16 Sep 2014 made it at last and bloomin shorts


oops my camera didn’t go on today and I thought it was a gonner for today but today I did the battery pull out thing and it magically started working again

and I decided that if I’m staying another month that I needed to do something about the clothing

I don’t know why I didn’t bring my other pair of shorts, my misses asked me if I was taking them and I refused

and also some white t-shirts because all the ones that I have now are dark colours and it absorbs the sun and makes me hot

oh but wow about the expensive stuff here!

probably a touristy thing but no, my brother tells me it is all over

woohoo, glad I’m on holiday and my brother is letting me stay at his place, I’d be stuck if it wasn’t for him. good lad!

and see the wise rocks and history in stone on the edge of the bay! I wonder what happened to that couple on new years even 2009?

and lets go on the platform for the fishing bit!…

15 Sep 2014 the should I stay or should I go episode got closure


oh well today you’ll have to excuse the nipples and mewbs…

it was hot enough to take my top off while I walked on the beach, I hope it wasn’t too off putting but I had cause to celebrate

I’m staying another month! yeehaa!

It all started with Mike asking me if I wanted to stay more when we were in the car and I wanted to say yes straight away but I didn’t because I was a little worried about how much of a handful I would be

so I didn’t really have an answer but that night when I called my missus, she said the same thing, “do you want to stay a bit longer?’

ack! decisions decisions… so I told Mike what she said and I asked him what would his wife (Martina) say and that I was worried that it was too much pressure on her having another Bailey around while her parents were visiting

he suggested that I talk to her and she would tell me straight which was a great plan because I can totally blamer her! (lol)

and then this morning I asked her to tell me straight and if I could stay a bit longer or not and she would be awfully kind to make that decision for me

and she did! no delay answer and even said it would be good for me to be here for her Continue Reading

14 Sep 2014 lesser spotted cogfog and mingin KFC in Oz


I’m going backwards today! I did a loop but came back the way I usually go.

oh wow the hills!

so I had some minor cogfog today but I didn’t know about it, it wasn’t like the normal cogfog (cognitive fog) like I normally get that’s obvious because of missed words or spoonerising things

it was the kind of weirdness you get when you don’t even know about your weirdness until someone mentions it but even then, you can’t even see it

not Jekyl and hyde but Jekyl and Jeky .. .what the L? :)

Normally this sort of episode happens when i’m on my own, I don’t have too many places where I can go specifically for this reason but while I was at someones workplace!? haha, I was trying my hardest to be normal in front of my brothers staff.. not sure I got away with it though :)

and such a missed opportunity where I could have taken photos of technical things and the cool gimbal that my brother was setting up , it was cool and then 10 minutes later, I lost all processing power and I couldn’t even make myself enthusiastic :(

so that got me in the spiral of ooh I’m a bit funny which leads to ooh I wonder if anyone can see which goes on to make me more funny etc…

luckily the walk I’m on is Continue Reading

13 Sep 2014 creepy crawlies warning and a bit of funniness that wasn’t funny


I’m a little early to video today so I can enjoy the beach without worrying about people in the background while I film

do you know about ticks? urrgh! they can make you paralysed in Australia apparently.. my sister in law told me about when she got bitten by a fire ant

ow! it doesn’t sound like much fun, apparently she was walking in flip flops through some dry grass and ouch! she got bitten and the way she describes it makes me scared of ants :)

and then my brother was saying about not walking across the grass because of snakes and such, oo-er!

I take the shortcut across some dry grass as though I was in the safety of no-animals-kill-you England

but now I’m sure not to go that way!

but he has a funny game where he tells me that I’m walking on grass right where I’m in the middle of a grassy place and it makes me hop all over the place!

the bugger that he is

and what about the funnies that came on today, they tried to take hold and it was making my hand do funny things!

but instead of typing rubbish, I was having swap arounds and substitutions happening which was a weird thing to see.. typing lists instead of tag or putting words backwards..

it was ok though because by the time that started happening it Continue Reading

12 Sep 2014 the epic journey to get a James Bond watch that even tells the time


oh wow the beach looks lovely today! so nice to walk a bit and today, I’m catching a bus at the half way point because i don’t want to push my luck after doing over 17000 steps yesterday!

what a trek I’ve been on just to walk to town and get a james bond watch, it is pretty awesome though! it even tells the time :)

normally when I walk that far, I get some tightness in my legs even with sativex so it was good yesterday that I was able to go so far

I don’t think I even sat down once the whole way there. It was my plan to catch a bus at some point but by the time my gps said I was 30 minutes away and the timetable said the bus was 40 minutes away, I just walked it

and oh my brothers wife, she’s being such a good host and I have to watch it or else I’ll start expecting my missus to make a cup of tea on demand

although, I think she will tell me what to do with that! haha

it is nice to have someone to relate to when i get the funny turns that I get on my own and have only my own internal perspective to figure it out

Martina and I came to the conclusion that it was the codeine that i had in the Continue Reading

10 Sep 2014 at the koala hospital and oh the sleep


today I’m at the koala hospital and you might just be able to see in the distance some koalas

we have a better view from the driveway of my brothers house! we have a local koala that likes to roam the streets and clim the trees

just yesterday we saw it jump from one branch to the other

and what about last night? oh boy did I do some extra walking and it was too much for poor legoniums and I ended up having funnies in my arm and had trouble speaking last night

but last night after my middle of the nigh peepee, I took the last sleeping pill that I was saving and I ended up getting a really good sleep and woke up feeling really excellent!

I’m not going to push my luck though so no long walk today and that’s why I’m at the koala hospital with my lovely niece who suddenly go shy and also my wonderful sister in law who is doing a grand job making sure I don’t do too much and even makes everything to eat and drink. nice one brother, good job on the marriage! :)

9 Sep 2014 come fly with me, fly fly away


yeehah! I’m off flying with my little brother around Port Macquarie and we even saw a whale out in the ocean.

I can see now why people who report the news from planes speak so loud, it was really noisy and I though having the mic next to my mouth was enough

and I didn’t want to disturb my brother because it was a new plane to him and he needed to concentrate

oh god it was awesome and also very windy up there, you don’t get the kind of wibbly wobbly in a big plane but boy oh boy do you on a little plane!

it was so good I even forgot to speak for a bit!

awesome landing too with no bounce, oh so proud of my little brother!

8 Sep 2014 martias magical coconuts for energy story continuing #multiplesclerosis


I’m at a different beach today a little further away so I can put coconut oil and water to the test to see if it helps with energy

it’s all my sister in laws fault, gawd bless her. She’s asked me a few times if I wanted to try some coconut oil because she has seen in a few places the benefits of it as well as the energy that is purported to come from it

I’ve only had it a few days now and I almost feel it, so today I decided to see how it would be in terms of sprays I needed of sativex on a 5 mile walk

I did notice that yesterday that I sprayed less and today it was the same, even less sprays or need to spray

now this could all be psychological or wishful thinking but I’m willing to give it some more days of doing it and see if it can be incorporated in to my daily regime

and oo0-er, do you see the little hole with ball things? how strange, someone has been tidying up downstairs! (probably my missus judging by the mess)


7 Sep 2014 promising news on yoga and nintendo wii fits my history


I’m out at the beach today to go for a long walk along the waters edge, it’s starting to rain though but if I wait 5 minutes then the sun will come out again!

(btw.. had a lovely lunch at Port Macquarie town)

so today I am talking about some of the alerts that come in to my inbox regularly because of the system I have set up with google to notify me anytime there is mention of multiple sclerosis or other terms that are used for the condition

after dismissing the ones that I can clearly see are there to move the reader into a sales funnel and eventually get them to buy some miracle reversing diet or supplement

then I get to the interesting ones and after I see the same thing by different people or sites mentioned a few times I can look in to it

yoga is one, not the simple one but the proper program with centering and meditating programs that go on for a while and are studied properly

they do seem to have beneficial effects, I kind of knew that anyway but it’s nice to see it on paper. Although, it is still predominantly anecdotal evidence.

what isn’t anecdotal is the effects on the brain of doing particular types of exercise and once such study investigated how using a Wii balance board can help to create new pathways in the brain<br Continue Reading

6 Sep 2014 peak coffee labs tour from green bean to cup


Here I am at award winning Peak Coffee labs where they import beans, roast them and pack them and even serve them as coffee.

Up to and over 25000 cups a week go through just this location and tens of thousands more around NSW, Queensland and Sydney…and let me tell you, it’s awesome coffee! No wonder they have had the peoples choice award for four years in a row

A bit longer video today but I wanted the complete tour and learned things like how long it takes to roast the beans and even how even decaffeinated coffee can still be a good choice

A big thanks to Andrew Veitch for giving me the tour of Peak Coffe Labs on Jambali road, port Macquarie