A great book for wordpress theme design


WordPress Theme Design – Tessa Blakeley Silver
Price 35.99 USD (ebook $27.19)

I bought a book recently after seeing it mentioned in the WP dashboard news items, it’s called WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Blakeley Silver and although a lot of the information regarding the functions of wordpress can be found at the codex, the book gives you so much more like the process gone through to design a theme from scratch.

I do quite a lot of sites in wordpress now and find it much easier to provide a client with a website that can be updated so easily, a few plugins here and there and you can provide a website that does all and more that’s needed.

Usually I get a standard theme and cut it up a bit and change the css to give me my site, or create in photoshop and send off for wordpressing but lately due to some more custom design requests I’ve received and the always dependable mistakes that freelancers can make I have wanted to do the whole thing myself from scratch..

I’ve downloaded a tutorial before about WP theme design from small potato before it was taken over and that was pretty darn useful but was made a little while ago so it wasn’t 2.5 specific.

That’s why I like what Tessa has put her book, it takes you step by step through the process of creating a non-blog wordpress blog, from sketch to WP core code. It’s made a big difference to my initial prototyping of concept sites and has really opened my eyes to what you can do with a bit of manipulation of the wordpress template tags. I’m even working on a magazine style front page for here so I can have a featured post for contests that stays up while it’s open for entries as well as excerpts to the regular posts..

You can buy the book printed or get it as pdf for a bit cheaper (I printed mine out from pdf on someone elses printer lol!) at packet publishing

Packtpublishing is sending me a new book about WordPress For Business Bloggers , they’re offering a deal if you get both books together. Stay tuned for the review of the new book!

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  1. Nicole Price
    17.06.08 6:04 pm

    A very useful and well written post. Thank you. I think that I shall get it as a pdf.

    Nicole Prices last blog post..Fashion Industry: Who’s The Most Influential and Powerful


  2. wiifunfit
    17.06.08 6:45 pm

    This is fantastic, I must get a copy. I have been wanting to learn how to build wp themes from scratch so great tip!


  3. Bobby Revell
    18.06.08 2:51 pm

    I’m not really ready for that yet because I’m just learning php. I know html and xhtml fairly well so I decided that php was the next logical choice. I’ve messed around with a little python and java, but am still just a beginner! I want a free pdf version…haha!


  4. Andy Bailey
    18.06.08 6:10 pm

    nicole: hope you enjoy it, I did

    wiifunfit: :-)

    bobby: actually, this book presents in a way so that you don’t need to know php. I think you’d enjoy it!


  5. CVOS the man
    18.06.08 7:54 pm

    You can never have enough wordpress books. WP is the typewriter of the 20th century.


  6. CVOS the man
    18.06.08 7:56 pm

    Correction: 21st century.

    CVOS the mans last blog post..Making A Run For President


  7. Dennis Edell
    20.06.08 7:17 am

    Is this targeting technical newbies? That be me lol.

    Dennis Edells last blog post..7 Turbo Writing Tips


  8. Andy Bailey
    20.06.08 9:40 am

    Dennis: You don’t really need to know any php for this, it gives you all the code to use for the case study in the book so I’d give it a go if I were you!


  9. Dennis Edell
    20.06.08 3:47 pm

    Thanks Andy!

    Dennis Edells last blog post..7 Turbo Writing Tips


  10. Jesse
    21.06.08 12:24 am

    Great, i think i buy this book to i used to build my sites from scratch till i discovered wordpress now im just trying and adjusting themes but they are never like you want them to be!


  11. Opal
    21.06.08 3:00 pm

    Oh great, another book to add to my collection. Thanks for mentioning it. I’ve been looking for something like this. I’ll definitely purchase it thanks for the writeup. :-)

    Opal @ Vegan Mommas last blog post..Hanging with Aiyana; Carnival fun


  12. Women
    21.06.08 7:11 pm

    Thanks Andy for very useful article . i will get this copy
    i am looking for good tutorials for creating cool wordpress themes for my blogs
    it will be very helpful for me since with this book we don’t even need to know php


  13. Andy Bailey
    21.06.08 9:07 pm

    I have read the book through once cover to cover and now I’m going through it in front of the pc, it’s pretty darn good!


  14. Louise
    25.06.08 3:32 am

    Thanks for the book tip. I’ve been thinking about getting into WP theme development but haven’t taken the plunge up to now. I am currently using the Semiologic Pro theme/system so it’s not very easy to change themes but maybe this book will give me the tools to at least tweak the theme myself.

    Louises last blog post..Red Lobster Recipes: Shrimp Scampi


  15. gadis
    25.06.08 1:37 pm

    thanks Andy, I need wp theme desing for my new blog. it will be very helpful for me

    gadiss last blog post..Miss Indonesia Universe 2008


  16. Bobby
    26.06.08 5:30 am

    i think i must have it. how the cost of that book? is it free? :)


  17. Rick NHS
    27.06.08 7:01 pm

    I too have been creating more and more websites as of late using the WordPress format. I have very little coding knowledge though… would a novice like myself be able to use this book? I’d like to try making my own WP themes…


  18. Belajar
    28.06.08 6:25 pm

    This is great to create our own wp theme as it can give backlink to our site from the wp layout. I will get this!

    Belajars last blog post..Belajar |Learn SEO


  19. People Search
    30.06.08 2:08 am

    a great book… a big help for a wp beginner users. I should have one. nice post! Thanks!


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    01.07.08 5:44 am

    [...] Fiddy P, the blog of Andy Bailey, gives his thoughts on a Book on WordPress. [...]


  21. Adrian
    31.07.08 8:19 pm

    Oh man i remember the first time I tried to make a wordpress theme, it took me all day just to figure out that the wordpress loop header.php and footer.php arrangement could not be changed. I of course tried to cram it all into one php file (im a freakin noob) anyway that was a long time ago haha but only if I had this book…..


  22. Color Laser Printer
    20.11.08 6:43 am

    Thanks Andy for very useful article…Good luck!..


  23. Dennis Edell
    24.11.08 10:06 pm

    OK now yer just messin with us…..why did I get this feed again?

    Oh and not to burst any bubbles, but the snow flakes are really annoying. LOL

    Dennis Edell´s last blog post..2 NEW BLOGS Unveiled! FINALLY!!


  24. Andy Bailey
    24.11.08 10:12 pm

    yeah, it’s a repeat. I wanted to try out some things with keywords.

    what was the other thing? “bah humbug” was it? hehehe all the way down here in the comments you can’t see them :-)


  25. Zyva
    25.11.08 12:17 pm

    sound a good book about design wordpress themes. what is the price of this book? thank you

    Zyva´s last blog post..Name, rank and Social Security number (SSN)


  26. Zyva
    25.11.08 12:22 pm

    Yes… likely a good book for design of wp themes.


  27. Hafif
    25.11.08 8:01 pm

    Good review…

    Hafif´s last blog post..Another Funny Political Video


  28. ShriNagesh
    25.11.08 8:26 pm

    Looks like a useful resource for theme designers. Its a task to keep up with the frequent upgrades of wp, lol.

    ShriNagesh´s last blog post..30 Tools For Cross-platform microblogging And Social Media Sync


  29. Rika Susan's Home DIY
    26.11.08 1:04 pm

    Now I know what to give my brother (our technical guy) for Christmas! Thanks! This sounds like a very useful book. He will love coming up with WordPress themes of his own.

    Rika Susan’s Home DIY´s last blog post..Hunter Douglas Window Treatments Offer Sheer Style In Silhouette Blinds


  30. Ray Johnson
    27.11.08 5:08 am

    Sounds very interesting. I think i’ll give it a try.

    Ray Johnson | Make money on the internet´s last blog post..Back 2 Basics: Let’s Build Your Business Starting Now (Stage 4)


  31. Software Mouse
    30.11.08 12:54 pm

    Thanks Andy great post!! 5/5

    Software Mouse´s last blog post..The Best Movie Player VLC


  32. Jon
    01.12.08 5:06 pm

    Thanks for the review Andy, I’ll have to take a look.

    Talking of magazine themes, I’ve been playing with the Branford Magazine them recently, and liking it. Seems well-designed and very customisable. I’m trying to standardise as I have several sites to build for clients and it’ll be much easier if I use the same underlying theme for all of them! :)

    Cheers, Jon

    Jon´s last blog post..New Product – Recession Proof Salon Marketing


  33. Money whiz
    06.12.08 10:33 am

    Thanks for the recommendation, I just bough the pdf version and I’m reading through it right now. So far so good :).

    Money whiz´s last blog post..Make Money With WordPress Themes


  34. shellywagar
    08.01.09 1:14 am

    This book is really helpful.



  35. Marble Host
    16.01.09 3:58 am

    Design has been the most significant thing as long as visitor attraction to the website is concerned. This book is helpful in creating classy designs with little effort whatsoever.


  36. Ben
    22.02.09 6:47 pm

    Good stuff! — I have been doing it like you, taking some default theme apart and re-designing it (without knowing php)
    Getting this book seems like a good idea, thanx for the heads-up. Hope I’ll get around to actually reading it…

    Ben @ dBusinessOpportunity´s last blog post..I am Looking for a good home based business opportunity that doesnt require a large out of pocket expense?


  37. Free Templates 4U
    11.03.09 4:42 am

    Very interesting post! I’ll keep an eye on your blog ;-)

    Thanks a lot for mentioning….


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  38. Kahuna
    05.04.09 11:37 pm

    Thanks for sharing. Will check out the pdf version of the wp book.

    Kahuna´s last blog post..Is it Possible to Earn Money from Blogging?


  39. Secret Shopping Girl
    14.04.09 3:58 pm

    I love wordpress, but my theme has been driving me nuts lately. I mean, I love it, but there are things about it I want to change. I’m totally going to look into that book to see if it will help me out. Thanks for the tip!


  40. Ardhindie
    17.04.09 3:43 am

    All right Andi i got yours point..i bought this book two months ago..excited!
    we would like to thanks WordPress..esp.Matt

    Ardhindie´s last blog post..Long Beach Grand Prix 2009