noticed it quit on me again. I can not figure out what the heck is wrong. I also noted that askimet marked your comment as spam maybe cause of the lotto ref, luv seems to be working for me on this site when posting but not on foolsville.

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  8. J
    25.04.08 3:48 am

    Hi! I *heart* CommentLuv, and I wish I could use it. But, sadly, I use Blogger. Do you think there will ever be a time when CommentLuv can be used with Blogger?

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  9. Jenny
    25.04.08 5:01 pm

    It might be my server, but I can’t edit the styling. And it’s making me mad.

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  10. Diane Scott
    25.04.08 5:53 pm

    Here’s one of those dumb questions, but I don’t claim to know anything about php type coding so here goes… We’ve got the updated version of CommentLuv installed on four separate blogs on the same server. It works just fine for only one of the four. The install says it’s activated on all of them yet…

    Was there a piece of code or something we were suppose to add to one of the templates? Unzipped I don’t see anything other than the file itself.

    Okay so here is the dumb question: Can the way blog templates were created keep CommentLuv from working? We’re using (of course) four (oh it will be five) different themes, again on five different domains….

    Anyway advice would be appreciated since this is a very cool tool :)


  11. Andy Bailey
    25.04.08 10:35 pm

    Diane: this could be an issue where your theme doesn’t call the action for the commentform , you need this line in your comments.php file of your theme just before </form>

    <?php do_action(‘comment_form’, $post->ID); ?>

    try that and let me know if it sorts your problem

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  12. Diane
    25.04.08 11:10 pm

    Unfortunately, no. I’ve got your line of code in and CommentLuv activated. Now it could be me and it just won’t take place until the next new post??


  13. Andy Bailey
    25.04.08 11:14 pm

    there should be some text above the submit button, if it’s there the it should work. you can send me your comments.php from your theme and I can check it if you want.. andy [at]


  14. Diane
    26.04.08 12:47 am

    Thanks for the offer Andy! I just sent it to you :)


  15. Bobby Revell
    28.04.08 11:08 am

    If blogspotter’s can use this, the popularity will explode! I will probably never use a dedicated server and remain a web servant rather than web master for the time being:)

    Bobby Revells last blog post..Bobby’s Batch #14 – The Power of Blogging


  16. Andy Bailey
    28.04.08 8:17 pm

    bobby: I really want the remote commentluv script to be working perfectly before I make the blogspot version available otherwise I’ll end up with a gazzillion comments for bugfixes from ‘spoters :-) incidentally, it should work on typepad and live journal blogs too when I have the script tags sorted. You’re better off without a dedicated server, they only bring pain and trauma!


  17. Sharon
    30.04.08 3:15 am

    Hey, at least they gave you an answer, LOL! Before I moved to my own server at another network, my old service couldn’t even pinpoint where the problem was!

    Hope everything works out.

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  18. Leanne
    02.05.08 2:38 pm

    I disabled commentluv yesterday because of the way that it caches the feed and never clears the table in the database. I had over 5,000 rows in my database just from a month using your plugin – in fact it was brought to my attention because another site on my server used it and had nearly a million rows stored in the database and caused the server to crash. Has that issue been addressed? Can the rows be cleared after two weeks, or a period of time so that this problem doesn’t progress to many users having server problems?

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  19. Andy Bailey
    02.05.08 3:04 pm

    leanne: sorry about the problems you had before with commentluv causing wordpress to store extra rows in the options table, this was something that wasn’t noticed for a while because it didn’t happen on everyones site. The new version goes off site to get the post now so there is nothing stored anywhere in the wp database except the extra text on the comment.

    do you think I need to add an option on the new version of commentluv to clean up any mess that might have been made by older versions?


  20. Leanne
    02.05.08 3:19 pm

    Glad to hear that it goes off site now, I’ll upgrade my version. :)

    I think an option to clean up after 2 weeks would be great – like akismet, delete automatically after x amount of time. :D

    Leannes last blog post..Sporting 2.5.1


  21. Jane Doe
    03.05.08 4:06 am

    I would just be glad you got some sort of an answer. Those log files can be huge though. Wish there was a way we could see when they were reaching capacity.

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  22. Josh
    14.05.08 9:31 pm

    Hey Andy. First off let me say that I love this plugin. I have commentluv running great. I just wanted to ask if it is supposed to pick up feeds from static websites? I have a few visitors whose comments show “last blog post.. 1″ whenever they comment. I look at their site and their feed works properly (as I’m able to subscribe to them through different readers). Is it their feed that’s incompatible? If so, what can they do to fix it?


  23. Andy Bailey
    15.05.08 11:18 am

    Josh: thanks for your comments, the plugin usually picks up the last entry as long as the site has a feed on it but some static sites don’t have a fully formed feed and that’s when an error will happen and sometimes returns a 1 . i’ll update the plugin so it doesn’t show when a 1 is returned. It’ll be ready at the wordpress repository in a few hours.


  24. Suchmaschinenoptimierung
    02.08.08 11:28 pm

    CommentLuv worked fine for me…
    Great article or as we say in Austria:- endlich einmal ein lesenswerter Artikel!

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  25. Mobile J Games
    13.08.08 8:33 am

    I added CommentLuv plugin to my blog but it doesnt work. I tried replacing the curl with fsockopen but still has the same problem. Can someone help me getting it worked please. I would like to know what is the problem with it.

    Mobile J Gamess last blog post..The Worst ever security vulnerability for mobile phones