19 Dec 2014 the herpetic monster has returned. the doom!


Harry the herpetic monster has mad a return. :(

it’s only very mild and it’s early.. the locum lady who has seen my bits before.. gave me enough anti virals to last for another two attacks..

now usually this happens when other stressful things, mentally and physical things happen.. but no stress this time

but sometimes as Freud says, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”

it could be that, I am prone and susceptible to these type of things..

well, the way I see it , your body is in a constant battle with pathogens and virii.. it’s always firefighting, like an IT department.. although mine is like the IT department in The IT Crowd tv series..

what do you think of yesterdays video? I’m just trying some different things for the symptoms stories.. eventually, I’d like to make a more indepth video

I can’t decide, that’s the funnies though.. I can’t really make some decision stuff when I’m in this kind of mindset..

oh but I really want to cook for Christmas but I’ve made sure that I haven’t overcommitted to doing too much

it’s like the Andy of old is looking out for Andy of the future..

good show chap!

18 Dec 2014 Dropsy! the custard tart incident.. what is yours?


Dropsies! gawd they are an annoying symptom of MS..

you see, I’m well in to cooking and I was making a gigantic egg tart.. it was so good and I was really proud of it

as I was moving it from the case to the rack to cool, something out of a horror movie happened.. it went poof! and it wasn’t there any more

and then I felt a burning on my foot, not from a symptom … but from the bloody egg tart which had just fallen on to my foot


and because it’s a neurological symptom and not the nerve endings on my hand.. it was brain farts! I still felt like I was holding it..

and the more I concentrate, the worse it gets.. as I’m trying not to spill the tea on the stairs , it is more likely that my brain will just forget that I’m holding it and the next thing I know, it’s on the floor!

so , tell me what your dropsy moment has been..

please leave a comment and make me feel better about my egg tart catastrophe by letting me know your worst dropsy moment

17 Dec 2014 shall the mic be up on the camera or down on the pole?


I’m trying something new with the camera now, the mic is up by the camera rather than clipping it to my lapel

which is actually impossible with this mic, it’s got a ridiculously short cable!

I’m experimenting with you! gonna see if it’s better up there or down here..

the last couple of times that I was supposed to go the neuro drop in centre due to deliveries coming..

I got a message from Yodel to say a delivery is coming and they don’t have the common sense to take it to the corner shop if I’m not in..

and I didn’t get my fancy lights for the tv thing.. I’m told that DHL will send it next day and it’s due to go out on thursday or friday

bear with me as I try and move the microphone to nearer my hand..

I can hold it in my hand maybe, that sounds ok.. only a bit better than clipped on the side and I’m not sure that it’s worth the hassle..

ok, that’s it for today.. a bit of experimentation with the mic is over, I’m off to listen to wizard Dresden for a bit

14 Dec 2014 meet the squirrel whisperer in the park!


I’m at happy mount park, not sure how happy it is here!

turns out yesterday that the mic problem wasn’t due to falling out but because I didn’t put it in at all!

hoping that the sound is ok on this video! I could probably get away with not using it.. although , it might get a big windy sounding

now lets go around the Chernobylesque disaster park!

I felt a bit funny this morning, you know the way åI said before.. but as I finished my book and did my things in the morning I knew that I was going out for my Sunday walk and that would make me feel better.

and we meet up with someone who is feeding the tame squirrels.. you can see how close it gets, apparently they come to the lady when they see her car, they even take them from her hand

and the time for a close up in the tree to watch the squirrel eat it’s big old nut

time to walk around the slightly under cover park so the camera doesn’t get too wet..

I’ve found out that gopro 4 will switch the screen off when you plug in a mic, hmm, will have to write a stern letter to the editor of the times.. hehe

look how much better I’m feeling now that I’m out in the windy and gloomy weather!

13 Dec 2014 frosty views and stereoscopic views


look at the view! nice but I have nearly fallen over 5 times today because of the frost..

look at the wintery wonder that is Lancaster..

it’s early in the morning.. well before 11am anyway, ooh I can tell you about the new things I’ve ordered from Amazon

I ordered a Google Cardboard so I’ll be able to watch some movie trailers in stereoscopic 3d.. google was all, ” f you facebook with your unreleased occulous kit, we’re gonna make a cheap open source version that people can use”

it works by allowing you to slot your smartphone in to the headset (made out of cardboard) and a couple of lenses allow you to see stereoscopically.. just like yer eyes work

you can see it without the headset when you watch it on screen and use the lazy eye method so you get a third virtual screen in the middle which is actually 3d..

I cannot wait! I’m supposed to get it today… and then the mic got plugged in and the sound went away.. so I chopped off the video at that point

12 Dec 2014 the dream of pop stardom spoiled by MS.. a sob story


Just been to Aldi to buy my cereal, it’s still expensive , sort of.. anyway it’s a nice walk here and back, 2 miles each way


now the thing that I was talking about the other day, it’s completely recovered :)

back to the working week, feeling much better about feeling better (if you know what I mean?) :)

let me tell you a story about numbness… it’s one of the symptoms that I got in the beginning..

at the time before my diagnosis, I was going through a guitar learning period.. I thought ‘how hard can it be?’ ..

well, chords are a sicko and sado invention to give you callusi.. many caluses.

and that affected the way I could touch type and that happened about the time of my attack that revealed the monster..

the numb hands came on strong, I couldn’t even feel the strings while I strummed them.. such a shame because I was getting quite good, I was head of the class! (of two people)

I was a bit worried that also my touch typing was going to be affected, I am quite a good typist out of necessity because of my coding so I was dreading not being able to type

but, thankfully I am experienced enough to not let it disable me too much

but, oh noes, my dreams of being a popstar had to be Continue Reading

11 Dec 2014 zen boy strikes again with the no panic power


I’m making the video early today because I want to get my book on with my audio book to get some escapism..

I’m escaping my accounts which took bloomin ages this morning! they have changed all the system in how it works, I sent them a stern email :)

to turn it on the positive side, the reason I couldn’t go to the neuro drop in centre and need the walk is the fact that I woke up at 9am.. which is good, but the wake up at 5am wasn’t .. no matter , I’ll read my book!

let me tell you about last night, it was a little trepidatious! I had pins and needles in my hand and then I got it in my leg too, in the usual badness place..

oh noes!

but the zen Andy kicked in and reminded me that I had been off medication for a couple of days and I had just been through some stressful stuff , and I banged my hand while I was taking a tag out of my cardigan

right in to the corner of a roof beam! that was a case for swears

as I was turning in to a fucker, the zen boy reminded me that there was nothing I could do beyond calming down..

that’s a win! I didn’t succumb to the sucubus of pain and let it make me poopoo , result
<br Continue Reading

Kellen pulling his thumb off

Kellen learns how to do the thumb trick

9 Dec 2014 the cognitively challenged delivery episode


I’m on the way to the neuro drop in centre..

so this video series that I was talking about the other day..

now I’ve done the first one where the old man with a stick asked if I needed help when I tripped up..

the second one, that’s about cognitive issues.. you know the ones where it’s like a dream, you don’t realise that you’re having them until afterwards

for me, one in the past was when I was doing a delivery which I don’t do any more due to my brain farts that happen in the evening..

this one time, I had to take an order somewhere as a matter of urgency.. I did it myself, at least that’s what I thought!

as I drove there I was thinking I was doing it, found a good parking space and opened the door and , I was in completely the wrong place!

I didn’t even realise on the way there that I was in the opposite side of town..

just like when I don’t recognise the code that I have just written..

so tell me, leave a comment with some symptom you have and the first time you experienced it so I can compare notes and maybe make a video about it

let me know!

8 Dec 2014 the scientific proof of my medication :)


well I’m back with a new camera and a new microphone! it’s me, I’m kind of in disguise

I’m hunting wabbits! :)

I kinda need this camera for my new business plan in jan, so it’s totally justified for MSVideoDiary videos too

these gloves are a nightmare for getting stuff out of my pockets.. and I carry a lot of stuff!

but this morning I have discovered a definitive thing, after trying experiments over 3 different periods I can confirm that I need my medication..

oh but the swans!

well, anyway.. definitive proof that I need my 2 mg a night of tizanidine to remove the spatisticy of my left calf..

I ignored my alarm for meds last night and the night before too so I can see if I need to keep taking it..

it’s good to see if you still need your meds, although not if you need them to live.. I should add

well after 3 different experimental sessions, I can confirm that indeed I do need the medication that the doctor prescribed

ow about that?!