A new luv in my life


I’ve started coding the upgrade to my CommentLuv plugin, it’s going to be called CommentLuv 3.0 (original huh?) :)

More features than you can shake a stick at

This time around I want to do it all again from scratch and I’ve already got a good idea of what I’m going to add to it.

  • Dofollow
    Just for the last blog post link and it’ll be configurable like Lucia’s linky luv plugin
  • Keyword luv (sort of)
    This will allow a registered comluv user to have their registered site name next to their real name in their comment.
  • Custom CSS
    How many people have been asking for this? lol, it’ll be in the new version!
  • Use the new comment meta table
    I’ll store the last blog post, user id and request id in the comment meta so the comment text doesn’t get mangled and every link will be identifiable by the info panel. no more ‘cannot find member’ messages.
  • Auto registration
    Why not allow the blog that installs commentluv to click a button and be registered straight away? yey!
  • Premiumness
    I would like to add premium options, one would be to allow you to give your registered users a full 10 posts to choose from when they comment.

If there’s more you want to add, let me know in the comments…

[edit] I’ve just realized, this post is number 300 on this blog. Synchronicity. mmm Yummy.

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21 Comments zu “A new luv in my life”

  1. Karen
    04.05.10 8:24 pm

    Sounds really cool and I can’t wait for the update any news on a possible release date?
    .-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..What’s Been Your Most Embarrassing Moment? =-.


  2. admin
    04.05.10 11:55 pm

    I find that putting a release date or schedule on my coding will kill it dead! I am working on it every day when I can so as I complete each section, I’ll make a post.
    right now, I have the admin page links working with the new wp features so I’ll move on to getting all the settings pages looking nice and acting properly.

    next will come the features I mentioned. The less I have to do in real life, the more I’ll be able to do with the plugin :)

    thanks for your comment!


  3. Dave Doolin
    04.05.10 11:59 pm

    Andy, take your time and do it right!
    .-= Dave Doolin´s last blog ..So you want to be a blogger… =-.


  4. admin
    05.05.10 12:14 am

    thanks Dave! I’ve got much better php skills since the last major rewrite and I’m looking forward to putting them into action.


  5. Six Pack Abs
    05.05.10 12:09 pm

    Sounds like you have some great features planned. I especially like the sound of the premium feature you mentioned. It would be great to be able to choose which post is included since the latest post may not always be something you want added to your comment. Thanks for sacrificing your personal time to develop quality controls.
    .-= Six Pack Abs´s last blog ..Shake Weight For Men, Shake Weight For Women =-.


  6. Andy Bailey
    07.05.10 11:35 pm

    this is a logged out comment with CL
    .-= Andy Bailey´s last blog ..Work has begun on a new CommentLuv =-.


  7. stratosg
    07.05.10 11:45 pm

    .-= stratosg´s last blog ..Twitter’s RT vs everything else =-.


  8. Green leaf
    14.05.10 2:09 pm

    Just google “Comment Luv test” and found it =))


  9. Yamen A.S
    20.05.10 1:09 am

    I do not like the idea of Dofollow, and I intend to use the plugin on my site though.
    But I like the idea of my last article link puplished on other blogs so… I will use plugin as you use in your site, with nofollow
    .-= Yamen A.S´s last blog ..Microsoft Corp =-.


  10. Millard Clark
    24.05.10 12:50 am

    Can’t wait to meet your new Luv. Congrats on the 300th post.


  11. pratish
    30.06.10 7:07 am

    I think this upgrade will help you to increase more visitors to your blogs. I’m waiting for this new upgrade. :)
    pratish recently posted..Andhra Pradesh Inter Supplementary Results 2010My Profile


  12. Ryan
    21.07.10 3:20 am

    wow. that’s great. So its for wordpress right? can’t wait.=] I was so confusing by all the features in a particular theme but i am slowly used to it now. Getting Nice Perfect Abs


  13. Matthew Hoggard
    24.07.10 10:31 am

    Very Good features. I have very nice experience with commentluv plugin. This has helped our blog in increasing the visibility and user participation.


  14. AJ
    01.08.10 12:45 am

    Found your blog when searching for cummentluv on Google. Great blog anyway.
    AJ recently posted..Easy RecipesMy Profile


  15. blue2x
    07.08.10 4:21 am

    commentluv is great , but im not getting some comluvs in my blog yet. I agree with the do follow and keyword feature, maybe an option to turn them off for people who dont want a do follow link.

    keep up the good work andy.


  16. andrihdt
    23.08.10 8:56 am

    Thanks for the list. Do you by any chance know if there is hope for the comment luv plugin to come to blogger?
    andrihdt recently posted..anti netcut dan ARPMy Profile


  17. admin
    27.08.10 11:01 am

    it already is. see the comluv.com website


  18. Gwen Tanner
    29.08.10 10:33 pm

    Andy – this is awesome, I can’t wait! And congrats on your 300th post, although you probably have many more by now…since I’m a little late :)
    Gwen Tanner recently posted..10 Free Tools for Your Product Creation ToolkitMy Profile


  19. Vengaworks
    11.01.11 12:49 am

    This commentluv really great especialy with the do follow and keyword feature.

    Keep this good work and nice feature.
    Vengaworks recently posted..Inspiration to Start Your Business in 2011My Profile


  20. Adam Stewart
    28.01.11 4:13 pm

    Just looking to install Comment Love now for my WordPress site
    Adam Stewart recently posted..Install Memcache in PHP on Debian-UbuntuMy Profile


  21. Heather
    14.06.11 10:29 pm

    Excellent idea, I do like the idea of Dofollow.
    Keep up the good work Andy.


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