23 Nov 2014 it’s so cold and such a different temperature than Oz!


I’m by the sea and it’s bloody cold!

I think I might stop by the cup of tea place, lovely!

I tell you what the sliver lining is, at least it’s not 43 degrees C like it is in Australia! phew, it is madly hot out there :)

I don’t even want to imagine how hot that is, it was easy for me to say oh how I would take just to be with him… but haha, he couldn’t bear to see me suffer.. which I took to mean, “thank god you’re not here you whinging pomme” :)

I was going to enter one of the hotels to have a cuppa but near where the car is parked there is a caff, not even a cafe but a roadside caffe :)

I’m a little worried about someone nicking my phone! but at least the view is kind of nice

I was going to tell you about kefir.. not to be confused with kaffir!

I ordered some from Amazon..

but this morning I put my foot in my mouth when I was being a grammar nazi and corrected someones facebook comment spelling, not to be done on facebook! mobile devices and auto correct messes lots of stuff up

and especially when you have dyslexia, which contributes to the spelling mistake

foot – mouth – oops! lol , thankfully, he was cool about it though <br Continue Reading

22 Nov 2014 the epic sleep and dreams I had last night


what a beautiful day!

Is this an aquaduct or a viaduct? you tell me…

I had the most excellent sleep last night! it was so good, I had a really vivid dream where I was buying a Katrina Barker designs natural gemstone for the perfect sweet point price for a gift, £150

I was buying off Louise but who doesn’t know Katrina but anyway she was going to give the money to her when she saw her

I put it somewhere safe and it was so safe that I forgot where it was and I was starting to get upset because I knew I couldn’t find another one of the anywhere on the planet

and the urgency to pee woke me up , well it started to and I realised that it was only a dream so not to get too stressed

so I went for a pee and when I got back in bed, I tried the imaginarium trick of picturing going through every room in the house

I got told about it by a beautiful therapist that I saw at the Neuro drop in centre

but that didn’t work so I did the counting game that I’ve mentioned before..

I lost count a couple of times and as unconsciousness enveloped me and all of a sudden I was in Clarence street in Port Macquarie at Katrinas shop and could see Keris who works in Continue Reading

20 Nov 2014 finally getting some sleep again!


I’ve just had the best cheese on toast that I’ve ever had at the Neuro drop in centre, it was gorgeous!

and a lovely Jessaccino coffee made by Jessie.. yum

I went early to do some work on an email, it’s a great place to to do some quiet work if I need to

but guess what? I got woke up this morning by the delivery truck for the shop across the road, actually woken up! that means I was asleep and managed to get back to sleep after getting up for a pee

if I can go on the initiative for sleeping then that will be just fine thanks!

.. wait. listen . do you hear that?

there’s no much else to say apart from the joy of sleep!

I can say that I did some good work and will finish off the rest when I get back to my iMac with it’s 5k screen.. it is so good my iMac

I took a photo of the screen while it was playing a 4k movie and it was almost like real life, amazing.

oh watch out for the gnats!

19 Nov 2014 had a terrible sleep last night due to chemicals in my brainium


Oh I had a terrible sleep last night! it was rhubarb!

I was up at 2am! arrgh

but can you hear the jets? there’s been a lot of them lately, noisy bastards!

I’ll try to not move about so much because it takes so long to do the stabilization, are you ok with that? does it make you dizzy to see the camera move about so much? if it does then be sure to let me know

let me tell you about the lack of sleep though… it was the type of sleep where it was due to a chemical imbalance.. the switch for sleep wasn’t able to work

from the research I’ve been doing lately, it appears that people with neurological conditions do have this issue where their chemicals in their brain wont allow sleep

from 2am till 6am ish, it was horrible but I didn’t panic because I knew what the problem was and that was due to my recent infection and the anti viral stuff that I’m on

so no need to knock myself out with prescription drugs.. I tried all the things that you should do to get to sleep.. but they didn’t catch hold

so I relaxed and thunked a bit about what I’m gonna do about the adverts and future path for my stuff… just need a bit of pivoting.. there wasn’t anything wrong with it, just the last bit for Continue Reading

18 Nov 2014 raw


I’m at the top of the hill in Willamsons Park at … um, something monument..

the view is incredible! look and see :)

oh I met some massive huge dogs, almost like China temple dogs

when I saw the woman walking up the hill, it looked like she was walking a couple of grizzly bears!

just had a lovely day at the neuro drop in centre and had lunch with Nayeli and Louise.

yesterday was a good lunch too, had a lovely Thai lunch and later had some KFC, which they managed to mess up again. why is it so difficult to serve breast chicken.

I’m have a good time with regards to the peepee, doing quite well there (except this morning).. it’s much better now for some reason

and when I get home, I’m hoping that the ad that I made this morning is getting some traction.. at least I’ll see if the course I just did was worth it

and look at these amazing dogs! I managed to get them on camera and get their names, would you look at them!

I even got to plug my MS Video Diary.. a bit, I should have said more

normally I don’t dig on dogs because they make your house smell, people that don’t have dogs will understand..

17 Nov 2014 sleeping all night and some GP shenanigans


Look at the lovely bridge/viaduct/aquaduct thing, it’s such a lovely day today and I’m really happy that I have had a few days where I managed to sleep the whole night through without getting up to go for a pee

ironically though, last night I had a sleeping pill that the doctor prescribed for me and it was a bit shit, the ones I got from Czech were much better!

never mind, and oh the return of the sore willy! oh noes! I had to go to the GP this morning … it’s a little late though because it was sort of alarm bells on friday but I though it was just because of a hot shower..

but I had to wait until monday before they were open.. oh well, in the end the nice locum woman prescribed me enough pills to cover me for a reoccurence which is what I was gonna ask for seeing as they did that in Australia when I had the same problem

luckily it’s not as bad so I imagine that it will go away soon enough..

and look at the brilliant view, I managed to zoom in but it looks like I didn’t zoom all the way out again.. it still kinda works though :)

I’m off to my date day… and it’s also cheat day! .. not cheat on your date day, just it is date day and also it is Continue Reading

16 Nov 2014 walking on a different beach and minor shenanigans


I’m on a different beach today and the weather is a whole lot different to what I’ve been used to in Australia.

but it’s still a lovely day for a walk… you can see the fishing boats behind me.. you know, I often daydream about what it would be like to be a fisherman..

this is the place I’ve got now and I neglected it while I’ve been here but now I’ve got in to walking again, I might as well take advantage of it.

do you remember that woman from the Bisto advert? the one that just died.. I used to want her to be my mum and then feel guilty for thinking that.. when I was little..

hopefully this isn’t all steamed up like it was yesterday.. I think I fixed it by putting it in a box of rice on top of the radiator.

and witness my science! (well, maths)

but chemists win! you will hear why ..

isn’t it good to walk? I walked here before and it will be interesting to see the difference in how I walk but actually I’m sure I am walking better (apart from the trip)

I’ve been having the electric shocks down the arm, I used to think it was a gym thing but actually it’s a real thing that happens when your nerves in your brain don’t send properly

and see the camouflaged dog.. Continue Reading

14 Nov 2014 oh the joy of working again.. lovely feeling to be productive once more


today I did some work! some actual reall honest to goodness work

I got my video jive on for some promotion because I want to pay for some stuff that someone did for me, 6 months late but still good

I had to use technical stuff today and I wondered at the wonder of my iMac that can do in 7 minutes what used to take an hour and a half!

and good news about my old crashed hard drive, I managed to recover the things that I’d though I’d lost, sweet!

I’m loving the feeling of being able to do some work and doing some walking.. yesterday I couldn’t go because I went to see John Cowburn and I talked for so long (2 hours is my maximum amount of non stop)

yesterday was good, he cooked a lovely salad! :)

I couldn’t go walking yesterday because it was a horrible day and combined with my funny voice, I gave it a miss

I’m really loving the walking! I walk even faster than the boat you can see on the canal..

be sure to call the emergency services if I fall over on this path because according to my watch, I was at 130 bpm… but that must have been because I went up the steps earlier

and now I have to work in the shop tonight, luckily we have an extra person to make Continue Reading

12 Nov 2014 weird VAT and the joy of a long hot shower after saving water mode is off


Psychopath on the cycle path!

had some woes this morning to do with VAT and the way the European union treats VAT at the point of use and not the place of sale.

it’s a bit shit!

oh well, I will just ban the entire country of Germany then!

on a lighter note, I’m enjoying longer showers now that I don’t have to worry about water usage so much since coming back from Australia

they were very water conscious over there and over here in the 1st world, we don’t care! (although we should)

so now I have long showers and it used to be so hard to have a long shower before because I was a lot more heat intolerant..

I had the hobblies!

I’m taking a lot more time in the bathroom now and it is partly due to a company sending me some free eye serum and skin care stuff so I can write a review after 30 days of using it

do I look different? :)

11 Nov 2014 officially declaring an off day – what to do when it goes squirly


here I am again at,…. um, bloody hell, I forgot again!

I’m on the way to the neuro drop in centre today, even though it’s fasting day..

you ever have one of those days where you want a ‘do over’ ?

you see, this morning it happened for me. I awoke to the sound of my phone waking up.

and ever since, Karma decided to see how I am handling the new zen skills from meditating by throwing all the shit it can at me

first off my internet wouldn’t work but normally, that’s ok because I can connect through BT wifi

but not this morning.. and then the shower wasn’t working… and then I poked myself in the eye and then … etc

all the bullshit happened today so I have decided to head on up to the centre instead and call it an off day..

do you do superstitious things like spitting when you see a single magpie?

I don’t do the whole saluting thing and saying the rhyme.. but I do the spit action.. for luck or for not unluck

and I attempt to cross the road… with all this unluck about…

and also, do you get off days? even plants do!