15 oct 2014 panic over with the introduction to diazepam for walking bliss


up the big path today, and some big steps

oh wow, what a panic/no panic situation that was rectified by drugs!

yesterday was utterly poop after only having one spray of sativex to tide me over, gosh it was terrible indeed

I had too much noise (well, to be fair it was the normal noise I have been putting up with) and I had to lock myself away in my room so I didn’t explode

hyperacusis! too much sound was doing my head in

but now I don’t have to panic because my wonderful sister in law had some medication that could help

she has some diazepam and that used to be prescribed for MS so I thought it might be nice to try some and see how it went

and that is good so I can save the 3 or 4 sprays of sativex for the flight back home

the dosage I’m going to have is to have 5mg in the morning and once in the afternoon and then my tizandine at night

I don’t feel too different, well the thing that matters is my lack of feeling in my leg so it seems as though it is doing it’s job

see the view and see the arch of princes!

although it’s not exactly the same with diazepam, it’s good enough to do for the rest of the holiday

14 oct 2014 cause and effect of not having medication available


I am on a different path today, I just got dropped off on the top of the hill and I will walk the rest of the way to town on the path because it rained last night and it might be a bit harder to walk on the beach

oh my this is the start of the less Sativex consumption!

it’s already being missed, I can tell because I had very little sleep last night after my walk yesterday which pooped me right out!

I was up at 2.30am for a pee, no strangeness there except I didn’t know the time and after tossing and turning for a few to very few minutes I looked at the time and it was only 2.30! arrg

so I took a sleeping pill seeing as it was early enough and then proceeded to defy physics and stay awake for too long and in the end started reading my book which, when it’s a scary (ish) book and the room is pitch black, is not conducive to sleeping either!

and then , WOW something jumped out of the bushes and scared the beejeebus out of me :)

it’s a shame NICE has not allowed sativex to be on the NHS because it’s not just the spasticity that it relieves but the associated bullshit that comes along with it

M-spasticity-tired muscles-fatigue-grumpines-depression.. etc

a real cause and effect chain going on and it Continue Reading

13 Oct 2014 oh no I have run out of sativex plan for the worst and hope for the best


I’m gonna be planning for the worst but hoping for the best because my sativex is running out and I think that I might not have enough for the rest of the holiday!

commence panic!

although it isn’t the end of the world because I have this bloody awesome surroundings to wander around and a brilliant brother and spectacular sister in law and not forgetting my beautiful niece to make me feel better

I maybe have 5 or 6 days left at just 2 sprays a day and I’ve got 12 days left on holiday so it appears I might have to enable beer therapy :)

I will miss it, I even missed it today on my walk but if I can’t go walking at least I can go in the swimming pool instead.

it’s almost warm enough now and as long as it doesn’t get too rainy or windy then I should be just fine you know!

12 oct 2014 meditating in the garden and a wild herpe appears


I am in the garden today because I’m having a quiet day after doing too much yesterday.

I woke up this morning and I had a wild herpe on my lip which tells me that yesterdays activities were too much for me.

Luckily it was up here and not down there because that would have meant all sorts of shenanigans.

yesterday we did the pool cover and then I went for a walk and all was good but after walking around the shopping center and all sorts following Michael who was on the phone for boomin ages

and then coming home and cooking chilli and also baked potatoes.. arrgh, it was all too much

so it’s entirely my brothers fault.. hahah, it’s nice to have a brother to blame :)

oh it’s so nice here to do the meditation to this music while I have the whole place to myself, the wind in the trees and the wonderful music is so great for mindfulness

and I have to follow Matron Martinas advice and be diligent with my cups and no snogging anyone (as if!), it’s someone elses house so I will follow the rules of the abode :)

I’m off to finish the track in peace and quiet (and tranquliteh) :)

have a great sunday everyone :)

10 oct 2014 what a great day yesterday was the outstanding resistance to heat


I’m walking down the path to the beach so I can do the whole journey with my top off.

yesterday was so great, I had the best time with the alcohol and the heat, in terms of handling loads of each!

it was such a good time with my brother and sister in law, and I enjoyed all the shenanigans in the tents

there was even a part where there were some guys who hijacked the beer counter and started giving people free beer

I got Al to go and fill four glasses of which I drank 3 which gave me enough dutch courage to go and fill my own glass again

that is until the feds came and ruined everything

oh but I’m a bit nasal today, my voice is probably going because of the mild hangover I had this morning when i got up

oh to have a good time again!

9 oct 2014 broken glasses and nearly NICE about sativex


turned out nice again din’t it? :)

oh but I lost my sunglasses because my bastard brother didn’t give me a little screw to fasten the lens.. fancy that, a CEO of a company not interrupting their corporate business for a screw? haha

it was supposed to be stormy today but it turned out nice, hopefully it’ll be nice for the Port Cup which I’m going to tomorrow in my brothers company marquee

kind of like Ascot but with bumpkin Australians :)

but I want to say thanks for the feedback on Tai Chi and I still haven’t reached out (in 3d) to Richard to ask him.

but no matter, he’ll be good to give me info whenever I need it.

and what about the proposed 5:1:1 diet? that’s what I want to do with my belly when I get back to Lancaster.

it’ll be 5 days of net 1200 calories and one cheat day where I can drink beer and eat fast food and one day of fasting on 500 calories or less

do you think that might work?

will be interesting to see what it does to my belly.

oh and I forgot I could talk about NICE and their ruling on sativex but I ran out of beach..

I’ll talk about that another time

toodle oo!

8 Oct 2014 how I can tell if I am about to have funnies


I’m here finally on a windy beach, sorry about no video yesterday but I was too busy working on some thing for the Chinese takeaway.

do you have any idea how much concentration it takes to edit, add and check Chinese items on the menu when they’re all in Chinese?

lots! that’s what.

so that took me all day and by the end I’d had enough of it so I couldn’t be bothered to make the video. so I didn’t.

And my sister in law sent me out with provisions to walk it off and lo and behold , I feel a thousand times better!

and do you know what else makes me feel better? yoga.

but the problem is with the yoga teacher I used to see at the neuro drop in center has a very northern accent and I can’t stand to hear words pronounced like that .. sereneteh , tranquliteh

ooh! it grinds my gears.

and that made me want to do Tai Chi, my friend the pathologist for the FBI (or is it NHS?) has made a mention of it a few times that I’ve seen on facebook so I want to investigate that in Lancaster when I get back

perhaps I can reach out to him and ask and also, I can ask YOU

what do you think of Tai Chi if you do it? how is it benefiting you Continue Reading

6 Oct 2014 underwater in the pool with a robot (short video)


I’m at home today after going for lunch with my brother and finding out that we’d have to wait an hour for food, no way!

so we got a robotic pool cleaner instead and you can almost see it under the water while it does it’s thing , it’s a bit hard to see because Mike has been renovating the pool area and it’s had a fair bit of building stuff in it

sorry about the sound, there’s no mic when it’s in the waterproof housing so you can just about hear me and that’s why it so short today, nothing to do with the beer I’ve already had today :)

5 Oct 2014 up a big hill and minor brain fart this morning that was fixed by love


Here I am up a big hill called North Brother

and here we can see the middle brother and the south brother too, I was reliably informed by the locals that I managed to get on camera.

and as I take you over to the other side to see the spectacular view, I have time to tell you about the moment I had this morning where I found out some news about home that almost spun me out

oh it could have been so much worse, especially in China at sea!

thankfully my niece sensed my impending doomy MSarian mood and gave me a big hug and said, “I wove you Uncle Andy” and patted my back

is there any better thing that the uncoditional love of a child? that, and doing some mindfulness meditation enabled me to leave it behind and continue with the day

wow, that sort of thing knocks me out for days normally

Australia and family must be so good for me :)

and just enough time to get wow’ed by the spectacular view on the other side

catch yer laters!

4 Oct 2014 a bit from the town centre and whistelstop tour of the museum


This one is for John Cowburn who suggested that I get some footage from the town centre and i did one better by getting the history of the town

I visit the Port Macquarie historical museum and I’m allowed to wonder around the place by the volunteers, Carolyn and Pat..

see the introduction by Teddy (until he breaks down)

and a quick look at the fashions down the ages in Australia and finally, Carolyn gives me some information about the koalas on the Koala trail

You’ll see one representation of a real koala and one who is all leafy and tactile!

a bit longer on this video, I tried to get it down as fast as possible so I don’t use up all the time but even so, it went on for about 11 minutes

hope you enjoy it!l… keep the suggestions coming :)