27 Aug 2014 secret pee insomnia and how’s it going!?


Here I am near Melbourne with my brother who is doing confidential stuff so I can’t show you that bit

Oh but the things I hear over here! Everyone says “how’s ya goin?” and it’s so nice to be nice!

But unfortunately I woke up again last night but it wasn’t as bad as before, I really thought I’d broken the back of jet lag after sleeping the night before but it looks like I’ll have to have some more Czech sleeping pills tonight

26 Aug 2014 arrived in Melbourne at our motel quick catchup


Just arrived at our motel to do some stuff with some stuff, say no more!

This is just a quick update now that I’m here and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow!

24 Aug 2014 just a quickie from the beach


I had a chance to get out for something to eat and a bit of exercise now that it’s stopped raining.

I’m out just exploring the places where I can walk without dealing with hills and while I’m there, I am making a video to let you know that I’m still alive

19 Aug 2014 how being drunk helps and what about discount shops?


Oh I had some proper sleep last night, I only had to get up once to pee and was able to fall asleep due to the power of alcohol! well, it was cheat day :)

and what about those discount shops? don’t they get annoying by only offering weird sized garments, probably that’s why they’re so cheap!

I want to buy a shirt to wear with my fancy jacket now that I’ve got rid of some of my belly from walking 5 miles a day and having a proper calorie controlled diet, this is the easiest lot of weight loss I’ve ever had to do because I have cheat days

although I’m worried the discount store will have a shirt with Dr. Octopus arms

part 2 goes more into discount stores I tell in a roundabout way a story about something my father used to say (and his father before him)

I get to the point eventually after talking about Napolean Hill and the theory of attraction…

it kind of makes sense…

17 Aug 2014 oh to sleep! perchance to dream (of you) and the clock calamity but weighing good!


Oh I have a couple of good things to tell you! well, actually more but I’m never happy being on subject :)

it’s a bit windy today and the weather is changing in real time, you see it on this video!

but I managed to get back to sleep last night after my nightly pee and boy it felt good! but I had a bit of a clock calamity (as in time clock) which turned not as bad as expected.

and the weight thing! oh yeah baby! tomorrow is cheat day and I’ll be having kfc I think :)

but what about drop foot? oh god I had that yesterday but I came up with an awfully good reason for that which I share

oh Australia! yes!

16 Aug 2014 what about getting back to sleep after waking for a pee? #multiplesclerosis


Well I had a bit of a nightmare last night, well I would have if I was asleep to have a nightmare! I got up for ablutions and after I climbed the stairs again, I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I tried all the usual stuff like the counting thing I talked about before but it was not working… I didn’t get frustrated because I knew that I had done all that I could and that was that..

according to something I downloaded while I was looking on the internet for stuff, it said to get up and do something relaxing.. I may do that if it happens again

and oh dear, I am getting a bit of slurred speech but now I’m back home I can see it was just because my muscles where cold in my face..

do you have any suggestions for getting back to sleep? I can get to sleep at night no worries, it’s just when I wake up at 3 or 4 for a pee and then I can’t get back to sleep again.

and for part 2 I discuss things like feeling like I was in a computer simulation when I used to do on school trips a very long time ago

I convinced myself that it wasn’t a simulation because the scenery was too accurate! (20 years before The Matrix movie)

timeless timber products testimonial by Andy Bailey


I am really pleased with the service from these guys, they even modified my step for me so I made this video for them.

They didn’t even need measurements, I told them which scooter I had and they built a custom shed for me

it was almost half the price of the one I had previously tried to order.

nice one guys!

15 Aug 2014 Marlon the porn star and run forest run! two parter full video


Well I’m trying something new with this video, it’ll be two parted..

the first 5 minutes will be on facebook and ask to link to youtube but if you’re on youtube you can see the whole video from start to finish, you don’t even need to click

in this video I am so super happy because it’s early, I’m nearly on the go to Australia day but most of all because I’m still losing weight ! It only looks like I’m two months pregnant now :)

I tell of a story about Marlon the porn star and the embarrassing time where he rubbed someones belly.

and when someone says “run forest run” I picture those big lumbering walking trees that were in The Hobbit movie

also, Linda suggested doing something from Midsummers Night Dream, it is a bit lighter she says… I’ll have to look

and what about electric? totally boring! so I latch on to the conversation me and John had about memory…

14 Aug 2014 terrible nights sleep but all is not lost and the reason I was so happy yesterday


The reason I was in such a good mood yesterday, and it was all to do with heaviness!

and oh eck, it was a terrible night for sleep but I did managed to get forty winks and tried to relax and calm my mind so I didn’t completely get knackered

I even watched the junior justice league on the phone to give me something to watch

and possibly do two videos, put one one on facebook and part 2 on youtube?

this video is a little bit shorter because I think talking for 11 minutes is entirely possible but maybe it’s a bit too much for someone to sit through? let me know!

13 Aug 2014 I was once blind and now I see and also a bit of mindfulness


holy neuritis batman! I had a traumatic few minutes this morning where I thought I was having a return of the optic neuritis…. gah!

but I was pleased with my non-panic nature of my response and proceeded to use logic and sense to identify, diagnose and cure said neuritis …

and mindfulness! I got reminded by John after telling him how it had helped me to be less bastard and more mellow

and the distraction I got on this video, reminded me of how I have incorporated it in to my daily life and that makes it so much easier than setting aside a portion of the day just for that