A shocking fact about the War in London, I mean Afghanistan

I was discussing the horridness of London with the family last night and was giving several examples of how cak it is in this dirty, expensive, cold hearted shitty city.

During the discussion, the news was on and a report came on about the latest soldiers to die in Afghanistan and someone pipped in, “hey, it could be worse! you could be fighting a war in a foreign country and get shot tomorrow”.

Hmmm, really? Now, there’s this thing called the interwebs that can haz sum infoes 2 b seenz.

I sent lulzcat to work, tappety tap tap taroo …. and we get some facts….

  • BBC news article with interactive map and timeline showing all the brave British soldiers that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001 [HERE]
    Reveals: Sep 2007 to Sep 2008 Afghanistan Fatal Casualties = 46
  • Metropolitan Police interactive crime figures for homicides [HERE]
    Reveals:Sep 2007 to Sep 2008 People murdered = 163


In fact, you are THREE and a HALF TIMES MORE LIKELY to be murdered in London than you are of being shot and killed WHILE AT WAR as a British Soldier in Afghanistan.

It gets worse

Knife crime is so widespread in London (remember, this is JUST London we’re talking about) that it’s become commonplace to the average Bob in the street. Check out this forum where they’re having a sweepstake for how many chavs get stabbed (chav=hick to USA readers) and killed in the capital.
Some gems from the pages of responses…

Winner gets a nice Stanley knife and a packet of fresh blades. Handy for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

I find this thread sickening! You should be ashamed of yourselves, betting on the lives of young teenage gang members who love their Mothers and only carry knives to protect their sisters who they are pimping out to support their gang…

Just a few weeks ago, my missus was driving her car through Queensway (west central London) and a man ran up to the car covered in blood begging to be let in. He’d been stabbed already and was being chased by the shank man IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON ON A WEEKDAY. Needless to say she ran him over, the dirty pikey! she got the hell-outa-there.

Just last week she was followed through the park, again during the middle of the day and in the middle of London (next to a primary school no less) and intimidated to the extreme by a yungfukhed who wanted her number and became aggressive. “just a normal chat up by a cheeky chappy” I hear you say, but noooo, he was about 25 years younger than her and of questionable integrity. (don’t judge a book by it’s cover they say, what if the book has no pages and has only a cover of spotted grease and dirt and is unable even to read it’s own title? how do you judge then?)

I looked over my balcony the other day and looked down on a group of 5 chavs who were sat in the middle of the communal green out back using the communal table to dish out a large bag of skunk weed into smaller ‘deals’ to be dished out to younger chavs. I saw 3 people walk past and clearly observe what was happening and then continued to walk to their apartment to close the door and pretend it never happened. This has happened more than once.

What does this tell you?

Well, apart from the apparent fact that Afghani terrorists can’t shoot for shit and if you wanna get away with something, lose your job (or dont even bother getting one), claim benefit, spend until 11.30am in bed every day and complain about how the ‘gavamant’ dont do nuffin (but you never vote, never have) and then pop off to the social to get an emergency loan so you can buy tabs and booze and then go home to sit in front of the large screen TV tuned in to the premium channels on your satellite subscription which you can somehow afford even though you claim to be below the poverty line etc etc..

But mostly, it tells you not to look at the rest of the crime figures for London (like 2000+ rapes, 2500+ gun crimes or the 60,000~ house burglaries) if you want to sleep at night.

It tells you that it will be unlikely that you’ll feel safe letting your kid walk to school in the morning to be more ‘green’. (even ‘just across the park’)

Maybe I’m being sarcastic or too sensitive, nah bollox! it’s disgusting, it’s unacceptable and if there were as many people dying in a foreign country from these things as there are in London, then the ‘gavamant’ would be all over it like a rash and the world would take note and try and ‘do something for the children’ (26 children murdered this year in just London (mostly by other children))[source]

What do you think?

Do you live in a high crime area?

How do you feel about the crime in London?

Do you think Afghanis can shoot?

Should I confuse the chavs by asking how much a ten quid bag costs?

23 thoughts on “A shocking fact about the War in London, I mean Afghanistan

  1. Andy Bailey

    Dave: lol, I was also talking about moving to Canada that night! We have a friend from Toronto staying with us for a week and it’s funny when she goes out in the streets and is like, “oh look at that, isn’t that nice? oh, a native.. aye” completely oblivious to the sideways ‘pretend I’m not watching you’ glances of the hoodlums lining the streets these days!

    thanks for visiting.

  2. kouji

    i think i read an article in the economist some time ago, about knife crime in london. one of the things it noted was that there appears to be a trend in that more younger persons thought it cool to be carrying around a knife.

    and then i think i saw an ad online whose message was, the knife you carry around may be the one used to stab you.

    tough times these.

    koujis last blog post..hmmm… naisip ko na gusto ko sanang gumawa ng isa…

  3. Nicole Price

    Dave, I am saddened to read about the deterioration in conditions in London. It used to be a very safe place not too long ago.
    All major cities are going through such changes and commentators attribute this to alienation due to unemployment or unemployability in this fast changing technology led environment. Added to this, weak political will to strengthen the policing which will mean increased costs and perhaps alienating some sections of society, results in such young people behaving in this manner with impunity.
    Quite where all this will lead to is a subject on which any number of books can be written.

    Nicole Prices last blog post..Back to School Discounts from Target

  4. David

    Andy, Canada is great (eh). And think of the money you’d save by leaving one of the most expensive (and cold, in more ways than one) cities in the world. We like Tennesssee, warmer than Canada, but cheap and friendly.

  5. Greg

    This comment is from a clueless American (Washington State.) This was a pretty eye opening post. They only info that we see over here is how safe London and the UK are due to your gun and safety laws and such.

    Let me pick my jaw up off the floor here…

    By the way, we’re about an hour from the Canadian border. May even make it up there sometime.

    To answer your questions – We live in a pretty low crime area, after leaving an area with its share of combat zones.

    Crime in London sounds pretty scary to me.

    The only Afganis that can shoot are the ones with prior military training and most of those are dead or have moved elsewhere.

    Yes, confuse the hicks (chavs) whenever you can. That’s always good for a laugh.

    Gregs last blog post..Update on Wrath of the Lich King Release

  6. Andy Bailey

    kouji: some people may try to tell you that it’s not that bad in London but they’re usually the ones who drive from home to shops and from shops to restaurant , they’re not the type who walk anywhere

    Nicole: I could fill a shelf full of books with examples of chav stories

    David: I’d luv to do it, I really would

    Greg: just an hour into south canada eh? :-) tjamls fpr visiting

  7. byteful-traveller

    Yes, I’d echo David’s thoughts. The deterioration of London is regrettable. Combined with how expensive it is, I’d be hard-pressed to find a good reason for you to stay there.

    You should visit Canada some time. I’m not one to recommend sites too much, but a friend of mine used http://airtech.com/ to get to europe and the ticket was very cheap. Worth checking out.

    byteful-travellers last blog post..How To Design Your Own Travel Inventory

  8. uyung

    I`m still living in town which have high stage criminal in Indonesia. But i`m enjoying living here. i don`t scare about this, because i can keep my self. i think, if you move to canada, it good idea. I think canada is representative place for safety place….

  9. the english guy

    I live in rural Lincolnshire, no such things like that up here. Yeah right… street camera caught an attempted murder a few weeks back, and a gang brawl before that.

    I walk everywhere up here though, never had a problem. Small town life is quiet. We still have drugs though, chavs, drunken teenagers on saturday nights (whom the police don’t do anything about), and low levels of crime.

    Thing is, our police force is non-existant, and thus not seen, that’s partly responsible for the rise in crime I believe. Get the police walking the streets, show the face of the law.

    the english guy´s last blog post..Custom WordPress Page Templates

  10. Greg

    Hey Andy,

    We’ll get up there, I promise. I have a room full of fishing gear that’s dying to get into some of the Canadian lakes and streams.

    English Guy, one of the issues in the states is that the people in the combat zones hate the police, yet demand police protection. When the police are able to do something they have to walk a very fine line or they are cut down by the people they’re charged to protect and by the politicians and the media.

    Makes for a tough job, I think. Is it the same in Lincolnshire?

    If I was a cop I think I’d move to a friendlier area.

    Greg´s last blog post..What is WoW’s Lifespan?

  11. Sire

    Man, when you put it that way Andy it puts a whole new perspective on things. So why are things so bad? Is it the ‘do gooders’ fault for making things so lenient? Is it fair to say that we had it so much better in the ‘old’ days? If so what has changed.

    I reckon that perhaps we should be looking at punishment to fit the crime, maybe even start at an earlier age and bring discipline back to the schools. Perhaps even re-invent the cane?

    Sire´s last blog post..Joining The F Group For Comments Sake

  12. Andy Bailey

    byteful: I’ll take a look thanks, our friend has flown back now so I guess it’s time to stay at her place in Canada next year

    imam: no problems

    uyung: I think so too

    Solomon: me too mate

    the english guy: I think a visible presence is key in keeping order, problem is that kids know how far they can push a copper and how little the copper can push back

    greg: I have never been fishing, can you believe that? lol, I would really like to go (with my laptop) :-)

    sire: I’m not sure more punishment is the answer, that’s where they learn the real criminal mindset. I think parents should be held accountable, those with unruly kids who get asbo’s get reduced benefit or even better – made to work cleaning the streets their yobbo kids mess up

    jon: my missus is up in Lancaster next week, I’m driving her up there myself. It’s not that smokeless here either!

    kermit: london isn’t too bad (in books)

    jon: tough on chavs! I’d vote

  13. Sire

    I still reckon they should bring back the cane and bring the fear of retribution on the young. I remember when I had a deli the morons standard line was, “You can’t touch me I’m under aged!”

    Sire´s last blog post..Sire, The Wandering Bard

  14. Andy Bailey

    now that makes more sense than punishing them at 18 for what they learned at school at 8 . early discipline and early value teaching is key, get em while they’re young and still scared of authority

  15. Spanish Sly

    Well, although Canada has it quiet and safe suburbs, not mistaken it for a complete safe haven! We have our areas here too where if you are spotted and you’re not from the are, you will get yourself into trouble.