Beta Testers Wanted. Only 3 places

uvme games selection

I had to fit in some games playing this weekend! all part of work of course :-)

uVme are trialling out their new games this weekend and I got invited to beta test them. They are good, better than I was expecting. The gameplay is good, back to the old days where gameplay was everything!

In case you don’t know, uVme is the company behind the next web revolution, namely 2.0, social networking and game playing. The whole thing revolves around being able to challenge someone to a simple game and you both wager 50p or more. The winner gets their wager back plus 50% and can go on and challenge more people.

It’s like msn game zone or but with small wagers, there will be an integrated multi messenger application that can be accessed over the web and on the same page as the games so you can challenge anyone in your MSN, Yahoo, Googletalk, ICQ messengers to a game.

I will be able to invite 3 people to beta test the games next weekend, you get a starting bank of 20 and all you have to do is try and beat some people! There is talk of real prizes going to the best players and those that provide the valuable feedback that beta testing is for.

Here are some of the games I have just played:

Darts – uVme

uVme Darts game
I like this one, it’s a simple game. It’s ‘around the clock’ popular in pubs. You start at 1 and continue to try and hit the rest of the numbers in order, if you get a triple on one of the numbers you can miss a few, sometimes all the way up to 19 so you only need 20 and the bull. Points are awarded depending on how many darts you took, how much time was left, bonus hits.

You use the mouse to aim the cross-hairs and then click and hold the mouse button to see the line move up and down on the right, let go when the white bar is in the middle and you get exactly where the cross hair is. Sometimes you still hit the number if the white bar is one up or down from the center.

I played for Fiddy P (or 50 uk pence) , if my score ends up higher than the person I challenged then I get the moolah! (I lost though)

Bubble Trouble

uVme Bubble Trubble Game

Infuriating! One of those games that starts off looking easy, just keep the bubblel (under you mouse cursor) away from the mines and collect the power ups and avoid the red bubbles. You really do have to have your eyes everywhere to play this, it pissed me off! It reminded me of Geometry Wars on the Xbox. I was never good at that either!

21 Shots

21 shots
This is a game that can be improved with practice. You get 21 shots at the basket from various positions, click the mouse at the required height, rotate the pointer to the direction you want and then click to build up the power and click to release.

I was rubbish the first few times I played it and then I managed to get used to what power is best and what arcs to choose, I did pretty well on my last game.

Those are just some of the games, it would take me ages to explain them all! I can forsee some people getting very very good at some of these games, you only have to try and play a new game on xbox live to see how good some people are at games. The best thing with this is you can challenge your friends so you’re not going to always have to beat the best to do well.

I am really looking forward to how this goes, I have a pretty extensive network already with elottery and it’s a certainty that plenty of them will take uVme further and pay to be an affiliate so they can then earn a commission on every single play that their site and team generates.

You can still join for free by clicking here, if you’re a member then you get a chance to get a password for the beta testing, once you’re done then you can invite 3 more people. I will have 3 invites to give so I need volunteers to do some beta testing next weekend…

can you play games well enough? these are simple enough flash games so if you’ve ever played one of them when stumble’ing then you’re good to go. Let me know in the comments if you have signed up for free using the link in this post and I’ll put you in the hat to get the beta testing access details.

0 thoughts on “Beta Testers Wanted. Only 3 places

  1. Andy Bailey

    @tristan: the games were surprisingly good, I don’t know what I was expecting but I was pleased to experience how well they are made and the varying skills that will be required for each one.
    @RAC: hehe, no doubt I will be promoting this. I’ve already spent over a grand on offline stuff for it and I have some major plans for it. (isn’t it nice that you can play a game for Fiddy p ?) :-) :-)

  2. Andy Bailey

    They are great fun! Somehow I found some time to play but in the end, I got a friends children to play them for me and they won! I think I have found a job for them when this package goes live on the 21st of January :-)

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