1 Sep 2014 coming to terms with limits imposed by MS it sucks


I had a bit of realisation (again) today and it sucked, kind of like finally accepting someone you loved is gone… but it was a bereavement of my lost skillz

a big thing I’ve been thinking about for quite some time was finally attacked today and I couldn’t blame jet lag or funny feelings, today was the day where I turned the proof of concept in to the thing.

well that was the plan but I came up against a mental brick wall where I couldn’t keep the thing in my head, I tried all sorts of different ways and angles but it dawned on me that I have MS and that has changed everything

I have literal brain damage and it’s limiting what I can do :(

of course, I knew this and so many people have told me but I’ve never come up to my limit before and stared it in the face..

it’s ugly..

well, it is if I let it be my only view, I need to change my view and deal with the things that I can deal with, do the simple things for now and accept I cannot change the things that I cannot change

I’m a bit gutted that I can’t help my brother though, he’s ok with it but I really wanted to be able to take care of that for him and now I can’t..

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31 Aug 2014 shocking pizza for dinner and look at the view


I went out for a walk today along a beautiful view path, it was really nice to walk in to town this way

I’ll tell you what wasn’t nice though, the shocking pizza from Pizza Hut, I’m not sure what setting they have their oven on but, holy greasepack batman, it was set wrong!

or maybe that’s the way pizza is done over here? :)

and someone told me that there are only 20 million people in Australia! that’s like L.A. ahahha, people catch a plane a thousand miles to get to their neighbours house :)

and while I’m here, I’ll get a manicure to make my nails all good and perty

30 Aug 2014 great few days away and the diplomatic suite


I’m back from the few days away and I really enjoyed it.. especially the bit where I got upgraded to the diplomatic suite :)

join me on a walk by the sea as I chat and freak out the natives with my strange talking to a box on the end of a stick shenanigans..

29 Aug 2014 what a result getting upgraded. See my new room


So I got wet socks from the wet carpet that I showed you in the last video (on YouTube) and they only upgraded me to the executive suite! How sweet!

You wouldn’t believe the size or the view that I’ve got! Actually you will when you see it on the your of my new sparky room

See the conference table drama unfold in front of your very eyes!

28 Aug 2014 disappointing falafel and general bastardness f


Meh! I think I tried to do too much yesterday, well I stood up too much anyway!

It’s making me a bit bleh! It affected my lunch too, the falafel wrap that I had wasn’t good and I could only eat a bit but maybe it wasn’t the actual falafel and just my taste being as bastardy as me? :)

I was going to do a walk and talk in Melbourne streets but the temperature combined with my spazzing legs (and also bastardness) means this video comes from inside my hotel room

The room with a nice bath I can’t use and a very unwelcome wet carpet, and staff that wake me up with telephone shenanigans

28 Aug 2014 getting to sleep with beer and pills


I’m at low res today because I don’t have much bandwidth on the field

Oh but I had some good sleep last night due to the beer and pills!

And the expense of Australia is surprising, even considering the fact that there are two dollars to every pound

27 Aug 2014 secret pee insomnia and how’s it going!?


Here I am near Melbourne with my brother who is doing confidential stuff so I can’t show you that bit

Oh but the things I hear over here! Everyone says “how’s ya goin?” and it’s so nice to be nice!

But unfortunately I woke up again last night but it wasn’t as bad as before, I really thought I’d broken the back of jet lag after sleeping the night before but it looks like I’ll have to have some more Czech sleeping pills tonight

26 Aug 2014 arrived in Melbourne at our motel quick catchup


Just arrived at our motel to do some stuff with some stuff, say no more!

This is just a quick update now that I’m here and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow!

24 Aug 2014 just a quickie from the beach


I had a chance to get out for something to eat and a bit of exercise now that it’s stopped raining.

I’m out just exploring the places where I can walk without dealing with hills and while I’m there, I am making a video to let you know that I’m still alive

19 Aug 2014 how being drunk helps and what about discount shops?


Oh I had some proper sleep last night, I only had to get up once to pee and was able to fall asleep due to the power of alcohol! well, it was cheat day :)

and what about those discount shops? don’t they get annoying by only offering weird sized garments, probably that’s why they’re so cheap!

I want to buy a shirt to wear with my fancy jacket now that I’ve got rid of some of my belly from walking 5 miles a day and having a proper calorie controlled diet, this is the easiest lot of weight loss I’ve ever had to do because I have cheat days

although I’m worried the discount store will have a shirt with Dr. Octopus arms

part 2 goes more into discount stores I tell in a roundabout way a story about something my father used to say (and his father before him)

I get to the point eventually after talking about Napolean Hill and the theory of attraction…

it kind of makes sense…